Pediatric Anesthesiologist

One night I was finishing my task, at about 9 pm, at the Centro del Pilar Natalia ultrasound and when they closed the door, rang the Fono, answered and was a colleague friend Dante … Miguel, Miguel, spoke excitedly, "I have very urgent cesarean! … "I told her I take her to the clinic right now … go!, NO," he said here at the Clinic I have a !… Porvenir Ah that good. As I have said it, give me the address to the pressure-touch-it gave me, I took a taxi and went, arriving to find Arthur and the Pediatric Anesthesiologist at the door of that address such … Hello, we're going There is an emergency Cesarean section, "I said Where is the Clinic? … This is, "he said, noting the house is a house!, But said it was Clinic Dante …

Dante left little transpired and he needed to mourn, had been attending and was complicated, the family threw us over, everything was begging and pleading … but what about the risks of infection ?— That problem! … the patient was at an early uterine rupture … I hesitated and then looking at the family, I pray that he always carried in the corner of Alma and told them she had surgery Let !… Thanks and Thanks! – said the family-the Theatre was a very small room, scarcely able to mobilize, the window opened for a corral, where even saw chickens, the window was dirty, unclean walls, Dante would be the wizard, I crossed myself and started, it was the 9 and 35 pm, after 25 minutes the operation was finished, Dante ended soroche by speed rather sorry … "I said in these cases should be done in 15 minutes a caesarean section, the less time you open the abdomen better! … we leave all was 10 and 20 at night, we took a taxi from all around the area was rough.


With the advent of new technologies in medicine today reached a high level of development. Several years ago, for example, computer-assisted diagnosis of the organism was not so accurate and widely available as it is now. Examination and treatment of many diseases, it is now faster and more efficiently. Advanced technology can be seen not only in big cities, but also beyond. At the same time increased the percentage of qualified personnel, able to properly manage these technologies.

Medical equipment is one of the main items in the treatment of patients and is divided into two types of diagnostic and therapeutic directly. Diagnostic equipment is needed to detect and determine the cause of the disease, while medical help to overcome all ills. After all, whatever the doctor, he can never put the correct definition of the patient, respectively prescribe medication and to designate certain treatments. Technique goes along with the physicians' skills and qualifications – these concepts are inseparable with each other and affect the lives and health. Medical equipment and medical equipment for diagnosis, however, is not only in the treatment and prevention of disease, pharmacological industry also does not stand still. Daily mass produced products, different performance and features. In addition to antibiotics on the market comes a lot of dietary supplements based on herbal substances, extracted their plants such as Cordyceps, ginseng root, etc.

Despite this, all returns to medical technology, without which it is impossible to determine precisely the cause of even a weak malaise and fatigue. Save and prolong healthy physical and moral condition of man, and most importantly his life – this is the most important task of physicians, health professionals and medicine in general, which also serves as an impetus for further research and progress in this area. At present, the process also affects the constant mutation of diseases, to acquire new forms and therefore require a different approach to their improved treatment. Besides all this there are also new disease, unknown to this day, on learning that is necessary not only some time, but also their equipment. Modern computer-assisted diagnosis of the body gives the correct parameters and qualitatively determine the deviation from the norm of its various functions. That facilitates the work of doctors in diagnosis. If it is installed incorrectly, for any number of reasons, it would have serious consequences, which sadly will affect the life of the patient. Risk in not should, in time to detection of diseases can be cured without surgery. Be healthy with us!

Rollators – Modern Crutches For Seniors

A Rollator is the ideal companion for seniors AIDS represent a great relief in the lives of seniors. Returns with the Walker a little freedom in life, because no foreign help is more required light for short distances. Also, walking AIDS are safe and reduce the risk of falls. Who today wants to move in our society, which has it relatively easy, because there are numerous ways of locomotion, which just nicer and easier everyday life seem, especially if you want to get to another from a target. Cars, buses, bicycles, everything is used and for healthy people, the use of such means of transportation is rather no problem there, but what is with the seniors, who can use a car and a bus out for health reasons? For these people, it is rather difficult to reach target times quickly from a target on the other hand, and precisely for this reason, there are means of transport which call themselves Rollator. Rollators are modern agents, which for can be used outside and for the living room and they differ from this a bit in appearance and in their material.

Rollators are intended for the street comes in different sizes and can be selected therefore suitable to the respective body size. Josyann Abisaab takes a slightly different approach. Strassenrollatoren appear as metal frame with forearm shelves on wheels. They are often equipped with a basket and an additional shelf, which eases the shopping for seniors, because the bins are ideal for the storage of goods purchased. Rollators appear in their basic construction such as Strassenrollatoren for the living room, however, is her most wooden frame and instead of a basket, there are these fixed electrical panels, which serve as a good drop. All AIDS are very flexible and can appear on other highly maneuverable and easily handled by senior citizens, because they are a not too heavy. Their stability offers a secure fit seniors in everyday life alone and free to move.

Ideal Surgical Intervention Gastric Sleeve

Ending your problems of obesity in once for all? Here I have the solution! Changes the direction of your life and decide to enjoy the benefits of being thin with the gastric sleeve. Quiet estate, because the gastric sleeve is a fairly simple procedure that is also safe and very efficient. Recovery time is extremely quick because enough 7 days rest and hospitalization 2 so that you continue without any problem your daily routine. Best thing about this surgery is that once you make it, you can keep eating all kinds of food, only you will automatically do it in much smaller proportions, since what happens in the operation, is that the size of your stomach, reduces so you saciaras you most prompt way.The gastric sleeve is in the division of your stomach into two parts, and one of them is which performs the normal functions of your stomach with a capacity of size much better. Another one of the great wonders of the gastric sleeve, is that reducing by 40% the mortality of those who suffer from obesity. Take the next step and decide to improve your health and look radiant! A. Verastegui hold.