Minsk Territory

October 20, 2006 at 07 hours and 30 minutes there was a fatal accident in the territory of the state agency as a janitor, “FC”, registered in the Central District Administration Minsk Ragovskim Valentin Fomichev. 1.Svedeniya about the victim. R.V.F. Age-56 years. Job-cleaner ski area – roller track.

Schedule 1. The general experience of work 33 years 5 months 6 days. Work experience in the profession “cleaner territory “5 months 8 days. Education – is not required. Internship – not required. Test your knowledge on occupational safety issues in the profession “cleaner territory” – is not required. Briefings on safety held: – induction training – 11.05.2006g – primary workplace – 11.05.2006g; Medical examinations: – primary – not required – periodic – not required.

Marital Status – Married. Persons who are not dependent on the medical diagnosis of injury to health victim: open severe brain injury: an acute intracerebral hematoma with a fireplace and an injury break in the subdural space. Alcohol intoxication (alcohol content 4,85 , study number 1398). (Based on conclusions about the severity of injury, issued by the health facility, “9 th Clinical Hospital 01-10 / 4891 of 31.10.06g.) 07.11.2006g. from his injuries the victim has died. 2.Harakteristika organization, employer, insurer, place the job done. State Institution “Football Club” was registered on the decision of Minsk city executive committee on 21 May 2003. and performs the following functions: – the organization of sports sections, and paid recreational groups, football teams – practical training with children, adolescents, youths and professional football players, improve their sports skills – training of trainers and judges. State establishment of “Football Club” provides: – medical work – the carriage of passengers and cargo for their own use.

The Bladder

As for the assertion that this incurable disease and It is not necessary to pay attention, you can say this: this statement is fundamentally incorrect. Today there are effective and proven ways to treat prostatitis. So methods for increasing the duration of sexual Act, the methods that lead to a more sustainable erections, increase feelings during sexual intercourse. Disease, even the running form, you can win! Of course, ideally it should be done at an early stage, or better yet prevent it from appearance, that is to conduct timely preventive maintenance. If you dwell on the prostate, the first thing you need to know the following: an inflammation of the prostate tissue, its swelling. This is the most common urological disease in men aged 20-50 years.

Typically, it begins with bacterial prostatitis, a simple inflammation. Already at this stage of the disease a decrease in erection and duration of sexual intercourse, is characterized by early and painful ejaculation. The same symptoms of the disease are problems with urination, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, the presence of whiskers or bleeding in the urine, pain in the pelvis. If time does not begin treatment, bacterial prostatitis becomes chronic. In the acute stage, chronic prostatitis affects every day more and more areas of prostate tissue. And to restore these tissue is not always possible.

If you start the disease, of course, chronic prostatitis may lead to impotence and infertility. And the greatest danger lies in the fact that because of the constant pain all the time you think about your disease. It will keep your thoughts and distract from the work, and from the rest. And okay if it were just a pain, but we know that they are attracted to the deterioration of erection, and this is always oppressive. Begins to increase tension in the family or with girlfriend. Day after day, it causes depression and develops into a real depression.


Experience and a thing incredible, and suffered to the times why? When we speak of experience soon we think about sufferings, losses, difficulties homesicknesses, shame Everything This for incredible that it seems and experience Experience we acquire, we live all saint day. We have that to not only have experience for being full of experience, but to be firmer and strong Not only for terms experience, but to be experienced Knowing that the experience in an occasion goes to bring you care pra you not to make a mistake of new But why the experience has that to be dolorida, to be suffered, be sad most of the time? Because when we suffer we give value and if to happen again we will not go frightening in them, or being sad If an experience most of the time was so easy would not give value and would suffer again and painful the human being and always thus. But why this? It continues with the text! But to the times no matter how hard the experience leaves in them experienced in them they leave marks, concerns as: he will be that I made certain, why I I spoke thus, offended, astonishment, traumas, sadnesses But this mark goes to be as an alert one, for we do not suffer again To be mature, all change, all experience all it Radical and sad The Only Way To take off this Mark and To leave the Time To decide and Not to be Vingativos If it Same History Does not go To happen again itself and You Go To only contaminate Not one But Several We must Hear the Sound Of the Time, We must Feel the Time We must Fly For the Time and Leave it in Acalmar it To make the Necessary Transformation and Can Know While it Will be treating it Calms You and He does not leave Perhaps That You Suffer With the Mark You are Difficult To understand This But In Pratica You Vera Not Turbe Its Heart, Who Makes Receives In the same way Who Plant Harvests! Draws, Sings, Makes Its Thought De Vida As well as Is making and Being Treated For the Time, When You Make This You Already You started Free Ficar, Later It smiles, It sings, It counts a Joke, Hears, If It amuses, Cad the Mark?.

Implantation Procedure

The laser also does not hurt, but simply evaporates gum tissue over the artificial root. Thus, the laser allows implantation procedure less traumatic without bleeding. In addition, after the laser treatment produced fotokoagulyatsionnaya film, which, as a biological bandage protects the wound from the introduction of microorganisms. After Procedure for 3 days can be observed a small swelling and discomfort. At this time, patients should avoid hypothermia and severe physical exertion. The term for this is the service and professionally installed implant is 20 years old and above, so you can say that this type of prosthesis solves the problem of dental restoration times and virtually forever.

Implantation Without Borders Previously absence or lack of patient bone in the area of implantation, it is no longer able to implant an artificial tooth. Now, thanks to new methods of building bone by a special mineral biomaterial – analogue of human bone tissue – the problem is removed. In some clinics have already gained positive experience in using stem cells, which stimulate the growth of the necessary patient tissue. In addition, today there are opportunity to pick up individual implants of different diameters, the use of which reduces to zero percent rejection. Conical and cylindrical, threaded, microporous, hydroxyapatite and etched-titanium – is not an exhaustive list of different models of implants.

There are different types of implanted systems that provide ample opportunity to address any clinical situations. Today Dental implantation is possible even in some stages of diabetes, which was until recently an absolute contraindication for this operation. It is important absolute contraindication to the procedure for implantation considered severe metabolic disorders and some chronic diseases in the acute stage. Interestingly For centuries, people did not want to tolerate the loss of teeth. This is confirmed by archaeological finds. For example, the present-day Honduras was found skull fragment Inca, who lived as much in the VI. BC, in the lower jaw is in place of individual teeth implants were visible from the shells of sea mussels. And in France was discovered skull I dated a. BC, with a metal implant in the hole canine maxilla.