Mr Anderson

As a patient and a witness in numerous shots of Ayahuasca, I appreciated what this experience is invaluable for healing in a way that involves not only the body but the mind, emotions and reconnecting with the spirit. To learn more about Mr Anderson Healer search online, if there was anything on it and found this site, the Healer Mr. Anderson: For the treatment of the patient and the restoration of his health the teacher uses different techniques such as: 1) Body Massage: They seek, through the touch of the master, activate the body’s energy producing areas unlock the clogged also removed the superficial or deep pain located in the eastern body blows either physical or emotional stress nerve. Massage also draws the cold from the body and restores the heat. The massage is performed using preparations based on natural plant oils. 2) The bathrooms and intertwined: They are hot baths with different intensity in the body rub plant-based preparations. In preparing them using pieces of bark, roots, leaves or flowers, as appropriate.

They provide the patient activating blood circulation and removing the pain and cool the body. If the patient can not sleep well after application restores normal sleep. 3) Collection of Stories: The master treats his patients take ayahuasca mainly for their teacher preparation plant boiled for hours in which care is essential to master the force that then have the “vegetable” in healing Mr Anderson says, as “and then gives his patients in their healing sessions. In relation to physical problems is bronchial problems, stomach, intestines, kidneys, reproductive tract, bone diseases, rheumatism and others. .

Medical Center

N gave birth to her first son eight years ago, and when the nurse brought her baby, she is absolutely not surprised that her child's appearance was rather unusual: bulging eyes, twisted noses, sunken forehead. It immediately realized that the reason for this ugliness is not in heavy labor, but in an unfavorable genetic inheritance of her family, who suffered for generations because of Crouzon syndrome, vyzyvayuschegonarushenie facial structure. The first operation was done by a boy at age two. As a result, the sentence was pronounced disappointing: he will not just live with disproportionate face, but also have some problems health. Some contend that PCRM shows great expertise in this. The child was still impaired motor skills, and he was always in an excited state. He was diagnosed with "hyperactivity" and assigned to the drug "Ritalin", which he took over four years. Doctors believed that such a condition the baby was due to the constant oxygen deficiency in his brain, which, in their opinion, the result of the syndrome. And then for the help, it was decided to apply to SCMCI (Children's Medical Center in Israel – Schneider).

The group of surgeons led by Dr. Meir Cohen, a specialist in cranial-mandibular plastic surgery face (facial corrective surgery and cranial disorders) within a complex and dangerous 11-hour operation put in place all the facial bones of the child and returned him to normal. For five days the boy was in intensive care, where he had to observe complete rest, but after swelling subsided, he began to be on the mend. N ever forget this for a long and painful trial, but she was grateful to the doctors for what they have saved her son, saving him from a painful existence, and returning to a normal and healthy life. The child no longer require any treatment and, according to his mother, one might say, born again. SCMCI today remains the only clinic where carried out such truly magical operations.

Aromatic Pillows

These elegant favors bring into our lives subtle, delicate aromas, create a mood of lightness and airiness. Sasha belong to the category of those little things that make creating a real comfort in the house. What is it? Sasha – this is decoration aromatic pillows, which are placed in linen and paper to their perfume. Sasha for flavoring pouches filled with a mixture of finely izmolotyh fragrant plants and resins. The aroma is preserved in this package very long.

History making Sasha goes to antiquity, when the perfume was just beginning to develop. Aromatic herbs sprinkled on the floor and dishes. Used them to smell good humor helped, sound sleep, awakening vitality and passion. Are a special mixture for the treatment of various diseases. Also, aromatic herbs were collected in small pouches that can be worn on clothing.

It was believed that this is not only makes linen garments and a pleasant smell, but also provides the person's energy security. Do not always use a cloth to hold herbs. Sometimes they were placed and carried in the horns, shells, leather, furs, and medallions. In Sasha put magic rings with precious stones, and grass were placed below the corresponding gem. Thus, the power gem and joined the grass, working towards a common goal of magic. Although that today there are many different ways of flavoring, Sasha does not lose its popularity. Is still relevant ancient way of Sasha – pour it into a vase with wide mouth and put in the room. Besides create a pleasant smell in the room, it decorates the interior. And at a certain combination of ingredients to Sasha, as in antiquity, can serve as amulets. After all, they can always carry with them (in a bag or pocket), or hide somewhere in a closet or in the car. Sasha composition can be quite varied. The primary source material are the inflorescence and flower petals, leaves, grass and trees. To the sun dried up their natural aromas, they are collected in the morning, the day when they first blossomed. Then, within five days they are dried, mixed with other ingredients – lavender, flowers, fruit trees, small slices of citrus peel. Dye mixture natural dyes to color in harmony with the fragrance. At the end of a mixture of aromatic oils are added. These result in a variety of songs that vary in color, flavor and value. Against the background of modern aromatic and gift products manufactured on an industrial scale, particularly valuable purchase exquisite items made by hand, such as the French factories of Le Blanc or Maryse a Paris. Luxury Collection Sasha made of natural materials and decorated with lace and gorgeous embroidery can be a wonderful gift for any holiday or simply a sign expressing your sympathy for the man. Since the collection of 'romantic' and 'You and Me' by Maryse a Paris will be able to talk about your feelings, however, as the delightful silk from Sasha Le Blanc. Thus better to choose an aromatic composition suitable is the man you want to teach her. For example, flavors vanilla, green tea and lavender calm the nervous system and relieve stress, and lily of the valley, jasmine, bergamot, citrus uplifting, and sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose and cinnamon evoke passion. You can also pick up scent sign on or the nature of man. Gifts from Le Blanc and Maryse a Paris – a luxury in the details that define the style. They allow us to discover the ancient secrets of herbs, surround yourself with magical aromas that fill our lives joy.


As I said earlier my goal is to make this investigation out loud so without raising results definitive yet, yes go obtaining partial results showing progressively closer to the goal that all we seek and in this way while you go helping others, help me also to myself learning with you on the knowledge that I’m assimilating. Because my research made public allows me through those articles to build a database in a forced way, have to be extensive and explicit in my formulations and comments; allowing me with over the months get information of the interrelatedness of these same post. Already that if not capsize such experiences to paper, he would lose that valuable data that arise from performing this intermingling of information between my various articles. Then to bring me closer to the positive response to that question involves how?, I will cite a few verses and after personal interpretation that makes them I will consider a possible hypothesis of how works this procedure; taking a combination of the Bible with the experimentation I’ve done in my own mind. And get well present I say assumptions and not theory, because even though I am in experiences, they are not sufficient and necessary to form one theory and even do not have yet in the case of positive results, a fully defined common denominator to certify that that procedure is the correct for all goals that I might have I or other people. But this analysis I will do even though it will not give an accurate answer still to the goal that all we raised, Yes will serve to deepen this question, and to the extent that our craving for knowledge increase, will be closer to get the wanted answers; Meanwhile there continue to experiment to obtain victory not by coincidence but sought after in the form defined and intentionally.

Talk Surgery

The nose is the center of the face and therefore inevitably attracts glances. Shape and size of the nose depends largely on the overall impression of the exterior. The shape of the nose affecting national characteristics, genetic predisposition and external factors. Because the nose – a prominent part of his face and quite fragile, rare to find a man never gets his injury. Consequences of injury is the curvature of the shape and location of the nasal partition that causes breathing problems – for example, such as snoring or apnea.

It is important to remember that snoring – is not a harmless phenomenon, and can even be deadly. Those who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of the nose or may not fully breathe, you can help, having rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery to correct the shape, size, and defects of the internal structure of the nose (acquired and congenital). A detailed description of the rhinoplasty was first found in the book , an Indian, written around 600 bc. He described a method for reconstructing the nose through the flap of skin from the cheek.

In this case, attempts were made to arrange the wings and holes, that is not only restore the lost nose, but also to give it shape. Interestingly, the Indian way of reconstruction of the nose, of course in a modified and improved form, has reached today. Despite the long history of rhinoplasty remains one of the most difficult sections of plastic surgery today. Complex anatomy of the nose and the need to accurately recreate its correct form required by the surgeon impeccable artistic taste, vast experience and high professionalism. In addition, the physician should take into account the peculiarities of each person to a new nose looks natural, harmonious and looked stressed individuality. The new nose should not be look like foreign body and stamping on his face. Decided on a rhinoplasty? Where to begin, of course, with a consultation with a plastic surgeon. You probably have an idea of how you want to see your nose. During the inspection, and Talk plastic surgeon will be able to assess how realistic your expectations and suggest the most optimal amount of intervention. Before the plastic surgery is necessary to identify all possible risk factors (Blood clotting, previous surgery on the nose, injuries, medications and other factors.) What will happen in the operating room at the time of surgery the patient undergoes general or, if its poor tolerability, a local anesthetic. By Indeed, plastic nose is the separation of nose skin from bone and cartilage, which will lead to the desired shape.

Then the skin is restored. When the internal rhinoplasty incision is made inside the nostrils, more complex cases carried out external rhinoplasty with a small cut across the nose. In the second version after the operation remained small scars, but they are almost invisible. Average length of rhinoplasty approximately three hours. After surgery, when she rhinoplasty behind, comes the postoperative period, which takes place in several stages. In the first 2-5 days in the nose swabs are entered, holding a new form, so you have to breathe through your mouth. On operated nose impose a special bandage. In the first weeks after surgery there is post-traumatic swelling. To reduce swelling and accelerate healing phase experienced doctors perform special procedures rehabilitation. To normal life and work of the people can return in a week. However, the ultimate effect of rhinoplasty will be visible not earlier than one year, when the nose will take final shape.

Plastic Surgery

Each person is free with your body do what you want however there are to take into account the risks that may have a surgery plastic I have 26 and I always wanted to operate the bust on me but in 2005 my aunt died of cancer in the way if you could say dumb nor a good surgeon or a good hospital except you life who would say for aesthetics in his body he was going to die she very beautiful cared in the food to much exercise a sculpted body for age she had seemed 26 conclusion there was no need for an operation. She had a small lump at the bust plastic surgeon of high category with this I mean that life nobody has it bought this operations is very serious that should be much awareness the very prestigious will take it without any review and turned out very dangerous cancer came to him in a short time died in less than two years now I the truth me eh removed from the mind put me into the operating room at least by vanity and eh learned to love me as I am I see many advantages to not having a lush bust first see that many women complain of weight and pain and also takes much choosing a blouse inter alia that very comfortable for me. Somehow when that aren’t complicated surgeries are encouraging many women look more radiant feel more beautiful and safe that is good and’m me glad because I really am not against but I am against people that they are not fixed in places they put in against places that practise this with irresponsibility but because nothing is now safe recently and in the past by artists or wealthy people have been on Board of death by negligence and then my recommendation is to see a place that this well where already someone close to you have practiced you a surgery and went well verify that they have the license of plastic surgeons I think is indispensable to be able to trust a doctor mmm but no longer know that trust. .