New Consistency

New: MAXCRM version 7 – the new consistency in marketing! In the available since 1 September 2008 Version7, MAXCRM offers a whole pure of new functions in the field of marketing. With SmartImport, a powerful XML was integrated based tool, with the data from a variety of sources can be applied. “” Where here does not import “but enter” speaks. This is the special feature of SmartImport it incomplete, incorrect or duplicate records will handle. SmartImport provides perfect data and thus the Foundation for successful marketing.

Using the new data output Wizard, create a series of document is reduced to a few mouse clicks. All duplicates will be cleaned up and the desired data are provided ready. HTML serial mails can be sent directly from MAXCRM additional software is not required. “And who wants to be legal on the safe side when sending a serial email comes to match with the Robinson list” not around, this is done in MAXCRM V7 with one click! With the new BounceOut be E-mail backscatter function (false or invalid email addresses, cancellations,…) automatically processed. This feature is available for Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes, available. To attract exactly the target group is not only easy but also very informative graphical success control (development of the last 12 months) with the new distribution function. A perfect tool for comprehensible named marketing. An overview of all new features in MAXCRM Version7 is at.