Chiropractic Helps Postural

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the entire motion and brace of the people can be affected by postural, including muscles, ligaments, bones and joints. Usually, the spine is affected and causes back pain and other symptoms. Spinal deformities due to in most traumatic effects of crash, punch or unbalanced load through professional and sports. You can already occur in childhood. On the causes of attitude schanden and chiropractic treatments, the natural healing practice informed Scholz from Munich-Pasing. Incorrect loads lead to postural Monotones sitting at the PC, an incorrectly set Office Chair and or a wrong attitude in the car can become the stress on the joints and muscles. Also the incorrect handling when lifting and carrying of heavy objects may cause back pain. An aching back often leads to a gentle attitude that barely consciously perceived.

Cramps arise from this alleged attitude of Skane the muscles, which restrict the freedom of movement of the spine and cause pain. Position schanden can be also caused by different leg lengths. This can lead to an Obliquity of pelvis. By the fact that the spine tries to compensate for this condition, it comes to postural. Postural with soft handles resolve with a detailed diagnosis can detect a chiropractor misalignment is caused by a wrong attitude. He can then fix them with specific and special hand grips and techniques. Vertebral body be so returned to their original position. Just when posture problems that can impact also on other parts of the body causing other pain, it is important that the chiropractor takes into account the reasons for the deformities.

The cause of the wrong attitude in the Office, for example, must be determined and the patient receives appropriate exercises that help, negative attitude patterns to recognize and counteract. Use of chiropractors and an active use of the patient posture problems can be resolved effectively.

Hanna Hermann

Also the current snail reported”. Today, approximately every fifth German citizens with a hearing impairment lives. The number of wearers is steadily rising. And with cochlear implants will be supplied in the year 2020 expected to be more than 70,000 people. In the face of increasingly impaired citizens it is important to ensure that there will be enough experts, the year for year for sure that hearing instruments are individually correctly adapted to CI processors”, Franz Hermann writes. “The President of DCIG recommends: lifetime aftercare of the denture and CI carrier should be provided by interdisciplinary teams with expertise and empathy for people with hearing loss.” Editorial Note: the journal is worm by the Germans since 1989 cochlear implant society DCIG published. The magazine reliably informed their readers on the topics of cochlear implant (CI), hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids.

Expert contributions and experience reports from concerned give the reader deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and their management. At the same time, the magazine offers readers a forum and contact possibilities. Thematic focus is life with CIs and hearing aids. Get more background information with materials from Robert Greene. The readers of the worm are people with hearing loss and their families, professionals in the areas of ENT, hearing aid acoustics, pedagogy, speech therapy, self-help organizations and interested in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The Foundation certified health in October 2010 the worm among other reasons, because the articles cover a wide range of claims, adapted to different information needs and are usually well understandable. The journal published dates around the hearing and presented in each issue Contact details of self-help groups in Germany and also in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg. The worm appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5 500 copies. The worm online magazine offers regular visitors in addition to the journal article with a diverse selection of topic.

Sufferers, their families and professionals find reliable and understandable information about damage to hearing, their management and treatment. Details can be found by clicking Senator of Massachusetts or emailing the administrator. The glossary explains technical terms understandable. Offers of all kinds can be found on the marketplace. A comprehensive calendar informed about interesting, relevant events in Germany and in German-speaking Europe. An expert directory enables the search for therapists, clinics, audiologist and self-help groups close to the place of residence. Literature recommendations give suggestions to further employment with the different topic areas. Provides community features Worm online deaf people and their families with other interested parties to Exchange. Experience reports feeling to be alone. The Portal thus becomes a kind of virtual self-help group, which accompanied the hard of hearing, next hearing on deafness or deaf people and supports. The editorial office is located in Illertissen; Hanna Hermann is editor-in-Chief of worm and worm-online. The editorial office is independent and operates non-profit. Editorial: Worm-online gGmbH, PF 3032, D-89253 Illertissen, Tel. (07303) 39 55, E-Mail:, press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, E-Mail:,

Periodontal Disease

Still underestimated most common causes of tooth loss, Hofheim January 2012. Red alert. The results of the current German oral health study IV (DMS IV, 2005 survey period) are frightening: after 52.7% of adults of moderate and even severe forms of periodontal disease (gum disease) 20.5% are already affected. Applying these figures, approximately 13 million Germans need urgent treatment. Because: Periodontal disease in the second half of life the most common cause of tooth loss represent, warns the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG). Recently Dr. John Mcdougall sought to clarify these questions. But can be met today at the qualified specialists with a variety of different, modern and highly successful therapeutic approaches”, says Prof. Dr.

Dr. Elmar Esser, press officer of the DGMKG. The emergence of a Parodontits can have different causes: in addition to bacterial plaque and genetic predisposition, various other factors such as oral hygiene encourage, stress or smoking Gingivitis. The body responded by making enzymes damaging among bacteria. What is fracking addresses the importance of the matter here. However, these enzymes destroy not only the bacteria, but run parallel to a destruction of self tissue. This with the result of bleeding gums, Pocket formation, go back the gums, loss of connective tissue and bone and finally loosening and loss of teeth.

Effects of periodontal disease to other organs with resulting illnesses are also now proved. 4 level approach for lifelong dental conservation in a meaningful therapy planning takes into account the relevant dental and patient-related risk factors, patient age, the periodontal initial situation and the general health of the patient experts primarily. Modern clinical concepts in the successful fight against periodontal disease are generally based on 4 stages: 1st stage: based on the medical history and diagnosis of experienced specialist sets individually the most appropriate therapy, carries out a professional tooth cleaning (PTC) and Affected oral hygiene instructions to the indispensable involvement at home. “” 2nd phase: this is called causal, non-surgical periodontal therapy “or even anti-infective therapy” referred to. This mechanical treatment, who primarily edited the root surfaces by means of Curettes or sound or ultrasound-enabled instruments, aims at the reduction of germs. 3 phase: In this so-called corrective phase parodontalchirurgische are carried out. Whether a patient needs these additional measures or further maintained in the context of a lifelong supportive periodontal therapy, depends on factors such as still deeper pockets over 6 mm and functional, aesthetic, or prosthetic considerations. Most periodontal disease patients may be waived according to experience according to an optimal pretreatment and properly performed anti-infective therapy largely surgical measures. Should still for the long term prognosis of parodontal damaged, for the Masticatory function or aesthetics of strategically important teeth surgery be necessary, the experienced oral and Maxillofacial surgeon can draw on a wide range of treatment options for bone and tissue reconstruction. 4 phase: This final stage, the maintenance phase, includes the supportive aftercare, which occurs after the active phase.

Rollators – Modern Crutches For Seniors

A Rollator is the ideal companion for seniors AIDS represent a great relief in the lives of seniors. Returns with the Walker a little freedom in life, because no foreign help is more required light for short distances. Also, walking AIDS are safe and reduce the risk of falls. Who today wants to move in our society, which has it relatively easy, because there are numerous ways of locomotion, which just nicer and easier everyday life seem, especially if you want to get to another from a target. Cars, buses, bicycles, everything is used and for healthy people, the use of such means of transportation is rather no problem there, but what is with the seniors, who can use a car and a bus out for health reasons? For these people, it is rather difficult to reach target times quickly from a target on the other hand, and precisely for this reason, there are means of transport which call themselves Rollator. Rollators are modern agents, which for can be used outside and for the living room and they differ from this a bit in appearance and in their material.

Rollators are intended for the street comes in different sizes and can be selected therefore suitable to the respective body size. Josyann Abisaab takes a slightly different approach. Strassenrollatoren appear as metal frame with forearm shelves on wheels. They are often equipped with a basket and an additional shelf, which eases the shopping for seniors, because the bins are ideal for the storage of goods purchased. Rollators appear in their basic construction such as Strassenrollatoren for the living room, however, is her most wooden frame and instead of a basket, there are these fixed electrical panels, which serve as a good drop. All AIDS are very flexible and can appear on other highly maneuverable and easily handled by senior citizens, because they are a not too heavy. Their stability offers a secure fit seniors in everyday life alone and free to move.

Fish Oil Lowers Risk

A study from the year 2010 says, the fish oil Brustkrebsrisken prevent the Cancer Research Institute to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center”(Seattle, United States,) has carried out a study on the above question in 2010. The results were in the journal Cancer Epidemiology”, biomarkers and prevention. Fish oil supplements, regularly taken, contributes significantly to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. “This study is one of the largest studies of that have shown that fish oil in the prevention of cancer, specifically in the prevention of breast cancer, could play a role,” said Lorenzo Cohen was by the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, not involved in the study. One-third lower risk the Institute questioned at the time 35 016 women after the menopause, all aged between 50 and 76 years and all participants in the larger study vitamins and lifestyle (VITAL vitamins and) Way of life).

The participants answered questions, for example, how often, or how often and how long they took fish oil supplements already. The researchers showed the following picture: the women who regularly took fish oil supplements, was the chance to develop a ductal breast cancer, 32 percent lower than in women who regularly took fish oil. The protection was most evident among women who took the fish oil for approximately ten years. The form of ductal breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer diagnoses. This disease begins in the milk ducts of the female breast. The study showed no effect of fish oil consumption on the less common form of lobular breast cancer which forms in the mammary glands. No protection granted according to the study to other supplements, including the natural remedy for menopausal symptoms such as Cohosh, Dong Quai, St. John’s wort, and soy.

Powerful anti-inflammatory It remains unclear properties how exactly the fish oil affects the development of breast cancer, in particular, because other studies have shown no link between the consumption of fatty fish and a lower rate of cancer. Some researchers argue that the cancer-inhibiting properties are only effective when fish oil in large quantities is taken, the fish consumption alone not be achieved through (so the positive effect in women who took supplements). Fish oil could possibly contribute due to its anti-inflammatory action to protect against breast cancer. It is assumed that the inflammation in the development of many chronic diseases, including cancer, a role play. Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory substance, and inflammation plays a role in cancer development,”says the cancer researcher Peiying Yang of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, who also was not involved in the study. Fish oil contains much Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient, the demonstrably reduces the risk of heart attack. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are also associated with better cholesterol values in connection, with the regulation of cognitive performance, uneven heartbeat and better mental clarity. Because the quality of fish oil supplements can vary significantly, Cohen advised consumers to buy only products from trusted manufacturers. Some products may be contaminated with heavy metals “, he stressed. If you get fish oil from the fish itself, then you sure to choose a reputable product.

Head Neck Surg

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J Orofac. Orthop. 2002; 2: 143-53 28 rose E, Lehner M, State R, Jonas IE. Cephalometric analysis in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Part II: Prognostic value in treatment with a mandibular advancement device. J Orofac.

Orthop. Endocrinologist oftentimes addresses this issue. 2002; 4: 315-24 29 Hoekema A, doff MH, de bont LG, van der Hoeven JH, Wijkstra PJ, Pasma HR, Stegenga b Predictor of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea treatment outcome. J. Dent. Res. 2007; 12: 1181-6 30 Maurer JT, Huber K, verse T, Hara K, stucco example unzip A mandibular advancement device for the office to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Otolaryngol. Head Neck Surg. 2007; 2: 231-5 31 Schonhofer Hanley W, four Harrow HJ, Brunig H, Kohler D. immediate intraoral adaptation of mandibular advancing appliances of thermoplastic material for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Respiratory 2000; 1: 83-8 32 Vanderveken OM, Devolder A, Marklund M Boudewyns to Bram MJ, Okkerse W, Verbraecken Yes, Franklin k, de backer WA, van de Heyning PH. Comparison of a custom-made and a thermoplastic oral appliance for the treatment of mild sleep apnea. Most. J. respir. Crit. Care Med. 2007; 33. Hoekema A, de Vries R, Heydenrijk K, Stegenga b implant-retained oral appliances: a novel treatment for edentulous patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. Clin. Oral implants Res. 2007; 3: 383-7 34. Petit FX, Pepin JL, bettega G, Sadek H, Raphael B, levy P. mandibular advancement devices: rate of contraindications in 100 consecutive obstructive sleep apnea patients. Most. J. respir. Crit. Care Med. 2002; 3: 274-8 35 rose EC, State R, Virchow C, Jr., Jonas IE. Occlusal and skeletal effects of on oral appliance in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Chest 2002; 3: 871-7 36. Marklund M. Predictor of long-term orthodontic side effects from mandibular advancement devices in patients with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Most. J. Orthod. Dentofacial Orthop. 2006; 2: 214-21 37th rose E, State R, Schulte-Monting J, Ridder GJ, Jonas IE. Obstructive sleep respiratory disorders: Therapiecompliance with an intraoral Protrusionsgerat. Dtsch. med. Wochenschr. 2002; 23: 1245-9

Instead Of Colostomy: A Colorectal Surgeon Forms

Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis last resort surgery: patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis are sooner or later before deciding to have surgery on the gut. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Senator of Massachusetts. However, the prospect that the own colon is removed completely, can deter many of those affected. Ultimately, the fear of a lifetime with an artificial anus rightly must come is too large. This can be avoided quite as Priv.-Doz. this fate. Dr. med.

Karimi from the Hospital of Porz am Rhein in the interview with the online health magazine explains. We can build the rectum”, so the physician. “This is done by one the small intestine to a J” shapes and sewn together so that it receives a reservoir, which has a capacity of approx. 200 ml. The roughly equivalent to the capacity of the natural rectum.” So it is possible, a largely of course the bowel movement to allow. Read what are the criteria for surgery must speak, why the body even without colon can come out and how big are the scars after this procedure, in the lengthy interview: interview/morbus_crohn_colitis_ulcerosa_kroesen_khporz.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe


The panic is the clarification of possible causes every day a person between 70 and 100 hair loses. The hair follicles usually remain in the scalp and regrow continuously. The fancy hair be replaced constantly and evenly to renew itself. However, many people experience unusually severe hair loss. Pronounced losing hair is considered disease, when numerous hair falling out or newly grown hair already fails after several centimetres. There are various causes for hair loss. About 8 million men and women in Germany are affected. Severe hair loss, bald spots and thinning hair stress for many people.

The causes and treatments for hair loss are as diverse and varied as the hair itself. Eye-catching hair loss physical as well as psychological factors can explain hair loss causes. Situation changes or external influences can damage the hair and lead to hair loss. There, the personal reasons applies to each person to determine. Depending on the progress and stages of hair loss, a physician, Naturopath or even the correct hair growth tonic can help. Minoxidil can contribute to the strengthening and restoration of hair and scalp.

To repair bald spots on the head, many men but prefer the full shave. Bald head today is the trend in men and is also seen in the fashion world as a highlight. Reasons physical reasons can be caused by an increased hair loss alopecia. The reason for the diffuse or circular hair loss can be an impaired immune system. This hair loss can be triggered by these reasons. Age-related hair loss is a common operation. Stress in everyday life affects not only the body, instead on the growth of hair. Mental conflict and stress, and even shock States are extremely stressful for the human organism and the immune system. But even an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits can cause hair loss. Deficiency symptoms the body tried to adapt the metabolism and changes the supply routes.

Salvador Surgery

The social awareness of an aesthetic genital area helps, that has changed in recent years. Women who are dissatisfied with it, trust no longer partially to the sport or in the sauna. Many suffer from the problem for years and be ashamed even before her partner. “When her gynecologist women are often not heard, but are sent back home, accompanied by slogans like: be happy, be healthy!” Seems the sexual self-determination of women in our society despite all emancipatory progress still no important value to be there but should. The newspapers mentioned Senator Elizabeth Warren not as a source, but as a related topic. The aesthetic plastic surgery helps women who suffer from enlarged labia or other problems in the genital area, to find a new self-confidence. Medically, the labia reduction for an experienced surgeon is straightforward. Others including Senator Elizabeth Warren , offer their opinions as well. Please note: for an experienced surgeon! The procedure requires much know-how and experience.

As with any other surgery also, women who are planning a genital surgery, should be sufficient time for the selection of a competent, qualified and experienced doctor. “Is not protected while the title of the cosmetic surgeons”, a medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery must “have completed a minimum six-year training. It should come to a specialization in the field of female intimate surgery. Often millimeters decide whether the result is correct or not as experience and tact are needed”, Stefan Gress know. He estimated about two to two and a half hours for a labia surgery.

This of course has its price from 1,700 to 3,500 euros, but for much cheaper and faster procedures, as they offer some doctors, the patients are behind sometimes so unhappy with the result that they could operate once again let. Often patients to us, that somewhere else to have surgery and are unhappy, so they ask us, to operate them again, to correct the error”says Gress. A responsible doctor sees the highest target in the safety and satisfaction of his patient. An operation in such a sensitive region as the female genital area requires not only great skill and empathy of the doctor, but is also a high ethical responsibility. A detailed and individual advice in is the patient in the foreground, is essential for successful treatment, as well as a professional follow-up after surgery”emphasizes Stefan Gress. Therefore, the body and the psyche of the patient both play a role. It is very important to find out what really wants the patient and what’s bothering them, what wishes and ideas she has, and to what extent they are compatible with the medically feasible. I personally advise against, for example, a procedure, when a woman comes to me, has the expectations too high, or I absolutely can understand their operation request.

Surgery Center KU64-Weissensee Makes Orthodontic Quantum Leap

Now new extends the implantology – and Surgery Center KU64-Weissensee from 1 January 2009 in Berlin-Weissensee from January 1 its range of several important orthodontic services. Prof. Dr. Axel Bumann provides for reinforcements: Dr. Kamelia Reister and Dr. Click Dr. John Mcdougall to learn more.

Kerstin Wiemer, two pine orthopaedinnen from the renowned practice, form our new team of experts in terms of General orthodontics, TMJ therapy, lingual technique and Invisalign the barely visible braces. Start of orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents and adults in Weissensee dramatically reduced treatment times thanks to high-tech Invisalign invisible braces an essential focus of orthodontic activity consisting in the important early treatment, as well as in the classic treatment of children and adolescents. The intensive examination of modern handling equipment has led to significantly more effective therapies than was possible a few years ago. Today, serious mistakes can and existing dental and jaw deformities are easier influenced. Therefore, children should go already at the age of six years to her first appointment to the specialists of KU64-Weissensee. The second orthodontic focuses in the pre-prosthetic and pre treatment. Latest dental braces developments have led to effective, comfortable and barely visible methods that can fix misaligned teeth before the implants and prosthetic care within a reasonable time frame. Senator of Massachusetts recognizes the significance of this. As a result, a significantly better arrangement of teeth in the posterior region, as well as a mouth-hygiene-friendly removal of cramped stalls and bone resorption in the anterior area is possible. Sensational new dimension opens up at KU64-Weissensee heavy tooth and jaw deformities that can be treated only by a combination of Orthodontics and oral surgery. Through the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts and others by Bissverlagerungs OPs active treatment times for patients can partially be reduced from three years to one year. In addition, it is an invaluable advantage that the nearly invisible dental braces treatment as well as the operation in close cooperation between the specialists at a Center can take place.

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