Bariatric Surgery

Obesity surgery or surgery ByPass, surgical treatment of obesity. This type of obesity surgery is an anatomical modification of the digestive system for successful and permanently treat obesity. Information reduction in stomach of 15 to 30 ml. Connects directly to the small intestine. Safe and effective procedure. It does not require a strict follow-up. DIET Bypass will give you a dietary program to meet your needs for nutrition and vitamins. The person will have to make good eating habits.

The technique is to reduce the size of the stomach. Initially very little amount of food you can eat, minimum distension of the small stomach does is inhibit the center of hunger at the level of the brain, and with that amount of food produces the same sensation as if he had eaten a large amount without feeling weakness and producing a sensation of fullness and satisfaction for several hours. People such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would likely agree. In addition, the bypass has certain consequences – such as anemia and loss of hair due to the poor absorption of nutrients. How does it work? Laparoscopic gastric bypass is a technique in which a small stomach for 15 to 30 ml, which connects directly to the small intestine is left. In this way the food jump a large segment of small intestine and caloric and nutrient absorption is decreased thereby. In addition, due to the small size of the portion of stomach that is left, the amount of food that you can eat is reduced.

Your stomach is smaller and makes you feel satiety very quick. Also reduces your appetite and so will begin to lose weight. Who can benefit? Obesity or Bariatric Surgery is performed because it is currently the best treatment to achieve lasting weight loss in obese patients who have failed nonsurgical weight reduction methods. In power for Bariatric Surgery candidates include: persons with a BMI (Body Mass Index, BMI) greater than 40 the hom bres weighing 45 kilos (100 pounds) more than your ideal weight or women who weigh 36 kg (80libras) more than its ideal weight people with a BMI between 35 and 40 who suffer from other diseases related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or heart disease.

Morbid Obesity Surgery

I have been being 45 years old was Hypertensive and Diabetic, after studying it Decidi much to operate GASTRIC deBY to me PASS for 4 years; then 158 kg weighed, after fulfilling a series of consultations where it sent my surgeon to me, finally after the preparation realised a gastric By to me pass by laparoscopia, after 2 days of hospitalization I was registered, and there it began to change my life, to the month of patient already were lost 12 kg I lost very fast weight during the first six months arriving ideal weight that was 85 kg, (according to my doctor) to the 17 months of patient, from the same moment of the surgery I began to notice the changes, cures to me of the Arterial Hypertension and my values of Sugar in the blood were standardized; that is to say, it cures to me of the Diabetes, my life in even change, I began to feel well with me and consequently, with my surroundings, I began therefore to leave with more frequency, being visited tascas and restaurants, little by little it stops frequenting Nutrologo and it visits not very often surgeon. In view that ate and it did not increase weight, until he ate candies and spirits frequently. Thus I lived during these 4 years, today I am worried, I have noticed that in the last increases to 10 kilograms of weight 6 months, now what I do? This is one of so many questions that we received in our consultation, and every time with more frequency, we have found many patients who without a doubt they have had loss of important weight as a result of the effects of the surgery of GASTRIC BY PASS, and until cures of the diabetes like the patient of whom we talked about in this article, but many of them subsequent to did not attend but to the consultations the surgery. The Bariatrica surgery is definitively one cures for the Morbid Obesity and the Diabetes, BUT IT IS NOT a VACCINE AGAINST the OBESITY, is one cures that it requires to be taken care of and handled in form serious, responsible and with the trained multidisciplinary equipment in that very delicate handling for the operated patient of Obesity, the handling of the patient in the postoperative one requires of the protagonism of the Nutrologo and in important cases of the Psychiatrist, and the Bariatra surgeon. The Nutrologo would little by little guide the patient to acquire those new nourishing habits, like also the administration of the supplements of Vitamins and Minerals that it will require.

The Psychiatrist or Psychologist would help to that she confronts those changes. . And without a doubt the surgeon bariatra will be the tutor of all those changes who will undergo the patient. In our case we requested that the patient after his intervention attends the consultation control, to the month, 3 months, 6 months and the year and soon annually, we have observed that the best results of the Bariatrica surgery are obtained when the patients are constant and responsible in fulfilling the indications that the bariatrico equipment gives. It is important when you go to a consultation of surgery of Obesity I evaluated that she is sent in preoperative form to that multidisciplinary group that before includes the referred specialists, not only by exhibited here, but because each of them evaluated until the preoperative risks that can present/display.

Surgery Lap Band

To the adjustable being, the authorized area to modify its size if the nonlow patient of weight of the awaited way or, on the contrary, if low too fast. The adjustments are realised in the medical doctor’s office and operation is not required, since to the patient a device under the skin is placed to him from where the band without needing operation can be regulated. This surgery is noninvasive, do not take place you cut nor intestinal reconstructions, diminishing the indirect effect related to the bad absorption and other complications. It offers the possibility to the patient of reducing the size of his stomach capacity without jeopardizing his anatomy in permanent form. This gives to tranquillity and security him, since an eventuality or complication can be solved easily before. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld wanted to know more. The recovery time is extremely short.

One requires only a day of hospitalization and one week of rest for activities that do not require physical effort and of three to six for those in which major is required movement. When the patient is realised east procedure, one is expected diminution of 50-60% of the weight surplus during the eighteen later months to the surgery. The quality of life of the obese improvement drastically, because this procedure has been very useful in the treatment (and some cases, it has been the cause of the absolute cure) of the hypertension, the apneas of the dream and the diabetes. Solving these complications associated, it increases his life expectancy. The monthly controls during the first year after the surgery are necessary to guarantee the advances and an effective loss of weight.

Generally, they will be realised of three to five adjustments during this time. Passed these twelve months, he is recommendable that regularly continue controlling themselves but they will not be necessary monthly controls. One is due to consider that the gastric band can not be effective if the person consumes many liquid calories or eats candies in excess. The absolute restriction of these products is recommended during the first months and to moderate its consumption later. The gastric band is one of the so many options on that You count to recover his health. It does not think that never its situation will be able to revert, only must know the alternatives that are their reach.