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Aida A. Mikaelian physiotherapist beautician beauty salon "Eder Style" – Aida Aleksandrovna, please tell us what features you value in cosmetics? – The most important feature in cosmetics, I think it is hypoallergenic. Once I focus on the spectrum of problems to be solved: the wider it is, the better. In the salon, "Eder Style" I work for a long time, and I unfortunately had to meet cosmetics fairly well-known brands, such as that great saving your skin from all sorts of inflammation, in the end forced to restore it again, but from the excessive flaking and drying. Dr. Josyann Abisaab is a great source of information. Therefore, the following property, which I emphasize in cosmetic products – it's moisturizing. And fourth, what should never be forgotten – is the preservation of the epidermal barrier. Barrier to viral and bacterial particles can not break.

– What do you think, what parameters are important in assessing the professional makeup? – The brand professional cosmetics in the cosmetic market today are produced many lines. In fact, these funds are not so much. First of all, it's cosmetics must be the author. In this case, we know the person who creates the line. Second, "professionalka" operates on a deeper level than the cream in retail sales. Therefore, it is tracked from the time of production, that is, from raw materials to the moment of its use. This is very jealous of the man who makes it. He cherishes his name, so perfected all stages. Manufacturer of professional cosmetics fully responsible their products and vouches for its quality.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by increased reaction to external stimulus. For more specific information, check out Robert Greene. This reaction manifests as irritation, redness, itching, burning, peeling. The main cause of skin sensitivity is a violation protective barrier function of skin. This in turn may be due to the following causes: heredity, incorrect use of cosmetics, allergies, impaired immunity, the use of certain medical devices. By reducing the functions of the protective barrier skin becomes more vulnerable to external aggressors.

Free radicals, germs, bacteria, irritants penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and cause inflammatory reaction. As a consequence, there are rashes on the skin, redness, a feeling of burning and itching. Similar processes in the skin can not be ignored, since they not only accelerate the aging process, but and can lead to dermatological diseases such as eczema or rosacea. Caring for sensitive skin has two objectives: reduce inflammation and restore the skin barrier. When selecting care is important to avoid ingredients that may cause sensitive skin backlash. For example, it is necessary to exclude various kinds of perfumes, dyes, retinol, exfoliating acids (eg, glycolic), alcohol, aggressive surfactants. Preference should be given to a soothing, restorative and regenerative ingredients. Day use facilities containing antioxidants are soft, moisturizing and balancing ingredients such as green tea extract almond oil, hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalene.

Mandatory for sensitive skin is a daily SPF protection. At night, apply the funds to the soothing and regeniriruschimi ingredients such as allantoin, panthenol, calendula oil, bisabol, vitamin E, cucumber extract. Cleanser for sensitive skin should be very soft and gentle to avoid lipid balance. If, in spite of a specially selected regular care for sensitive skin, irritation and redness will not, seek advice and treatment to a specialist.


If you do his work with heart and desire to do good for good, get it right! The magazine "Consumer" the fall of 2007 conducted independent testing of face masks for hair. After a six studies magazine has posted results. Frankly, we are happy. Endocrinologist takes a slightly different approach. Very nice, our product helps people to improve the hair and causes a pleasant sensation. These are reviewed aprobantov posted on 58 page magazine "Consumer. Cosmetics and Beauty 23 (Autumn) 2007: eye on: this is a jar, on a half-liter! Such long enough: "I have no idea how long it will take before I see the bottom", but "can not be greedy," and felt "Thoroughness in everything." Here's an example: under the hood we find another one – so the mask does not shed.

By design packages have been invited to the most creative people, and it's kind, but in everything in the picture, the artist's hand on the lid, yellow cans, "reminiscent of mature sunflower", laid out perfectly abstract and "inspiring the poetic text." Rate it: 'If the shine is brighter than the sun … If you drive crazy, so for ever. " We decided that "with such utrechkom repeat things for the common good positive – gives a good mood all day. " A lot of information. "Especially liked the statement that the mask-serum awakens even dormant roots. For me, this burning question! ". Such a statement is "grown" not in a vacuum, "hops, ginseng and pepper were always naiperveyshimi means to maintain and treat hair loss," plus care through a system of "Shelkosil." Meet: "It is fruit yogurt! Oh, no – "Thick homogeneous cream in its purest form." The consistency of the mask as a whole is characterized by masks.

Scrub Scrub

And this confrontation may develop into a real war: the body: "I have a problem, I need to then remove from the Pads toxins, fungi … "We," What about – oh! With what – so then what?! Here's your deodorant! Since then … Here's another news !!!! and overloaded the kidneys, liver, skin accumulate toxins … But we insisted on its. Reasonable? No, rather, just been accustomed to. But there is another approach. Man can and must understand that the body is not only a whim, but the real need.

Why argue with him? For example, for quite some time the idea scrub. (English: Scrub – rub, scrape, brush) Scrub – a tool that consists of the abrasive particles tend to mitigate the base (emulsion, gel). Scrub by exfoliating particles peels, scrapes dead skin cells, remains cosmetics, perspiration and food contamination. This action is in complete harmony with the aspirations of the body. The desire for purity – one of the most correct and healthy our aspirations. It should be noted that the theme of "scrub" in network dedicated to around 2 million messages and opinions. Consistent with each other and conflicting. Even the extreme, where the scrub into a peeling, (ie, very hard many times reinforced by strong effects on the skin chemicals, abrasives, laser beams, etc.) Maybe there is evidence on which the peeling is necessary, but this is a very special question.

The specialists, cosmetologists. But all agree that the scrub – something people want. How to choose a scrub? There are tips to choose abrasive synthetic beads.