Getting Pregnant

Some of the things that make us feel truly woman and reach our full realization is to have a child, however sometimes it us becomes complicated and we cannot achieve it, because there are factors and habits that influence in this situation and that when our biological clock is our worst enemy makes us despair and begin to think that maybe we don’t deserve be mothers, which are too major to achieve it and sometimes that infertility is our companion, etc. Remember that age is a very important point, but my grandmother had her last child at the age of 52, age that many would say too hard to be a mother, but she managed it, the reality is independent of the obstacle that cannot us become pregnant, we must keep trying again and again, I have met women who fought to be mothers and had a pregnancy after another failed and increasingly became something more painful because every pregnant was full joy but at the same time fear of again losing it, at the end they did. Today there are many methods tested to get pregnant quickly but even so there are many women around the world who have not achieved it, but has that is this? Endometrosis? Or another problem, I can however tell you that it is still time to achieve it, power and really believe that would have a child change you life completely. To begin, there are important things to take into account when it comes to the big decision to become mothers. Healthy meals the Indispensable nutrition include vegetables and proteins help to good health, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, these include flaxseed, salmon, fish oil and eggs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Senator of Massachusetts. Vitamins take your vitamins, folic acid is the principal, women who wish to leave pregnant should start taking folic acid at least three months prior to pregnancy. This is one of the most important nutrients before pregnancy to prevent some defects in the fetus. Leave some habits habits as much coffee, smoking and alcohol consumption.

All of these factors are believed to decrease fertility and can affect the fetus, and pregnancy. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. If you are thinking of getting pregnant it leaves aside the alcohol and tobacco and diminishes the consumption of caffeine. Controlling your weight if you have obesity or you’re under your level of normal weight for your height in some cases is necessary to lose weight or increase the weight to be able to conceive. Relax when couples who are trying to get pregnant usually accumulate much stress. Stress decreases fertility and affect hormones. Prepare yourself mentally to relax can do it also with massages, practice yoga and other forms of exercise, meditation and other. Anyway there are many other aspects that I’m sure will help you achieve your maternity leave, increase your fertility, ideal days to try to get pregnant, even if you have any of these problems syndrome PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, blockage of the fallopian tubes or irregular periods. etc.


Many of us know that heart attacks are the number one killer in men and women in the USA; but did you know that many fatalities can be prevented if you learn to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and get prompt medical attention? Do also, you know that women experience different symptoms than men? According to the American Heart Association, the symptom of an attack of the heart in men and women is chest pain. The difference is that in women it is also more likely to have symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain as well as shortness of breath, pain in the back and jaw. Other symptoms of a heart attack at the experienced by women include fainting and a cold sweat. Dr. John Mcdougall contributes greatly to this topic. More people could recover from heart attacks if you get help more quickly. People who die of heart attacks, about half die within an hour of the first symptoms, and before reaching the hospital. If you think that you or someone you know is having a heart attack, is essential to call 911 within minutes experts say no more than 5 to increase the options for survival.

As always, prevention is the best. Maintain cholesterol levels and high blood pressure under control is crucial to cardiovascular health. Cholesterol is usually associated with obesity, but that isn’t always the case. Although being obese may have an increased risk of cholesterol levels in their blood, many people with a healthy weight may also have high cholesterol. You can just say to diabetes and hypertension.

In the background, prevention is to follow a form of healthy living. Tips for healthy hearts stop smoking: many people think that smoking causes mainly breathing problems, but smoking damages arteries and is a major cause of atherosclerosis, a buildup of fatty substances in the arteries. Detoxify the liver: Crucial to the health of the heart, a healthy liver It metabolizes fat and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Ramon Gallegos

Before the limitations of both, since they have been insufficient for a satisfactory life for all the inhabitants of the planet, it emerges as a third way for this new century, the paradigm of holistic, which, under the assumption of all, integrate what salvageable of the above; It integrates it, but transcends it, adding the element of spirituality. In this context, appears the proposal of education holistic, not as something merely new; Perhaps with a history dating back to before Christ; already Plato spoke of educate for good. Merit now is that he is has developed a well structured and well supported, work with very solid foundations from the educational, the philosophical, scientific, the epistemological and, above all, the spiritual. Learn more on the subject from PCRM. All this support constitutes the content of the twelve books of Ramon Gallegos, and this work will include each one of these, trying to highlight the most relevant one. In this work of Ramon Gallegos, seems of utmost importance which gives through bases very solid, subject to all rigor and support that allow holistic education to resist all sorts of tests. I refer to the following: spiritual and cultural, educational, philosophical, epistemological, scientific basis. Throughout this work, will become allusion to these bases and the books that deals with regard to each one, recognizing that, regularly, in twelve books alludes to these bases, but that, in some part, it any more specifically. The CULTURAL BASE education holistic sits on a new culture. After more than three hundred years of living under the effects of the culture that built on the basis of prevailing paradigms above all of science and religion, whose effects on humanity and the nature we have plunged into an atmosphere of dissatisfaction, product of the predatory attitude seen in our world. By, fortune, under the influence of a new paradigm, the holistic paradigm, we are now facing a new culture, which promotes the development of a new consciousness: the global consciousness of all planetary and universal, with a sense of respect for all forms of life in general.

Sweet Duckling

Miracle means moved into a small Rapunzel, and now it is her singing of songs after the hair may return Witch coveted appearance. The problem is that the cut hair that ability is lost. In general, the solution suggests itself: a girl madam Gotel immediately stole from the royal palace, hidden in tall the tower and raised in the belief that the window cruel world, cruel heart. So sit-ka you, my dear daughter, it's better here. I've come to visit you'll come by your hair regrown (You can not imagine how regrown …) I will climb. (Second cousin's husband is deceived tourism authority immediately announced that Rapunzel raises witch "slop cat" – the children looked on giggling relatives frowned upon.) Girl and "Mother" did not want to disobey, and the world have grown beauties of increasing interest.

But the problems not only in Rapunzel. (Similarly see: Siem Reap charity). A team of thieves-parkurschikov consisting of charismatic Flynn Ryder and his two companions, get into Royal Castle to steal the crown princess stolen. It goes without saying that the way these characters intersect: udiraya the chase, Flynn will hide in the tower Rapunzel. Well, an enterprising girl sees in this confluence of circumstances the opportunity to enter into the world. And that is … Basically, if you watched at least one Disney cartoon, you know perfectly well that it would be hilarious whirl of adventures, songs, and required happy ending.

Well, anniversary cartoon from Disney Judge not disappoint. This is Disney's pure, concentrated form. Princess charming and large-eyed, a thief sensitive heart and noble soul, comic characters – the half-breed chameleons and frogs Pascal and charger sniffer Maximus, praise the studio, silent, but laugh at the complete program. The songs are relevant and good, and the room at the inn "Sweet Duckling" in general, pure delight. With all that in this traditional 3D cartoon proved to be very appropriate. Picturesque landscapes and flying Rapunzel in her hair looks impressive, but really in the spirit of adventure of Indiana Jones at the exit of the tunnel make food not only delight children. All together creates a wonderful impression of novelty and recognition at the same time as meeting an old friend, who seems to have not seen a long time, so now you know all about it in depth. Narrative passages are clear in advance and can only watch as they will be served at this time. And even my little goddaughter said that the recovery time with Flynn, it has already seen somewhere (recently watched a child, "Beauty and the Beast") – it was not so important. Because a half hours flew by unnoticed, but a gift from watching "Tangled," a good mood, did not take place in adults and children for a long time. So if you missed the classic fairy tale, feel free to grab a child in his arms and go to the show from the Disney cartoon of the anniversary. That's just one little "but": mothers of girls, be aware that your child now for a long time does not want to get a haircut … Oh, and hide the pan the first time: who knows how to Now baby will play a "princess."

Ravelo Health Insurance Agent

Choose company correct insurance remember that specialists on life insurance are insurance life insurance companies.Don’t buy through middlemen or companies sundries that are dedicated to everything. See on the Internet with your family and friends, to help you make the best decision. Moreover it is necessary that the stage of his life that is passing through that type of policy needs takes into account when determining, it will help to better define what their interests and possibilities.For example a term policy ensures protection to the lowest rate for a certain period of time. On the other hand if your finances are more comfortable and you can pay a little more, a whole life insurance allows you to have a more affordable rate and I could keep that rate of lifetime, having the option to even borrow the cash from the policy. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. This analysis can take it to determine the financial benefits of different policies and that you make sure have the right coverage at every stage of your life.So it should be checked quite frequently the circumstances in which it is located and which products have to ensure him a future happy and together with your loved ones. Ejercitese and keep good state of health is important that constantly exercise and keep in shape; how much better is your state of health, better will be your policy rate. You can save money by having better health conditions, e.g. smoking is extremely unfavorable monthly premiums of life insurance may be higher. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.Their loved ones don’t want you missing.It is important to think and analyze about the existence and the acquisition of a life insurance, but we know that talk or take into account these issues; nobody likes dying is a very sad and boring task as says an expert, but adelantese to unforeseen situations and if you keep your salud Al Dia is extending that so unpleasant moment for their loved ones.It is preferable to pay and that his family never have to see the need to distribute the gains of your life insurance. Adalberto Ravelo Health Insurance Agent (licensed and certified) Webmaster786 259 0067SeguroVidMiami.

Become Pregnant Quickly

According to this study in a University in the United States, researchers have given the key. According to express the women who regularly consume folic acid have many more chances of getting pregnant. Indeed, the study that took place with the help of 18,000 women demonstrated that multivitamins (especially folic acid) helps to improve fertility.According to account the report, those women who took or ingested acid folic regularly, had 40% less risk of problems with respect to the production of ova (which if you still do not know, this is the second biggest cause of female infertility). In the study, U.S. researchers.UU.

analizaronel evolutionary process of these women hoping to become pregnant for a period of eight years. They found 13%, the difficulties experienced, cada5 habiam ovulation problems 1.The study analyzed the diets of women, if they took Multivitamin and for how long. The conclusion It was obvious: women who ingested a multivitamin that includes folic acid, during 6 days a week or more, had a 40% lower risk of failure ovulatory, in contrast with those who did not take a pill. On the other hand, women who took a pill for 3 to 5 days a week had a 30% risk of cutting, while those who took pildorasde 2 days or fewer days, had no better changes than those not taking supplements. We can therefore say that the analysis showed that folic acid is one of the most important reasons for the reduction of the risk, in particular the congenital, although some other vitamins are also. Conclusion: That women who want to become pregnant is important that in addition to their routine of diets, food, and other ways you might use to increase their fertility, is important to consume folic acid, either in pill or course of food them that they provide them.


(a) left ventricular hypertrophy (palpation, x-rays of the chest, ECG, Echocardiogram). (b) Angiotonia in retinal arteries. (c) Proteinuria and/or mild elevation of creatinine (up to 2 mg/d). (d) plates of blood (radiography, ultrasonography) atheroma in carotid, aorta, iliac and femoral. Hear from experts in the field like PCRM for a more varied view. STAGE III: Symptomatic manifestations of organ damage: to) Angina pectoris, myocardial infarction or heart failure. (b) transitory cerebral ischaemia, cerebral thrombosis or hypertensive encephalopathy.

(c) exudates and retinal hemorrhages; papilledema. (d) chronic renal failure. (e) aneurysm of the aorta or atherosclerosis obliterans of lower limbs. Thickening of the arterial wall and the arteriolosclerosis are signs of benign hypertension in benign hypertension is they gradually produce vascular alterations in response to high blood pressure stable and maintained. These degenerative alterations to the walls of small vessels as the arterioles decreases the effective light, with the.

consequent tissue ischemia, and increased vascular fragility of the brain, with risk of hemorrhage. In malignant hypertension occurs a destruction of the walls of small vessels when blood pressure rises very abruptly, produce acute destructive alterations in the walls of small blood vessels, along with remedial proliferative responses in lasparedes of small arteries. These alterations produce lack of blood flow through small vessels, with formation of multiple foci of tissue necrosis, e.g. in the kidney glomeruli. Mainly affects hypertension to heart, brain, kidneys, and aorta the pathological consequences of hypertension observed above all in four tissues: heart. To increase pressure, left ventricular myocardium is hypertrophy. Given that hypertension is usually associated with a greater intensity of atherosclerosis, coronary flow may be insufficient, and produce ischaemic unacardiopatia. Left ventricular failure is a normal consequence of the hypertensive heart disease. Brain. Hypertensive patients are particularly susceptible to intracerebral hemorrhage due to breakage of intracerebral vessels. The lesion of small vessels of the brain hemispheres produces microinfarcts shaped small areas of brain destruction filled with liquid (lagoons hypertensive).

The Children

Another observed aspect mentions the negation to it of infancy as stage of life of the child, who has proper especificidades and necessities, such as: free expression, corporal movement, ludicidade, construction of the symbol idea, among others. What she sees yourself in fact are children seated during long periods, being in general way castrated of its espontaneidade. This constatao is many times tied with the conception of alfabetizao adopted for the majority of the schools. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. In general way, the school still if uses of traditional methods to alfabetizar the children. With this, it values the capacity of repetition, memorization and motor coordination, that are alienator and disrespect the stages of the infantile development. Moreover, the professors do not know to interpret the grafismos of the children, nor to consider interventions make that them to advance in the process of construction of the language written, using to advantage its hypotheses and elaborations on this object of study.

For the opposite, underestimation production of the child, not admitting that in the grafismos already a knowledge exists on the written language. The lack of this knowledge, on the part of the professor, makes with that, many times, it ridicularize the child, lowering its auto-esteem. That is, it makes with that this is intimidated or discouraged to carry through spontaneous productions. Some professors also do not recognize the knowledge of world of the child as letramento form. Thus, to know he denies them already constructed for them inside and outside of the school.

On the other hand, we can identify the expectations, on the part of the family, in relation to the alfabetizao process. In the anxiety to see the children reading and writing the parents, for not understanding the process, they consider that the children capable to copy and to spell already demonstrate knowledge on the written language. Thus, they demand of the school activities of writing, that in the truth do not pass of mere copies and mechanical activities.

Pregnant Women

Since long ago, skin care specialists have been trying to find a solution for stretch marks. Stretch marks are pretty inevitable; You can have one or two stretch marks on your body. However, pregnant women, as well as those who lost or gained weight very fast are more likely to have extensive stretch marks. The language of skin until we can understand streaks, is important to have a basic knowledge of how form and how to act. The human skin is made with 80% 4% of elastin and collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes skin supple. edge.. Collagen and elastin together form a network similar to the fishing net that allows skin to stretch and return to its normal state. Stretch marks appear when this network is damaged; the damage causes a scar called stria.

So far, stretch marks do not have cure; Once they appear, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate them, but their appearance can be reduced. Laser treatment is the more novel method for treating those stretch marks, but it is more effective to treat stretch marks of red color. The laser can significantly reduce the redness, a little stopping the inflammation that is caused by stretch marks appear. Laser treatment can slightly improve color streaks clear. Pregnancy and the ghost of stretch marks some factors can influence the appearance of stretch marks in a pregnant woman. These factors include genes, ethnicity and the quantity of water consumed. A woman whose mother or sister or whose female relatives had stretch marks are more likely to also develop stretch marks.

With respect to ethnicity, women with dark skin (with more melanin) are less likely to have stretch marks than women with fair skin (with less melanin). Women who drink excessive amounts of water during pregnancy can reduce the appearance of stretch marks since your skin is well moisturized. Stretch marks in pregnant women tend to appear in those zones that are expanded: arms, bust, stomach, hips and thighs. These areas of rapid stretch feels itching and scratching often can affect the elasticity of the skin and cause stretch marks. One solution is to rub talcum powder or lotion to the skin to relieve the itching. Pregnant women should also make physical activity since doing so they help that the skin is more flexible and does not contain toxins, making the skin maintain its elasticity. Prevention of stretch marks if you want to prevent stretch marks or at least make them less apparent, applied topical acids and Retin-A creams alpha-hydroxy. However, if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before you use these medications. You can also apply against stretch marks that have been specially formulated creams. It is creams that commonly contain cream cocoa, lanolin and wheat germ oil, ingredients that have healing stretch marks on effects, that they reconstitute the skin. Pregnant women should take into account that they must also deal with stretch marks after giving birth, once stretched skin returns to its normal size. Therefore, it is essential to comply with advice on skin care that can lessen the damage caused by Striae.

Pregnant Women

At this time of year the heavy meals are the order of the day. The new year’s Eve dinner, on Christmas Eve, new year’s Eve meal noseque and farewell nosecuanto although it is a widespread recommendation, pregnant women should be more careful with the excesses at Christmas meals to avoid digestive discomfort. The action of hormones, coupled to the size of the uterus compresses the digestive organs and the tendency to acidity causes in pregnant women a digestion slow and heavy. Besides discomfort, eat in moderation to avoid excessive weight gain. In a normal dinner any month of the year we can ingest an average of 800 calories, but at Christmas the figure can reach up to 2,000 calories, approximately. Experts warn that you between 15 and 20 days may increase between 2 and 3 pounds.

To prevent digestive disorders and keep at Bay the weight gain, there are some tips to keep in mind to control the excesses at Christmas meals. Avoid too abundant meals. More information is housed here: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. You don’t need eat as if it were the last supper; limited quantities. Eat slowly and chew food slowly. Prefer foods that are low in fat, avoid the too spicy or salty and limit the sugary. Click Dr Alan Mendelsohn to learn more.

If possible, plan yourself on the menu. It includes dishes tasty but healthy, such as salads, vegetables, roasts or grilled. If it is not possible, choose the lighter dishes. Choose less fatty meats such as Turkey, chicken or fish rather than others such as the Lamb; they are easier to digest. As for alcohol, warned it a health campaign on the risks of alcohol during pregnancy. Usually think that total by a Cup, it’s okay. But the recommendation is the do not drink a drop of alcohol in pregnancy. Get up from the table between dish and dish to facilitate digestion. At the end of the meal, better a digestive infusion as Chamomile or anise rather than a cup of coffee. Then you are going to do a NAP or sleep at night, leave spending at least two hours before bedtime after the meal.