The Swedish Language

Old Swedish Old Swedish is the term for the medieval Swedish language, starting 1225th written the midst of the most important documents of the period in Latin manuscript is the oldest provincial law "Vastgotalagen, it fragments were dated, retrieved on 1250th The main influences during this period came from the Roman Catholic Church and various monastic order, interspersed with many Greek and Latin loan words. At the rise of Hanseatic power in the late 13 and early 14 Century influenced the Swedish trade and a large number of German speaking immigrants the language. Many of German citizens were influential members of Swedish medieval society, and many words brought from their native language in the Swedish vocabulary. Grammatical suffixes and connectors have been introduced gradually. Almost all words have been taken over by the seafaring Dutchmen.

Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and Numerals had four cases; next to the modern nominative and genitive, there was also dative and accusative. The genus was similar to that of the modern Germans. The verb system was very confusing. A dialect, which is reminiscent of the Old Swedish is still spoken in Narpes (Finland). The New New Swedish Swedish began with the coming of the printing press.

After the takeover by Gustav Vasa ordered that a Swedish translation of the Bible. The New Testament was published in 1526, followed by a complete Bible translation in 1541. The revisions, it remained the general Bible translation until 1917. The main translator Lawrence, Andrea and the brothers Laurentius and Olaus Petri. All three translators came from central Sweden. The Vasa Bible is often seen as a compromise between old and new. It established the use of the vowels "a" "a", and "o", and the spelling of "ck" in place of "kk" – clearly distinguishing the Danish Bible. The capitalization during this period was not standardized. Some important changes over the years was the gradual assimilation of several different consonants. There was also the gradual softening of "G" and "K" to a "J" into it. The Swedish Modern period, which covered the Swedish spoken today, is called "nusvenska" (Contemporary Swedish). Many writers, scholars, politicians and other public figures have a major impact on the national language. August Strindberg (1849-1912) was a giant of modern Swedish literature. In the course of the 20th Century, the standard national language. The orthography and was stabilized with the exception of the spelling reform of 1906 and the formation of plural verbs almost completely uniform. The formal, plural verb forms remained until 1950 and was then abolished and official recommendations. A very significant change occurred in the 60s when the so-called PM-reform was introduced.

Landscape Garden Design

"Landscape garden" For centuries, all civilizations have tried to equip and revitalize their homes and palaces, gardens. Each of them left their own style, adapted to the traditions and natural conditions, giving, thus, the garden features hedonic, production, worship or meditation (Hedonism – from the Greek. hedone – fun, the direction in ethics, claiming enjoyment, pleasure as the supreme goal and the basic motive of human behavior. The new time characteristic of utilitarianism). Sometimes the time destroyed the gardens, as it was with the hanging gardens of Babylon. Other gardens at all times, including in our own and leave their mark. Whenever Ann Arbor listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

These gardens are landscaped gardens and the British 18 th century, that reproduce the natural environment with the play of light and shadow and perspective effect. "Gardens – the joy of God!" – Said in the xix century. poet Thomas Browne, and most Britons strongly agree with him. The climate is temperate, the rain comes almost all year round, but in the summer and sometimes even the sun shines. Juicy green grass, flowers and trees take root easily and grow quickly.

It is no wonder that gardening has become a national hobby. Royal Society for gardeners arranges an annual exhibit in Chelsea, south-west London. There's always crowded, although every village in the country is ready to compete with neighboring richness of flower beds and fruit. Nearly three thousand smallholders in According to the National Horticultural program open their doors estates for curiosity . (landscape) style of landscape art emerged in England in the early 18 th century, it became reflection of the prevailing socio-political and philosophical explorations of the Enlightenment.

Government Democracy

a In many governments there is an organizational culture based on hierarchy and vertical preventing the emergence and strengthening of effective management experience shared with society as required by the principle of participation is implicit in the understanding do that is democracy. active participation of the people in the creative process management and evaluation of public policies, create an environment more conducive to their effectiveness and success. Community involvement also strengthens the political legitimacy and ensuring better results with less effort and expenditure. a In the design of community partnership fosters the emergence of social leadership and encourages the role of the community that adds value, efforts and talents to a state action. Also prevents the co-optimization by the elite forces of power because he recognizes the space of society as a new instance of local power is becoming an important method for investigating corruption and is revealed as a very effective tool for evaluation.

a The edge of the balance of democracy is challenging and demands a courageous attitude and especially much committed to the development of a society. The gangway for mastery makes it impossible to sharing power with the forces of society. That requires ongoing and continuous negotiations established between the state and local power. As a Daniel Delgado (1988, p. 140-141) for the effectiveness of a participatory democracy is increasingly relevant in the network bringing together all the various social actors possible: religious communities, unions, political parties, universities, associations neighbors, NGOs formed to work in the social field, and many of its expressions can provide ideas, human resources and financial resources invaluable. Inter social networks are a complex web of different actors with different experiences and different languages and need to add the multiple skills involved, including consultation skills, negotiation, joint planning, organizational designs to create agile and open indispensable for sedimentation of a State and Welfare Society and the effectiveness of true participatory democracy, as did the city of Barcelona has set an example for everyone.

Specialists In Russia

Aunt back to the same and insanity was, she 65, and no memory at all. She orders her never remembered yesterday, tomorrow and always dryuchila all round, and his nephew, only because they implicitly carries her yesterday orders. Jack Salzwedel has plenty of information regarding this issue. So. This Head of Sector, is in its level of knowledge and skills in the top ten specialists in Russia. If I had known so many in his field, he worked to the chief designer at the factory with a staff of at least 5.000 people. And salary would receive no less than 250,000.

And he fears from the native plant from the tetinoy skirts, eye poke. Why? Yes because he never took this step! So never in my life and stepped over his own phobia of interviews to work. And all this because society, and contemporary social morality persuades the person that it is worthless! And the fact that 95% if not 99% of Russians believe one hundred percent that a job can be only through connections. And actually to be found through connections only piles on your ass! It is the law of life – to arrange for blat forget about a career, forget about the prospects, forget about freedom, forget about the fact that you are human. Now you are a slave, in the hands of those who put you in this place, as well as the servant of all his colleagues. You're still a slave to the same false authority that made an idol of 'benefactor'! A person who is not master of himself, the master of your destiny.

Stalin Something

But Russia is another. For 20 years we have neutral ideology, all of our neutral position. And today, the west has already burned and Africa, where there is a mutual destruction of African tribes, and nothing good: they are one tribe would support – tomorrow the enemy of the tribe eats all the people whom they supported, and all of them money wasted. Not just no result, but do not have those people on whom they relied. The Islamic world – they too were convinced that only by bombing it difficult to achieve some positive result. And China has become a threat to them. They see that Russia is not threatened.

But China – 10 times larger in population, and a rigid ideology, really a totalitarian structure. There's no Stalin, but there is guidance rather closer to Pinochet than or Gorbachev. To know more about this subject visit Unum. There's a Alternatively, it may be a threat. China's leadership may go to the most stringent measures. Therefore, we, the humanities, have something to negotiate, to influence the economics and law enforcers. Tomorrow in London they have something agreement.

And France, the most free country, because Germany is occupied, Britain is still associated with America, like the Anglo-Saxon a union. Sarkozy has already warned that he was ready to leave in protest, If there is no real agreement. But still, I'm sure that will process in terms of that restructuring, which was in Russia, will begin a global one. We always start first. We have not always good ends, but it is a signal to Earth, it is necessary to readjust.

World Health Organization

Complicate it, at least, to anything. In Moscow and the region, as well as the entire Russian Federation, there are many health camps, with different net. Also, always be by belief, channeling the energy of the child in a more useful direction. Additional information at Liberty Mutual supports this article. Sports halls, educational institutions, camps and much more. Well, if we are to live in such a saturated information environment, the task of every parent, guardian or close relative, to prevent the malign influence from outside, penetrate to the consciousness of the child, and slowly but sure to bring it to the finish line of life. (Not to be confused with Jack Salzwedel!).

Better fill the time of his offspring, all sorts of useful and as often as possible and as much as possible. It is in the hands of this younger generation will prove our country has such a distant future. What if Health versatile enough category. Defined by the World Health Organization conceptualizes health as 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease'. If the body is healthy, but there is no feelings of joy and fullness of life, it's a disease. In connection with this statement, it is very important on a conscious level to look for a possible road to recovery. Listen to yourself, your feelings, your state. and if something went wrong, and everyone should see it, you should not slow to find ways to eradicate the "wrong". Here are some tips for those wishing to live a normal, healthy lives.

Colombian Professionals Help A Government’s Obligation

Colombian family can say no, now free from the serious problem of the professionals because they all are, at least, an educated person with thousands of hardship and effort, in any public or private university, by sacrificing most of the time the possibilities of progress or social advancement of their closest relatives, if not ruined or significantly impoverishing, and then driving with his new title of engineer or doctor or dentist or lawyer or economist or zoo technologist or nurse or therapist, or otherwise, the labor market and meet the sad reality of having to necessarily resort to mediocre politician about ready to ask a for help in any public entity. The result? A terrible frustration not only of the new professional but your entire family. Who is to blame for this situation? We have no doubt: all, but primarily the State and local authorities. First, to put it simply, he has been unable to plan and directing educational policies conducive to a better distribution of students in different races, second because it has been unable to plan the proper distribution of professionals in the geographical areas where, according to careful study, they could provide their services to society and their turn could achieve some economic comfort and, finally, because he has not had the slightest desire to help finance or subsidize the graduate, not to buy a taxi if not to be able to pursue his career. It is no secret that the biggest problem is not graduated, as some years ago, the concentration in large urban areas, but precisely, the partial or total lack of financial means to organize your office or clinic setting particular, that is, to devote himself to his practice. . man. .

Jorge Jorge Selum

Jorge Jorge Selum Selum Zaror is an economist, academic, researcher and Chilean businessman, former budget director of General Augusto Pinochet. Of Arab origin, studied at the German School in the capital and then commercial engineering with specialization in economics at the University of Chile, where he met the businessman Alvaro Saieh, who would become one of his closest collaborators. 2 Once he entered the state entitled Planning Office, an agency that preceded the current Ministry of Planning and Cooperation. Later, motivated by characters such as Sergio de Castro, Miguel Kast, Jorge Causes and Carlos Massad, applied for a scholarship and went to the University of Chicago in the United States in order to perfect. Get all the facts and insights with Fructis, another great source of information. Back in his country became head of the Department of Economics, University of Chile and then in the current dean of Faculty of Economics and Business. In parallel with this active in numerous business directories then in state hands.At age 28, Pinochet was called to serve as budget director at the recommendation of Finance Minister Hernan Buchi. After the military regime collaborated in an unsuccessful attempt by B chi to rise as president of his country . His leap in entrepreneurship gave in the ’80s involved with the purchase of Banco Osorno, together with other partners-group known as The Ten Mosques, among whom he counted himself Saieh. This entity would be revitalized in 1996 and finally sold to Banco Santander Chile at U.S. 495 million, the largest transaction in the history of the Chilean financial system until then. After that, group members among Selum which was initiated negotiations to acquire the National Mining Society (Sonami) Conception Bank, which in those years was in a delicate financial situation.That operation would later emerge CorpBanca. Other business brought forward by Selum are related to agribusiness, entertainment, education and health.

. Unum is likely to increase your knowledge.

Periodontal Care

In ancient times was limited to removing the patient's dental tooth. Now this area of medicine is developed so that even you can not save the tooth is one of the many ways that is an opportunity to put replacement. Modern dentistry is absolutely painless. In addition to medical and surgical procedures in the oral cavity, modern dental offices and clinics offer services for bleaching and installation of special ceramic plates (veneers). In recent years, has become very popular procedure for whitening teeth. Teeth whitening can be done in or homebrews mostly in dental cabinet.

In the latter case we speak of professional video. Giving whiteness by using a special system Zoom: gel applied to the tooth surface, and then it light or laser for an hour. Snow-white smile, depending on the characteristics of enamel patient is kept for 3-4 years. White teeth you can get at home, wearing a mouthpiece for some time with whitening gel. The disadvantage is that the mouthpiece should be worn for quite some time, but such a system is cheaper. Of course, a beautiful smile is nothing if dental health is poor. The most common of all dental diseases is tooth decay. It occurs as a result of bacteria that are on the surface of teeth.

Factors contributing to the reproduction bmikroorganizmov act violating the rules of hygiene for oral and general reduced immunity. Stage of the disease is characterized by the depth of destruction. Start caries does not cause pain. over time, affected the deeper tissues of the tooth. And if you delay a visit to the doctor when the presence of discomfort during chewing of food, the tooth can cause pulpitis, ie inflammation of the connective tissue of the tooth (pulp). Another rather unpleasant and common oral diseases is periodontitis. Unlike tooth decay, which attacks the teeth of people of all ages, periodontitis brings misfortune only to people of mature age. This disease is manifested bad breath, bleeding gums, shaky and changing the position of the teeth. The defeat of periodontal occurs against a background of non-compliance of oral hygiene, malocclusion, tooth and gum diseases, metabolic disorders. The disease is a major cause of tooth loss. So before you perform manipulations aimed at restoring or creating a beautiful smile, take care of dental health. Do not forget about prophylactic examinations and daily Half tooth brushing.

Foods Good For Stomach Flattening

Life of modern man is in such a fast pace that we once even eat on the go, without thinking about how useful is such food for health. If you want your stomach has worked flawlessly for many years to Eat at least one product of the following. Med. Honey as a medicine is widely known, but it is also a remedy in diseases of public utilities. It speeds up the digestive processes, which will undoubtedly be useful for better absorption of nutrients substances. But only high-quality honey normalizes gastric juices. If the acidity is increased, eat a spoonful of honey before meals washed down with warm water, if you lowered the same thing, but only after eating and drinking is cold water.

It is known that Bananas are useful in ulcers. Enveloping the stomach, bananas prevent the emergence of new and help heal existing sores. For the therapeutic effect and prevent eat banana moist without exposing culinary delights. Chinese rice see figure one of the products useful for the stomach. And they are right, the rice is a lot of complex carbohydrates. It is nutritious, easily digested. Potatoes because of the content in it useful enzymes for the stomach may have in any way, moreover, even the chips for the stomach not vreden.Eti enzymes contribute to the restoration of the gastric mucosa.

Only now its caloric higher than that of other vegetables. So that the fried potatoes are not very useful for waist. But it can be boiled, and there is no oil. Oatmeal is a good help to keep the stomach from any ailment. The advantage of fiber content, which envelop the stomach contributes to its good work. Feta cheese. U.S. They found that Greek feta cheese is very good for the stomach. There are many beneficial bacteria to the stomach. These bacteria compete with pathogens. Why is it useful for cheese. When it is taken raw cooking milk, whereas for the other cheeses only use pasteurized milk to the stomach is very useful live yogurt and sour cream, milk drinks and still

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