Dialogic Theory

The theoretical problem of complexity consists of entering the black box and consider the logical and organizational complexity. Not just renewing the conception of the object but there is need to revert the epistemological perspectives of the subject, in this case the scientific observer. Since scientific per se was to eliminate the imprecision, ambiguity and contradiction and must accept a certain vagueness as it is happening in mathematics in dealing with datasets imprecise. This complex thought should bring the principles from which emerged the new paradigm of complexity. Morin (1998) proposes these principles to help us think complexity: the Dialogic: two logics as stability / instability and order / disorder, that are necessary from one to the other.

The organizational recursion: everything that is produced rejoins about what occured (example individuals to be produced are producing process that will continue). This recursive idea breaks the linear idea of cause/effect. The Hologramatico principle: not only the part is in all but the everything is in part (E.g., in the biological world, every cell in our body contains all of the genetic information of the Agency). In nature there are trends of increasing complexity, allowing us to determine models of low complexity, medium complexity and high complexity depending on developments of the self-organization (autonomy, individuality, wealth of relationship with the environment environment, aptitude for learning, inventive, creativity) and to the human brain as a phenomenon of very high complexity. Finally, transcribe a phrase from the book the chance and necessity. Essay on the natural philosophy of modern biology of Jacques Monod that reflects the complex approach to the vital phenomenon: A universal theory which contains relativity, quantum theory and the theory of elementary particles and that contemplate the evolution of the universe from conditions start them, could not contain the biosphere as a deductible phenomenon of first principles. The biosphere constitutes a class of objects or phenomena compatible with first principles, but not deductibles of these principles, therefore, essentially unpredictable.


However all must understand that a certain dose of revolt and anger against what it is made a mistake in the world is presented excellent so that if it fights against the injustice facing the problems in aguerrida way. The magnificent one, characterized due to humildade and excess of autossuficincia, she is on to the vanity in I exaggerate and if it presents in the projects of being able of that if they find better that the others only for the illusion of wealth and positions, as well as for the ostentation of corporeal properties and extreme concern with the appearance in detriment of the essence. Who thus acts does not understand the character transitory of the life. On the other hand, if it cannot deny that autoestima healthful is proven capable to make the individual to take care of better of its image, to have more hygiene and if to present of worthier form in the social environment, as it deserves the human being. The luxury, attachment to the pleasures flesh times, has lead many to the irresponsible sex, the indesejada pregnancy, the abortion and the sexually transmissible illnesses. However the individuals, kept the had exceptions, cannot open hand of the sexuality, therefore they need the sex and the love, so essential in the formation of people and happy families. Laziness, aversion to any type of work or physical effort, has paralyzed the ones that pass years complaining of governments and nothing they make in search of personal growth, not understanding that the dynamics hodierna demands a different citizen, in search of study, qualification, perfectioning. But the leisure and the rest in the certain measure make well to the body and to the mind, it has seen that the current running has taken many estresse to it and to the depression.

The ideal is not to become insane in the work nor in the leisure. In sight of this, it is observed that it has a narrow limit between the pecaminoso and the healthful one. It fits, therefore, to each one to analyze its desires and behaviors, preventing exageros and acting with moderation, in order to live itself with the feelings under the control of emotional intelligence (QE). Jean Carlos Neris de Paula