Healthy Attitude to Food

During the occurrence of the episodes, they must be gifts at least three of the pointers: – To eat much more fast that the normal one; – To eat until feeling itself desconfortvel physically; – To ingest great amounts of food, exactly being without hunger; – To eat alone for feeling itself ashamed of the amount of ingested food; – To feel itself guilty and/or depressed the episode after. These feelings can take the individual to present new episodes of binge eating, forming thus a cycle. The person with alimentary compulsion if does not use of inadequate compensatory methods as, for example, the purgation and the concern irrational with the weight and corporal form. Finally, a new criterion for the TCAP has been suggested the auto-evaluation based on the weight and the form of the body, since this aspect seems to differentiate obesos with and without TCAP (CLAUDINO, BORGES, 2002). Nervous anorexy Amongst the pincipais upheavals of the alimentary behavior, meets it nervous anorexy (AN), being first to be described no longer century XIX, and the first one to be adequately classified and to have recognized operational criteria already in the decade of 1970 (ROPES, 2004).

According to DSM-IV (APA-1994) the etiology of this nervous clutter this strong related with the family. Where many individuals with AN are proceeding from families with characteristic controllers and it lacks of an adequate education. Victims of sexual abuse also are inclined to this fraternos illness, twin and relatives of first degree of people that has IN, being to this last one suggested a component biological also. The great majority (up to 90%) of the people who develop IN is of the feminine sex being able to also occur in men adolescent or young, as in a child next the puberty or a woman to more age also in the menopause. People with IN demonstrate incapacity to keep the corporal weight in at least 85% of ideal for its IMC (index of corporal mass), which had to the fear to lose the control on its weight or to become ' ' gorda' '.