Interior Insulation

Is energy-saving through the cold winter months during the winter months to feel it most: Windows and doors form a House clearly felt the weaknesses in terms of thermal insulation. Often old or damaged frame and missing insulation wear the blame for this. This fact can be accommodated with only through a complete renovation of these elements. While doors better seals and a better fit in the respective door frame make for a lot of it’s in the Windows of a House first and foremost on their so-called thermal passage coefficient. This is a measurement of building physics, with the heat transfer through a one – or multilayer material layer will be shown on the both sides of different temperatures.

That is the case with Windows especially in the winter. Rule of thumb: the higher is the heat transfer coefficient of a window, its thermal insulation properties are the worse. Cut into the practice for a few years at Plastic glazing said reading the multiple best off. If you would like to know more then you should visit PCRM. While the value for Windows with single or double glazing is 3 to 3.5 he is located in the range of 0.8 to 1.5 at the most representatives of the genus plastic window. The part of the plastic window points not only with their three to eight air chambers, but other insulating parts. In the air chambers is incorporated an extra layer of insulation granules to the outdoor areas often.

Also provide reflective foil between the individual panes also another layer of insulation, which also provides in the summer for reflecting the Sun’s rays outward so that cool in the Interior of the living room. The plastic profiles of Windows are fibre-reinforced and thus stable. Thus, Metallaminierungen leading the heat to the outside can be omitted. Some plastic Windows also have a ventilation system built into the disc. Can the air heated by the Sun between the individual panes of the window in the Interior of the House be redirected and serve as an additional indirect heat source. To all of these positive insulating properties their resistance to weathering and the easy care joined as additional advantages for plastic Windows. Plastic window there is also in almost all colour shades and in the different versions. Whether more places emphasis on tilt and sliding window or but stylish arched window preference there are all possibilities. Plastic Windows with incorporated sprouts, whose Scheiben easy to clean can provide the special whistle at a just renovated old building. Thus evidence when choosing new Windows for the plastic variant to decide. Last but not least, the comparatively low prices promised a to be applied in high cost / benefit factor. IDA drill

Special New Sunscreen

ProTec Sun sun protection film provides excellent light transmission high Warmeschutz.bei. Where the technical possibilities of glass stop in the architecture, the advantages of acrylic and poly carbonate glazing start. The good formability of the material and its low weight help the Planner can realize very generously curved surfaces. The resulting flooding of light and brightness of the rooms but also the same glass are disadvantages: the internal temperature rises unintentionally (unchecked). Glass can be fitted at any time and subsequently with an any sunscreen. But not plastic glazing such as polycarbonate or acrylic glass. Through the expansion and vapors from plastic, a conventional film would won’t last long and tear. There are but special feature film for plastic glazing.

With Protec-Sun sun protection film the disadvantages be removed from plastic to glass with a coating. Easy installation and maintenance of coating and low cost compared to other shade systems offer more possibilities for the use of plastic glazing. With the subtle, understated look of the Protec-Sun sun protection film, you combine plastic glazing and coating a perfect solution. A high-quality product made of long-lasting and light-stable materials guarantees the protection light systems in the long term, such as dome roofs, arched glazing or even conservatories. The site is versatile. Ideal for use in: adventure pools, malls, lobbies, verandas, balconies, indoor courtyards, skylights, stadiums, arenas u.v.m.

Protec-Sun is suitable both indoor and outdoor installation. 99% UV protection: these rays cause including the fading of objects. Follow others, such as Dr. Neal Barnard, and add to your knowledge base. Glare: the space is to use even in strong sunlight for the work on workstations. Heat protection: Reducing the room temperature. Rejection of unwanted sunlight. Guarantee on the quality of the sun protection film ever after Laying method up to 5 years. Certified and trained specialist for high-quality premium films.

Fine Book In A Plastic Pot?

u0085 better not! Better grow the demanding small tree in planting pots handmade Impruneta terracotta, which spread on top of that Mediterranean flair in the garden. (tdx) 365 days a year vacation, beach and sea an idea of which most can only dream. However, have primarily garden owners chances, at least a bit closer to this dream: you can make your patio these is blowing to a touch of Mediterranean way of life. This also the bushes in the pot should not be missed in addition to typical potted plants such as olive trees, oleander and co.. The book (from lat. McDougall Program understands that this is vital information. buxus ‘ “), which was used in the ancient Romans to the framing garden beds, has lost nothing of its elegant appearance.

There are almost no green plant, so easy to cut in all shapes can be like the book. Ball, tapered or spiral here can give free rein to garden owners of their creativity. In addition, the book is a fairly undemanding plant, the are both in the Penumbra as comfortable in the Sun. Only a good fertilization and of course regular casting, that it should not be forgotten even in the winter is important in the spring. When it comes to the perfect planter, gardeners like to rely on Impruneta terracotta. In the summer, when the temperatures heated, a pot of this noble clay offers the advantage that the roots of the Buchsbaumchens remain cool. The reason: The water stays where it belongs in the Earth, because Impruneta pots take on any water. So it is enough to pour the book vigorously once per day.

Thereby, no unsightly lime precipitates arise from the water indefinitely. A plastic pot, however, is heating up very strongly by the Sun and burn the roots of the book, this is noticeable through yellowish-brown leaves. Want to overwinter the hardiest book on the terrace or the balcony, you need also a suitable vessel. Impruneta terracotta are frost resistant to minus 35 degrees. Also a drop crumbs or peeling of the sound that is usually caused by fertilizer is excluded. Warranty there for example Indola 5 years. More information on the Internet at Tanja Est