Paul Yonggi Cho

In same Colombia, migratory nest of Opus I gave, was born ‘ ‘ G12 ‘ ‘ Evanglico’ ‘ , a mixing marriage of the Cursilhista method of the Escriv priest with the mstica of ‘ ‘ Church in Clulas’ ‘ of the South Korean protestant avivalismo of Paul Yonggi Cho. It conceived it the charismatic neopentecostal Cesar Castellanos Dominguez who, to the similarity of the genitor of Opus I gave, codified its ‘ ‘ discovery espiritual’ ‘ in a book: It dreams and It will earn the World. 2 In Brazil the movement based on this principle is, mainly, with the Ren Shepherd New Land (International Ministry of the Restoration), former-Shepherd of the Church Baptist (Manaus-AM); with the Shepherd Valnice Milhomens (National Church Mr. Jesus), former-member, also, of Church Baptist (They are Pablo-SP); with the Shepherd Robson Rodovalho (Sara Community Our Land), of Brasilia-DF. Further details can be found at NYDIG, an internet resource. Recently many other groups also have adhered to this movement, even though amongst that, as group, if they had revealed against, as it is the case of the Baptists of the CBB.

1.2. The Theology of the Prosperity Theology of the Prosperity is the popular name of a movement that engloba a series of known theological thoughts as Movement of the Faith, Positive Confession, Word of the Faith, Education of the Faith, etc. One is about a movement that proclaims that all the Christians must financially be rich, to have optimum wage, the best house, optimum car and an iron health all disease, according to this movement, comes of the devil..

The Buyer

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Governments Balance

Provided that the astronauts, because of space travel, fell outside the Schumann Resonance, they ill. But subject to the action of a Schumann Simulator they recovered health and balance. For thousands of years the heartbeat of the Earth had that frequency of beats and life unfolded in relative ecological balance. It happens that from the 80’s and more sharply from the 1990s frequency went from 7.83 to 11 and 13 hertz per second. Adds, that the heart of the Earth is fired. Coincidentally ecological imbalances were felt: climatic disturbances, increased volcanic activity, growth of tensions causing global conflict, and a general increase in behaviors diverted from persons, among others. Due to the general acceleration, 24 hours a day, in fact, is only 16 hours. Swarmed by offers, David Cordani is currently assessing future choices.

Therefore, the perception that everything is going not too fast It is illusory, but it has real basis in this disorder of the Schumann Resonance. Gaia, that live super-organismo which is mother earth, should be looking for ways to return to its natural balance. And you are going to get it, but we don’t know at what price, to be paid by the biosphere and human beings. Here the space is opened so that the futurists projected scenarios, whether it be dramatic, with terrible or hopeful catastrophes as the irruption of the fourth dimension with which everyone will be more intuitive, more spiritual and more tuned with the Biorhythm of the Earth. I do not intend to strengthen this type of reading. I only emphasize the recurring thesis between great cosmologists and biologists that Earth is indeed a living super-organismo, that Earth and humanity form a single entity, as testify the astronauts from their spacecraft.

We, human beings, are land that feels, thinks, loves and venerates. Because we are that, possess the same bio-electric nature and surrounded by the same resonant waves Schumann if want Earth re-encuentre your balance, we must begin with ourselves: do everything without stress, with more serenity, with more love, which is an essentially harmonising energy. For that it is important that we have value to be anti-culturales in this culture that requires us to be ever more competitive and effective. If the Schumann resonance frequency of 13 cycles, the Earth would stop its rotation, and we would be in the magnetic field of the point zero or 13 scale of Schumann. The Earth would stop and in two or three days would begin to turn again in the opposite direction. This would cause a reversal in the magnetic fields of the North Poles and South, with the ensuing ecological imbalance and the total chaos of the world’s population.The theme of the Schumann resonances, very recently up was concealed by the Governments of United States and Britain. Today is already known, but has been maintained at very low profile.


The best tips for CityVille to get coins, energy and products that allow you to play and advance the expansion of your city. In a previous article we talked about Facebook and some CityVille cheats CityVille, now we recommend the best tricks to use in this popular game from Zynga that has many players in network. For them we have compiled a list of tricks to play and win in CityVille. Tips tricks to earn more coins if you want to win or get more coins visit your neighbors and click on their homes and businesses. Another trick interesting for more money is to place decorations with bonus payment by businesses that give you more utility. The percentages of bonus that exist in CityVille are from 1%, 2%, 4%, 18%, etc.

If you think investing your money purchase buildings and houses that give you more coins gain as bungalows, and once you’ve made the purchase, you can relocate them and place them near the decorations with more bonus. You can also purchase decorations with many bonus to earn more money and surround them with buildings, homes and profitable businesses. Supplying daily posts of the franchises of your neighbors, you will allow you to receive a bonus extra, which means get more coins. If you reach the maximum number of bonus, i.e. reaching the keynote toolbar, you will receive a bonus of 1,800 coins. Tricks to get more products (boxes) is important enough products to supply our businesses and franchises of our neighbours jobs to generate more income, i.e., coins.

Make sowings: sowing plants that will reap in different times, thus energy won’t miss you. For example, if you only planting Strawberry can be harvested in just 5 minutes, it is possible you missing energy. Visit your neighbors to harvest their products always and when they say harvest and no watering, this action will allow you to get up to 15 products by each farm.