Dos Santos

In its deposition D. Roxita it counts that it was led for the Deep one, for the world of the magic ones under waters, for a girl magic indian, called Mayara. From this experience, D. Roxita started to suffer what the scholars call chain-do-deep, giving to beginning in fact its preparation as paj. Its knowledge of cure come, according to paj, of proper the magic ones, Dos Santos and of Gods, who if communicate with it by means of intuition, dreams, vises.

Currently, D. Roxita already entered in the period of the menopause, but it explains that during the days where was menstruada he was not allowed to carry through cure, therefore its ‘ ‘ chains were quebradas’ ‘ , coming back the normal activities when only finished the bleed. It also explains that she must not have sexual relation three days before a cure ritual. 4.3. D. ZENEIDA RASP the woman paj that it started to be known in Brazil in 1998 and admiration awakes today and also quarrels controversies between academics and laypeople, sufficiently are reserved and of difficult access. I obtained to talk with Zeneida owner Rasp two times, in November of 2009 and July of 2010, after much persistence, and still they had thus remained some gaps in the research, therefore it was not possible to participate or to attend a ritual its of pajelana. Zeneida Rasp possesss dezessete published books, being most famous ‘ ‘ The Mstico World of the Caruanas of the Island of the Maraj’ ‘ (2002), currently in its 6 edition, where it writes on its infancy in Soure, the familiar conflicts, some events of the scene politician of the time, its initiation in the pajelana, some knowledge of cure, its sojourn in Rio De Janeiro, and other events of its life until the beginning of the adult age.

Fish Oil Lowers Risk

A study from the year 2010 says, the fish oil Brustkrebsrisken prevent the Cancer Research Institute to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center”(Seattle, United States,) has carried out a study on the above question in 2010. The results were in the journal Cancer Epidemiology”, biomarkers and prevention. Fish oil supplements, regularly taken, contributes significantly to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. “This study is one of the largest studies of that have shown that fish oil in the prevention of cancer, specifically in the prevention of breast cancer, could play a role,” said Lorenzo Cohen was by the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, not involved in the study. One-third lower risk the Institute questioned at the time 35 016 women after the menopause, all aged between 50 and 76 years and all participants in the larger study vitamins and lifestyle (VITAL vitamins and) Way of life).

The participants answered questions, for example, how often, or how often and how long they took fish oil supplements already. The researchers showed the following picture: the women who regularly took fish oil supplements, was the chance to develop a ductal breast cancer, 32 percent lower than in women who regularly took fish oil. The protection was most evident among women who took the fish oil for approximately ten years. The form of ductal breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer diagnoses. This disease begins in the milk ducts of the female breast. The study showed no effect of fish oil consumption on the less common form of lobular breast cancer which forms in the mammary glands. No protection granted according to the study to other supplements, including the natural remedy for menopausal symptoms such as Cohosh, Dong Quai, St. John’s wort, and soy.

Powerful anti-inflammatory It remains unclear properties how exactly the fish oil affects the development of breast cancer, in particular, because other studies have shown no link between the consumption of fatty fish and a lower rate of cancer. Some researchers argue that the cancer-inhibiting properties are only effective when fish oil in large quantities is taken, the fish consumption alone not be achieved through (so the positive effect in women who took supplements). Fish oil could possibly contribute due to its anti-inflammatory action to protect against breast cancer. It is assumed that the inflammation in the development of many chronic diseases, including cancer, a role play. Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory substance, and inflammation plays a role in cancer development,”says the cancer researcher Peiying Yang of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, who also was not involved in the study. Fish oil contains much Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient, the demonstrably reduces the risk of heart attack. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are also associated with better cholesterol values in connection, with the regulation of cognitive performance, uneven heartbeat and better mental clarity. Because the quality of fish oil supplements can vary significantly, Cohen advised consumers to buy only products from trusted manufacturers. Some products may be contaminated with heavy metals “, he stressed. If you get fish oil from the fish itself, then you sure to choose a reputable product.


Being so large, the miracle for pregnancy TM has a very profound and decisive approach to overcome infertility, with the goal of providing a permanent relief.Compared to other fertility treatments, where most focus on treating the symptoms of infertility.These treatments are shallow and offer solutions storms that allow that the cause of the symptoms remain and end up producing the same symptoms at a later date. Being a system so complete the miracle for pregnancy TM worked with so many different couples with fertility problems private. No matter the reason behind your fertility problem. Even if you have PCOS, uterine fibers, or low quantity of spermatozoa, provided you have not entered menopause, El miracle for pregnancy TM helps you find the root of your condition, regain your health and fertility, and be able to conceive. Jr. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition to understanding the integral character of the miracle for pregnancy TM tambienasegurese see the benefits in the areas of your life that are not directly related to pregnancy.Follow the recommendations presented in the miracle for pregnancy TM and you can improve your overall well-being, you will feel and look better, stronger and more shaped.Even your environment becomes more favorable to health and fertility. It may be that you are struggling to conceive for a reason that is not related to health problems.For example, perhaps you are in their 40 and therefore beyond the optimum age defertilidad.In this case, the miracle for pregnancy TM will help you to improve your health, revitalize your reproductive system, and improve its fertility, to dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant. Maybe you don’t have any problem with getting pregnant, and your problem is to continue losing the baby.In this case, the miracle for pregnancy will help you increase your chances of complete your pregnancy through strategies to optimize your health and create the perfect indoor environment for your baby.

Healthy Attitude to Food

During the occurrence of the episodes, they must be gifts at least three of the pointers: – To eat much more fast that the normal one; – To eat until feeling itself desconfortvel physically; – To ingest great amounts of food, exactly being without hunger; – To eat alone for feeling itself ashamed of the amount of ingested food; – To feel itself guilty and/or depressed the episode after. These feelings can take the individual to present new episodes of binge eating, forming thus a cycle. The person with alimentary compulsion if does not use of inadequate compensatory methods as, for example, the purgation and the concern irrational with the weight and corporal form. Finally, a new criterion for the TCAP has been suggested the auto-evaluation based on the weight and the form of the body, since this aspect seems to differentiate obesos with and without TCAP (CLAUDINO, BORGES, 2002). Nervous anorexy Amongst the pincipais upheavals of the alimentary behavior, meets it nervous anorexy (AN), being first to be described no longer century XIX, and the first one to be adequately classified and to have recognized operational criteria already in the decade of 1970 (ROPES, 2004).

According to DSM-IV (APA-1994) the etiology of this nervous clutter this strong related with the family. Where many individuals with AN are proceeding from families with characteristic controllers and it lacks of an adequate education. Victims of sexual abuse also are inclined to this fraternos illness, twin and relatives of first degree of people that has IN, being to this last one suggested a component biological also. The great majority (up to 90%) of the people who develop IN is of the feminine sex being able to also occur in men adolescent or young, as in a child next the puberty or a woman to more age also in the menopause. People with IN demonstrate incapacity to keep the corporal weight in at least 85% of ideal for its IMC (index of corporal mass), which had to the fear to lose the control on its weight or to become ' ' gorda' '.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy PRP (platelet rich plasma) wrinkles are already from the thirtieth year of life a consequence of skin aging is caused by genetic and external factors such as UV radiation, smoking, etc. Menopause there is even a rapid deterioration of the skin, elastic fibers and collagen make Tuckered by the decreased estrogen production. The methods are varied today to mitigate this phenomenon. “Now a new breakthrough in the effective anti-aging researchers have succeeded, more effective and safer than previous methods”, says Dr. Peter Caspari, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich.

It is the treatment with plasma gel, which is made from the patient’s own blood. This method is called autologous (own) cell regulation ACR and is an innovative injection technique with autologous cells for the prevention of skin ageing and regeneration of damaged skin. “The high concentration of activated platelets and especially the growth factor (GF) from its own blood (PRP) the cells to be repaired and improves the skin texture and skin elasticity”, so Dr. Caspari. For a treatment of facial wrinkles, need about 10 to 20 ml venous blood and centrifuged immediately to gain plasma with platelets. After about ten minutes the blood plasma can be treated further. The result is a gel with the one below can squirt smallest wrinkles as well as larger areas of skin.

This stimulated the stem cells and in particular growth factors for the production of collagen. A first result is visible after the surgery, the activation as well as collagen production take place in the next two to three weeks. An anti-wrinkle treatment with plasma gel offers a biologically safe and natural method for all patients. This is a very good alternative for patients with allergic disposition or intolerance reactions to other drugs, because the plasma is a 100% body-own substance. Therefore, the treatment is very well tolerated and uniquely enable the regeneration of the skin. A follow-up treatment is about six months required to maintain a good result. Side effects are not expected. A cycle of three wrinkle injections with plasma gel costs 800 euros incl. VAT. company description Dr. med. Peter Caspari plastic and aesthetic surgeon expert for anti aging is not about what is feasible, also wisely and well. Today also much nonsense can be operated in the plastic and aesthetic surgery. Therefore necessary preconditions for successful intervention in the plastic and aesthetic surgery are a professional with the clear eye for the right aesthetic level, combined with high surgical skill and experience, as well as the sensitivity to the legitimate needs of the patient. This is the reason why patients from all over the world always find their way to Munich in the private clinic, to make surgery by Dr. Peter Caspari. Dr. Caspari is however not satisfied with today’s possibilities of surgery. Rather, he developed the prescription medicine in the cream pot for rejuvenation Skin. Together with the multinational Henkel, he presented also preventive measures for a youthful skin in old age.

Warming Machine

With the onset of cold weather is one of the main and frequently asked questions among motorists issue associated with the warming machine before you travel. We have tried to find out the answer to this simple but very important question. But when dealing with experienced people a clear yes or no, got a lot of listening to the opinions of people with many years of service and not-so we made some conclusions. Maybe they'll be useful. Undeniably, the majority of motorists believe that the warming has a positive effect on work, run time engine to overhaul. But due to the fact that the engine start is not a problem with a good battery (batteries) in order to save fuel, most respondents did not warm up the engine. Having established this, we approached the producers with resolve, at last this problem related to the problem of heating and received from them such advice: yes no motor allowed warm, with a start must be sustained at engine speeds, since the beginning of movement is not dramatically accelerates a minimum speed, let the oil in the engine, box, rear axle warms up, wait until the engine will be released on the operating mode.

Here is a simple example, can you answer it will be a cold frosty morning, take motor oil, pour into a glass jar and set in the cold. Get up in the morning and before going to think warming or not, look at the result in the 'bank' well, what? Costs, warm up the engine or not? Over time, the oil – an incomprehensible 'mass' will fall on the camshaft, valves and other parts are at the top, will work effectively. Results of surveys on the site My favorite car! And now the favorite by many machines. If you have a car with automatic transmission, you may have noticed – automatic transmission is adjusted so that after a cold start, it shifts gears with a delay that is twisted at each transfer more speed. This makes it easier to heat the catalyst and to enter the working temperature and the engine box.