Literary Route Madrid

Discover the faszinierdene literature of Madrid and Spain on the basis of a route very few tourists know of these beautiful and alternative tours in Madrid. Sometimes, it is also by the lack of knowledge of the Spanish language. Nevertheless you should have once made such tours. Specially designed for all literature fans. You can also go through this route without necessarily booking a route with an agency. This article shows how you can visit the literary Madrid best falls. This route starts in the city centre of Madrid, at the Congreso de los Diputados, next to the statue of Miguel de Cervantes. Walking through the street of Duque de Medinaceli and walking along the church Iglesia de Medinaceli and so you will reach the street of Lope de Vega.

In the number 18 is located the monastery of the Trinity (National Monument since 1921). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as patrick matthews by clicking through. On its front is a marble plaque in honour of Miguel de Cervantes, a work by the artist Ponzano. The monastery was founded in 1609 by Francisca Romero Gaitan. In this church, the Trinitarians paid a ransom for Cervantes (500 shields), as he walked in Algiers for five years in jail. Cervantes (died 1616) was buried here after his own desire…

On the opposite side of the road, at number 17 on the road Loope de Vega, in the corner of Calle of Quevedo, located the House where Gongora (1561-1627) lived for 6 years. Gongora was the principal representative of culteranismo (expression, developed at the expense of content, mythology and Latin). Gongora was his ultimate enemy in Quevedo and Lope de Vega (1562-1635) was his staunch defender. Quevedo (1580-1645) then bought this House and kicked Gongora out with insults. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin). A little further, where Lope de Vega lived for 25 years, today a national monument is located in the Calle Cervantes number 11. The House was restored in 1935, you can visit it even from the inside, and there are five original objects can be visited, who heard the Lope de Vega: avoiding a belt to the evil eye, two small beds, a rocking chair and a sewing room.

Tourism Crisis In Greece

No tax increase for hotelier BBs, for the benefit of tourists. Why the crisis affected the tourism in Greece, the the hotelier BBs the prices reduce, rather than increase them. Why force the Government to make such a decision and why it must be. Although the crisis has brought the Greeks on the border of the bankruptcy, it does very good tourists. Contact information is here: Maya Dubin. Greeks themselves experience that your salary to the poverty line adjusted, so that the expenditure of the hotels, restaurants ect. due to the low wages are very limited. Moreover, nor that the business people from the tourist sector are agreed with the Government, like in all the other sectors tax increase, here can enjoy an exception.

All Greece suffers a tax rate of 23% as it has never been this. Speaking candidly Albert Bandura told us the story. But the State basically live from tourism, he feared that if because of the high taxes, the prices in this industry, the tourism in this country the competition cannot compete and the damage to the State large would be that income through high taxes. This is of course in favour of tourists mean low prices save money. So, Greece is a destination which you can afford and should. The destinations of the Germans are mostly Crete, Corfu, Santorini and of course Halkidiki, which is on the mainland but has nothing to envy the Islands. Since I live in the vicinity of Halkidiki itself I am a tour guide on the net. Images, videos, and my own travel experiences come until mid summer 2011.Also? Stavros Kourtidis

Holiday In Croatia – Primosten

Holiday information offers excellent conditions for the town of Primosten in Croatia (Dalmatia) the province of Dalmatia in Croatia, with a picturesque craggy coastal landscape and its numerous islands for a relaxing and at the same time eventful holiday on the Adriatic coast. Especially a holiday in the central Dalmatian town of Primosten has its own special charm. About 30 km south of Sibenik and 60 kilometres north of split, Primosten was a tranquil fishing village from the tourist development. Primosten is located on the peninsula of Raduca, which is entwined by the blue Adriatic Sea. Originally the peninsula only by a wooden bridge to the Mainland was connected and therefore is a independent island.

Later built a dam but instead of bridge, so that Raduca was fused with the Mainland from now on. Raduca was populated since the 7th century. Of which bear witness to the archaeological excavations at the site Kunara. The first settlers were the Hylli which included the Indo-European root of the Illyrians. The idyllic town Primosten has retained the charm of a medieval fishing village.

The tourists find the characteristic winding lanes of a typical Mediterranean coastal town. Invite the numerous Cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops to stroll in the old Primosten. The menus of the guest houses offer a well-stocked, including abundant fish in all possible variations in Primosten there are fish markets, bakeries and shops, where the typical Dalmatian filigree jewelry is sold. Furthermore, a varied programme of performances expected leisure. So, for example during a holiday in Primosten, visit a folklore – or klapa evening is mandatory. Klapa evening original Dalmatian songs will be performed by an A cappella group. A special eye and ear candy is also the Primostenske held on the first weekend of August uzance “-Festival, in which the inhabitants of Primosten revived the ancient traditions of their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers leave.” The beginnings of tourism in Primosten can be dated back to the year 1956. At that time, the first accommodation to foreign guests were rented after the peninsula surrounded by the crystal clear sea became the intercontinental Mall since the mid-20th century and was visited by people from all over the world. Most of the hotels and bed and breakfast located slightly to the North of the old town centre and near the beach. On the outskirts of the town extend sunlit vineyards across the rugged landscape, where the popular b wine grapes thrive. The hinterland is characterized by dense pine forests and tranquil olive groves. The peninsula Raduca is very rich in small coves. Furthermore, Raduca is surrounded by seven smaller islands. A popular destination is the Marina Kremik, about two kilometers away included a Primosten by Bay, which extends far into the Interior of the country and is used as a natural harbour. From there, various voyages to be undertaken. Other points of interest, which reached from Primosten in the shortest time can be, is approximately 25 kilometres located city of Sibenik, which is interesting historic sights and monuments, as well as about 60 kilometres from the Diocletian Palace in split. Nature lovers are can enjoy, however, the two national parks Kornati and Krka, which can be reached after about 30 kilometers. There is also a diving centre as well as the possibility to canoe and boating in the Primosten.


How you can save a large amount of money. Many people spend much more money than planned for the holiday many people spend much more money than planned for the holiday. You may want to visit Hunter Schafer to increase your knowledge. It is very easy to reduce costs and to enjoy the holiday anyway, and spend a great time. I will give some ideas and tips to save money while on vacation. We planned a weekend in Barcelona to get other thoughts and to relax us a little. We booked a flight and a hotel in the city. We enjoyed the weekend, but when we returned home, we found that we have given more than planned for a city trip for 2 persons from over 600 euros.

L. Smith – Barcelona 2010 people use a short break to visit a famous city, to have a beautiful beach holiday or an active holiday. But when you return from vacation, it seems that one has spent much more money than expected. Many people are facing the same problem. The next question which immediately comes to mind is: “Where I spent the money?”.

You should not ask themselves this question, because it is really possible for a similar holiday with a smaller budget. That is why I would like to give you some tips. As an employee of a company I get often specialized in holiday apartments in Barcelona, these kind of comments. Therefore, for me, it was the time to write an article about some advice for future holidays. There are many books and tips which some ideas to a beautiful and yet inexpensive vacation. What are the most important prerequisites for a holiday? The answer is simple, clear and of course: a comfortable ride, good accommodation and catering. In addition to taking all kinds of excursions and activities, or? Let now a closer look at these aspects take and let me give you some money-saving ideas.

5 Years Culture Lounge

“Reason to celebrate at the JUFA – youth & family Gastehaus Salzburg before exactly five years ago, the culture lounge has” taken as a project to promote cultural exchanges of young people from all over the world at the JUFA – youth & family Gastehaus Salzburg begins. Young artists from all over the world can see the motto A place for young art”at the JUFA – youth & family gaestehaeusern in all Austria present their art and accessible to a wide audience. A platform to showcase of their art was created for many young artists and artists from all over the world in the past five years. On the occasion of the anniversary also the first culture talk found on Sunday, the 8th February in the JUFA Salzburg in the context of a great jazz brunches”take place in future on a regular basis will take place and whose aim is to give young artists a voice in public. Jazzy, South American sounds, the Band Libertango was beeing so cozy, chatting and just enjoyed. In between, the young, up-and-coming Salzburg painter Jurgen Fux, betrayed the inter alia through portraits of figures from sports and culture such as Franz Klammer, Georg Hackl and the participants of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, and creative projects for various companies such as the Klavierhaus Klessheim, the Iris Porsche hotel or the private brewery Josef Sigl a made name for itself has, the journalist and presenter Ralf Hillebrand in the culture talk wallpapers about his career and his work. Fux addressed also the lack of attention to young artist in Salzburg: Salzburg is culturally far more than from the Salzburg Festival.

Just the promotion of young artists is so enormously important. The culture lounge has allowed me entry into the art without this initiative I had no first platform to present me a wide audience. Then, I have had the opportunity to make other exhibitions”also Niki Solarz, Jugendkanditatin to the Landtag of Salzburg and Like municipal councilor. (FH) Eva Weissenbacher left the Jazz Brunch not miss out. Click patrick dwyer to learn more. They emphasized the importance of the culture lounge”as a cultural meeting place for young people: the culture lounge allows young artists to present themselves to a wider audience and promote intercultural exchange between young people from all over Europe at the same time. In terms of a sustainable promotion of youth culture, are very important initiatives such as the culture lounge”Gernot Reitmaier, Managing Director of youth & family gaestehaeuser (JUFA) drew positive balance over the first five years of culture lounge”: youth art is an important form of international understanding. Therefore we support young people with the culture lounge in their artistic work to present and to interact with other art linen and artists. Total, over 300 artists have presented their work in the context of the culture lounge in our homes in all of Austria. A great balance for the first five years and I am sure that we will continue the project so successfully.” For more information about the JUFA – youth & family gaestehaeusern under

Bavarian GOLF

Holzapfel s Spa week in the 5-star hotel bad Fussing bad Fussing (tvo). The taste is the art to understand things, this statement of Jean-Jaques Rousseau has the family happiness for the new five star hotel in Germany’s most popular health resort bad Fussing made its own. At the private medical Spa, you can enjoy all the benefits of the healing properties of the thermal waters and the peace and generosity in the own Spa and health area. For assistance, try visiting patrick jones. Holzapfel’s Spa week, unlimited enjoying the baths and saunas in the Spa 1 as well as the private spa area in your hotel, an aroma oil massage of whole body for seven nights with breakfast buffet, lunch snack buffet and menu choice dinner from 859 euro per person in a double room. Our Tip: The Spa days are an ideal gift for the partner where you do too good. Information and booking: Hotel Hansi, thermal bath road 4 and 5, 94072 bad Fussing, Tel. You may find patrick dwyer merrill lynch to be a useful source of information. 08531/957-0, fax 08531 / 957280,., With Etiquette For The Next Holiday:

Beware of toilets, clumsy mixing and bad attitude singing, February 17, 2011 (w & p) holiday is negative the least want to, but foreign customs and unknown traditions do not always easy travelers. The online travel portal has for six popular destinations the best tips in store, as perceived by tourists than locals. This year the United Kingdom of Great Britain is top on the ranking of the most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of enthusiastic spectators will line the streets to the wedding of Prince William and Kate. The British also in everyday prove truly Royal behavior. Excellent manners are essential and pleasantries, the order of the day. Holidaymakers arriving enjoy a seven-day trip to London including flight and accommodation at the 3-star hotel from 249 euro.

In countries such as Thailand, Asia travelers often experience a culture shock: the culture strongly influenced by Buddhism and Geisterglaube differs enormously from Western traditions. So it is regarded in Thailand as bad offense, to touch the head of other people, because the head is the seat of the soul. Also touches the feet are taboo, they considered impure due to road dirt. Who wants to experience the exotic diversity of the country itself, is a two-week trip in after Thailand with accommodation at the 4-star hotel from 918 euros. Germany’s neighbour Poland is currently about speeches: the European Football Championship EURO 2012, 2011, Presidency of the EU Council and current partner country of ITB Berlin Poland presents itself as a cosmopolitan and modern country. The Poland are quite traditional only in women: A kiss on the hand belongs to a good style, nice compliments and galantes door rent-seeking behavior are Polish women in the course. Who wants to demonstrate his qualities of gentleman in Poland, comes with for example from 199 euros with flight and accommodation at the 3-star hotel in the traditional Krakow.

The Taste Has Come

Mauritius scores with creative gourmet festival, held every year in March Festival in Mauritius the Bernard Loiseau Culinary unique restaurants and international cuisine. 2011 this event in the sixth round and used European and local chefs for a culinary meeting at the Constance Belle Mare Plage. International guests and media attend the event, which combines regional traditions with Western specialties to a multi-faceted combination. This year, the French chef were Serge Vieira and Trish Mungur, Chef de partie of the blue penny at the Constance Belle Mare Plage, emerged as the winner. But beyond the Festival, the island offers a unique cuisine throughout the year.

Due to numerous influences the Mauritian cuisine has evolved from the variety of prevailing cultures and traditions into a melting pot of gourmet impressions. Restaurants on Mauritius offer not only fine tastes, but also due to its unique location. The Le Barachois in the Le Prince Maurice is the only floating Restaurant of the island. From the water in plush surroundings enjoy unrestricted views of the sea. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Albert Bandura has to say. In the Centre of the town of Moka loads including the Escale Creole for a lunch in the tropical garden of a Creole family, best authentic home-cooked meals. Eureka, a stately villa built in 1836, is now a Museum and offers Creole lunch in colonial ambience. Domaine Anna scores food on the beach of Flic en Flac with delicious Chinese – a table on the water can be reserved as a highlight. The Cafe Valse de Vienne, in which a Sacher cake and a cup of Wiener melange to linger invite offers Austrian flair in the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses.

The island first-class restaurants, top chefs spoil their guests. In the spoon des Iles of the Le Saint Geran, Alain Ducasse cooks traditional and unusual dishes for visitors from all over the world with three Michelin stars. The gourmet restaurant of the Indouchine in the Beau Rivage offers excellent Asian cuisine in the surroundings of the French colonial era. The Restaurant saffron in the Le Touessrok is a modern interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine focus here is the open kitchen with tandoori ovens. Who even wants to control the Mauritian cuisine, you can visit one of the many cooking classes. The cooking of the discovery of the Mauritian cuisine takes every Wednesday in the Le Prince Maurice”instead. Guests visit the market in Flacq morning together with a chef and begin directly with the preparation. The course costs about 80 euro and is designed for two to six people. In the Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa hosts a Creole cooking with regional ingredients and exotic spices. After an introduction to culture and cuisine typical Mauritian specialities are prepared and then learned is evidenced with a certificate by the chef. The course material and recipe cards are included in the price of approximately 100 euros. In the Shanti Maurice, guests receive a special introduction to the kitchen of the House. A herb and vegetable garden supplied the hotel daily with fresh ingredients. Over 30 Species grow here, depending on the season, Lemongrass, Rosemary, basil, mint, eggplant, broccoli round off the courts. Chef Willibald Reinbacher is individually guided tours through the herb garden and explains the philosophy behind the menu of the resorts like. Learn more about Mauritius under.

Berlin Wall – 50 Years Has It Been…

The construction of the Berlin wall anniversary of explorations on the 50th anniversary of the construction of the wall in August for the 50th time. What is still available and what tells us the building of the wall today? What has changed in the city after the fall of the monster? What perceptions and behaviours have survived the wall? A journey of exploration through the formerly divided Berlin. Soon the 50th anniversary will be commemorated of the structure, which divided Berlin into two halves. In Berlin, people from all over the world looking for traces go often remain behind in the dark. Go to Zendaya for more information. So also the individual stories of people in the cold war remain hidden, the background of the construction of the wall – two hostile systems in a city partly in a street.

Wall was not just a prisoner exchange at Glienicke bridge or escape in the balloon, but also the everyday life of the cold war in the city of Berlin: the cold war attracted, border controls became tighter propaganda more aggressive, the ways of the East West encounters more difficult. Everyday constraints played often in the everyday of people in the East a greater role as the missing travel opportunities. In the West, people desperate, that you could not see the members of the family in the other part of the city. In the 1970s, a “second wall’ was in their midst: the call of the GDR held many people to travel in the East, in the GDR, it was forbidden to maintain contacts with”Western people”more and more citizens. The Berlin agency “Berlin compact” remind in their guided tours on the fate of the people of the divided city, beyond Kennedy, James Bond and the spectacular wall victims. The leadership can imagine and walk the wall which meant the Berliners. Contact: Stefan Kniestedt c/o Berlin compact large Berry Street 49 10965 Berlin Tel 030 7853577 fax 030 78990187

Australia: Sydney Travel Guide For Backpackers

If there were a Hall of Fame for Best Backpacker cities of the world, Sydney would probably be one of the first who surely would have a place. Australia’s world-famous urban center is a true collection of pleasures for the budget traveller, a city that has to offer both interesting architecture wonderful beaches, a vibrant nightlife and of course great people. Also, a stay must be really not extremely expensive. Hostels in Sydney offer the perfect accommodation. They are comfortable, very affordable and also social places where barbecues, pool parties and sport events take place.

Book your accommodation in a hostel and the key is yours almost to the city. The Centre of Sydney stretches the districts from Circular Quay to Central station. Backpackers spend inevitably a part of their time there, either the great sights to marvel at or around the growing Chinatown and Spanish quarter, an inspiring atmosphere and comfortable cheap restaurants to offer have to explore. Darling harbor is just the place for you if you after consumption. With a collection of shops, restaurants and bars, this is a place where you can spend whole days. The rocks, however, is Sydney’s charming and also somewhat taxi”part of the old town.

Here, you will find no glitzy malls, but this charming cobbled streets and a heritage that in that time of the ancestors dates back. Read more here: farhaad riyaz. Otherwise, as is the case with many other cities, a lot is going on in Sydney’s suburbs. Therefore Paddington, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are worth a visit, especially for nocturnal pleasures. The most famous sights in Sydney the beauty of Sydney Harbour are food for many postcards for years. If you over the water across to the magnificent Sydney Opera House and looks to the Harbour Bridge, you quickly realize why this is so. Sydney is next to its port for more special Attractions known and staying in the city should also visit the Sydney Aquarium and the Taronga Zoo (if the budget allows it, of course) not to be missed. Natural attractions in Sydney visitors easily forget, that Sydney is the Earth in a beautiful place and although Opera House and bridge are certainly memorable, a day in the surrounding blue mountains can be equally impressive. The cliff walks are a wonderful way to explore the area. And then there is of course still the beaches. Bondi is known, although many locals recommend the 30-minute ride by ferry from Circular Quay to manly nirvana of surfers. No matter what you decide, both guarantee a lively atmosphere with surfers and drinkers, as well as sessions ends and party-seekers. Nightlife in Sydney Sydney’s night life is notorious for all the right reasons. It seems as if just everyone there takes a drink to himself and there are countless bars and clubs, to facilitate this. Bondi Coogee is offered, if you are looking for a bar on the beach, Woolloomooloo and the rocks, however, offer a selection of fantastic cosy pubs. At King’s cross, there are meanwhile, countless bars and clubs, but this area is rather the shabby. Be so be warned! Transportation in Sydney Sydney’s public transport system is noteworthy. They can go with buses, ferries and trains in the city, where they want – and don’t worry if you are should go once. The famous Australian hospitality ensures that the people on the street very happy to show you the way. Transport pass one can undertake with the 7-day unlimited rides on seven days the intrepid tourist can save to a pretty penny.

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