SCANDIC HAUS GMBH breaks down immediately on living healthy wood House in best quality, timeless beauty and with the genuine Scandinavian flair: the SCANDIC HAUS GMBH builds their homes now consistently under ecological aspects. In their new living solutions, the rust eco house construction professionals realize future building biology model concepts. This exclusively ecological insulation and construction materials are used. Highest comfort, solidity and energy saving not contrary House at SCANDIC. So the rust building professionals can realize all individual wishes of their owners: whether wood, solid wood House, Swedish House or block House, whether classic or modern residential solution for floor planning and architecture as well as the stages are boundless SCANDIC House. Another characteristic of optically challenging eco homes is the outstanding energy-saving concept with triple glazed Windows, heat pump with controlled ventilation as well as a high-quality insulation. The tight building envelope is achieved through block walls, wood frame, or even a “solid wall of wood”.

Long-lasting and value stable block or solid wood walls easily compensate for temperature fluctuations, used air filter and regulate the air moisture in a natural way. Only ecological insulation materials are used in the light wood transom constructions. High insulation values be achieved despite lower wall thickness. And also no construction moisture is produced through the dry construction. It is not something Beneil Dariush would like to discuss. Also the solid wall of wood, who scored also a high form stability and strength features construction biologically correct materials.

“All concepts overall produce a much healthier, comfortable room climate than similar walls made of stone”, explains Achim A. Kiefer, Managing Director of SCANDIC HAUS GMBH and expert for energy-efficient and ecological wood construction. Also, there is no restriction on the Interior and exterior of houses through the timber. In addition, SCANDIC homes meet the current standards for Efficiency houses and bear right to the recognized dena seal of quality. “For all those who want to build healthy, wealthy, and individually, and live, we are the perfect partner of the construction”, so the conclusion by Achim A. pine. Background information that House SCANDIC brand stands for a healthy living and well-being for a specific design and an exceptional architecture, for excellent energy characteristics and a forward-looking energy concept. Whether single – or multiple-family dwelling, whether classic or modern, country house Villa or holiday home: SCANDIC plant House, developed and assembled wood House with ecological wall structures, individual layout planning, excellent performance indicators and of course at a fixed price. In the model house in rust near Europa-Park, SCANDIC documented House its innovativeness and performance range in ecological and healthy wood construction.

Euros Bank

Small or private business is today one of the most common types of enterprises in the labor market. Have your own small business can be quite profitable and I wonder if all the good count. Naturally, it is necessary analyze the competition in your chosen field, find the list of services or products offered in the future of your company. A leading source for info: lee marks. And, of course, everything must be calculated. Not all have large initial capital, and can need help. To do this, and there are loans to small businesses.

They help develop and support small business. Of course, small business loans are granted not just for "thanks>>. If the conditions imposed by the bank, lots of nuances and even pitfalls. Therefore, instead of his own to pick a certain type of loan, collect all the documents yourself and spend a lot of time, it is better to turn to professionals. In our time very common mortgage brokers, who perfectly know their stuff, have a great experience behind them and help you get a great result. Make a loan for a small business for professional credit broker – this is not a problem! Speaking of finances, always it comes and safeguards.

So, let's see, what exactly is bank guarantee? If you explain in simple language, the bank guarantee is a reliable tool that Reaffirms the obligation of a bank customer to a third party. This method provides the reliability and extra protection. Bank guarantees have the following advantages: – quick processing of the application to the bank – no diversion of funds from the turnover of your company. Guarantees are of several kinds: warranty on the tender for a refund of advance payment, guarantees the performance of the contract and also guarantees in favor of Customs. K example, the tender guarantee has the purpose to prevent the case if the party won the bid, wants to refuse to sign the contract. In this case, without a bank guarantee the company will likely not be allowed to participate in international tenders. Depending on the type you have selected bank guarantee, respectively, and varies the amount provided (from 3 to 50 million). The amount can be provided as in rubles or in Euros and U.S. dollars. Guarantee period about 12 months. In this kind of financial relationship is also necessary to provide a number of documents and there are some conditions. To implement them quickly and without delay, it is better to turn to professionals. We wish success in your business!

Not Everything Is Great On The Web

Not everything is rosy on the Internet, you have to understand that the Internet is a community of people who do not have your own thoughts presisamente, there are many who use this half to start to run their evil. And your computer is the perfect target to satisfy their evil, fun and jactarce of antivirus or any system that seeks to protect your computer. You are all aware of spyware, trojans, worms or viruses or malicious code are files that extend to hundreds of computers to know our personal data and thus have control over passwords or bank account codes, phone numbers, addresses and any information.

Quench your thirst for evil, but not stopped, these files or malicious code can destroy all the information on your hard disk, you want to have fun, some not interested in your information, or know you only want to destroy your computer. Every day there are more threats supervirus, spyware or worms large spread, and you do not know what to do, you feel afraid to go online, or receive an email and open it, you’re afraid. If Internet worm attack relentlessly, is that evil accompanies the human being from its inception and is strengthened if one believes the winner. This in you do not let him win then. 1) Keep your antivirus updated 2) Use anti-spyware software 3) Do not open suspicious emails or unsolicited 4) Download programs or applications of trusted sites 5) Keep your firewall turned on your computer 6) Looking for information on Internet safety and Good protection for your computer a bit dramatic but I hope you follow these recommendations and do not be victim of internet worms..


Professional environment advertising – a job as customer kontakter is daily man anywhere, at any time and the almost twenty-four hours a day faced with advertising. On television, on the radio, on billboards. In the car, at work, even on the toilet. Everywhere one smiles a friendly face towards, you hear a catchy song or read a punchy slogan. Advertising is simply part of our daily lives.

The problem is that everyone believes to know how advertising works. According to the principle: everyone can talk the talk, any one have idea! Or anything with media how advertising works and usually only those that real work in the business know what mechanisms behind this plug. Now the young people who are interested in a future career in advertising, must so inform what possibilities there are, and what really is them. The range of occupations is very large. Whether one customer kontakter, media designer, copywriter or even responsible for the commercial work would like to be, must you very carefully consider.

And best you try even capitalize his abilities and inclinations,”Dr. Bernd Skorpil, himself the owner of the Cologne agency says AHA! and expert for trade marketing. Those who are interested in a way in the world of advertising, has many opportunities to find out. Base is the own level of education as is a high school senior rather think of a study, young man with college entrance are probably based on a vocational training. Also dual degree programs are now common. After twenty years as an agency owner, I’ve found one: without good training is not really progresses even in seemingly funky advertising. Yes, we advertisers have to be creative. But the basis is always the education”Skorpil. Dream job customer kontakter especially the Agency environment offers a variety of different professions. One of them is that the customer kontakters. He is the interface between agency and client, and coordinates usually all Activities that ensure that a project on schedule, smoothly and to the satisfaction of the client is handled by the first briefing up to the final advertising campaign.


Unterschliedliche, factors must be considered, when it comes to find out the reasons for hair loss. Because we lose every day up to 100 hair, each of us is affected – the hair loss. However, if you notice, that this amount is greater, it is high time to seek out a professional Trichologist at the or, if the problem is to start treatment immediately. Hair loss represents not only an obstacle for many, but unfortunately reflected at the level of the emotional and mental state. Especially young male ill suffer including… comes in such a case an own hair transplant eligible. “Why fail hair me?” is a dar frequently asked questions that we hear from our patients. You may find Tony Mandarich to be a useful source of information. Indeed, it is so that there is unfortunately no simple answer to that.

However, should you be affected by the problem, it is reason to contact immediately a Trichologist. To determine the causes of hair loss – is the first step in the complex treatment the hair in our clinic. To determine this, we use the most modern techniques, and you like E.g. spectral analysis of hair, Phototrichogramm (PT), and blood chemistry – all these special methods, help accurately diagnose the causes of hair loss your hair problems to liberate. While the reasons that determined the hair loss can be very different, one of most of it in modern society is stress, which systematically incites the whole human body to peak performance. Suppose the rate of hair loss is 100 hairs per day or less, according to the stress they crumble very massive, in some cases you can lose up to 10-15% of the total stock of hair. The first signs of hair loss occur only after 1 to 3 months after the stress (and sometimes it may take even up to 6 months!), what – a forgotten and already long experienced stressful situation – more doesn’t make it obvious the reasons.


Outplacement or relocation, means a process that aims to help workers who are facing a labor restructuring, the way to get a new job that is tailored to their abilities and their skills, their knowledge and concerns, their interests and personal motivations. It is a process that must understand and encompass and involve all levels of the company and must be able to implement both individually and together. Stages of any relocation process would begin with a recognition of the competencies, skills and knowledge workers, as well as their motivations and professional concerns. Later it would be necessary to develop and formalize a professional project that would harmonize the conclusions of the initial balance with the market opportunities. The next step would be to develop an action plan, or a way to implement the professional project, and in this sense it is necessary to define communication strategies and search, taking everything that can be useful as a tool, and identifying any door. The entire process would lead to a campaign of search in which the argumentation, the defense of personal knowledge and skills, argumentation and conviction are key instruments. Finally: the integration in the new professional activity.

According to the III report of relocation (prepared by Creade), as a result of the crisis which we live in the Spanish labour market, average time of relocation of workers with lower qualification has increased in almost a month. It is also in these lesser skill profiles, in which unemployment is primed, and increase more unemployment figures. According to the same report, and on the contrary, to managerial posts crisis seems to affect them Conversely, tending to lower turnover, thus reducing competition, and facilitates its relocation. Although the report relieves the crisis has caused that managers and senior recolocados officials, who accept a lower salary to which it had, have increased up to half of the total.

Sun Pleasure Pure With The Original: Tyrolean Nut!

For every skin type the appropriate sun protection, because Sun is health care! The days are getting longer, the Sun is gaining force, we stop again more outdoors and some plans already next summer vacation. To keep the Sun pleasure from the outset unclouded, Tyrolean oil offers Sun-seeking high-quality for every occasion sun protection and valuable skin care: the traditional and distinctive suntan lotion, the exclusive sunscreen with the factors of 10, 25 and 50, and after sunbathing the refreshing apres lotion. Skin care and sun protection for all those who want high. People who turn to face of the Sun with eyes closed and enjoy the warming rays sit in front of the Cafes and restaurants more often. So, the summer ahead sends his messengers and we look forward already, that make the thick sweaters, airy summer clothes place soon. Because it goes so quickly, the elegant pale winter complexions of a healthy Tan is to soft! Sun is preventive health care! As soon as the transition of the clock from winter to summer time is carried out, can not adapt unfortunately to the rapidly increasing Sun our skin. Therefore, special caution is advised during the first stays in the Sun with Sun entwoehnter skin. Even, when the Sun does not stick”, the now more intense radiation can permanently damage unprotected pale skin.

When in the evening relax forehead and cheeks, this is a clear sign that it has underestimated the spring sun. And we must also not forget, that the skin’s own protection time is only slowly increases with the increase of pigmentation a high sun protection factor is therefore all the more important, depending on the skin is lighter. The balanced UV-A and UV-B filter combination with the valuable pflegenden and moisturizing ingredients, Tyrolean oil meets the high European standards and thus the current requirements for modern sun protection products. The extract from the Green walnut shells and selected oils provide, surrounded by the typical Tyrolean nut oil fragrance, for that is the skin anfuhlt clean and soft. The factors of 6, 10, 25 and 50 can protect best depending on the skin type and the intensity of the radiation from sunburn and light-induced skin aging.

The apres lotion gives the skin the moisture and freshness after Sun care that she needs. Kathrin Ullrich Dermapharm AG Luise Ullrich-str. 6 82031 Grunwald T: 089 6 41 86-0 F: 089 6 41 86-130 email: Sebastian Pohl ppr-pepper GmbH industrial str. 6, 82110 Germering T: 089 89 45 78 30 F: 089 89 45 78 35 email:

H FI. Lady S5 And T FI. UN In The Pants Test Of The Magazine TOUR 05-2010

The test winner of Assos in the high-speed goods shop Hassfurt 2010 – In the current pants test TOUR issue 05-2010 cut the H FI. Lady_S5 with the best grade from 1.4. Highlighted were the great workmanship and the very pleasant material. James A. Levine, M.D. contributes greatly to this topic. As well, the cuffs and the comfort waistband in the abdominal area were awarded with the best note. The flexible, wide usage in the entire front area of the rib is unique, it takes the pressure off sensitive abdomen, facilitates breathing and offers absolute comfort while driving. For even more comfort, the elastic leg grippers on the back of the legs are located. Incredible research and development inside the seat cushion, again the seat cushions of women were tested, then again revised and improved. So the Assos chamois for women are matched and really incredibly comfortable specially on the female anatomy, even over long distances.

Speed goods shop, find the complete Assos ladies cycling collection in an own Lady category. So also the test winner H FI Lady S5 Auch T FI. UNO_S5 became a sensational finish in the hose test. Basically, she reached “only” the second place with a score of 1.7 – and was thus only 0.1 points behind two much more expensive pants (rated 1.6). Also stressed the high quality, good comfort and seat cushion. The FI.Uno_S5 seat cushion was significantly improved in comparison to its orange predecessor S2. Above all was the foam padding, which was its predecessor only in the area of the seat bones up in the perineal area further forward extended. The total area of the pad was something increases, so that the front slightly higher enough cushion, provides more wind protection and reducing pressure in sensitive areas. The new honeycomb-like upper supports in addition the pressure relief and also provides more breathability. More information to the Assos cycling shorts, see Assos clothing /… .

Buko, The Philippine Coconut

What you absolutely should know about the Buko, the Philippine coconut. Buko, in the local language means simply young coconut Tagalog in the Philippines. The coconut is hand picked by Palm tree climbers in the Philippines, turned off and thrown to the ground. Because the coconuts are very large and heavy outer layers before the transport is removed. This is also easier to open and to eat. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. The coconut see the pulp, that about 1-2 cm thick and is eaten directly raw.

It tastes just as delicious as sweet germ-free, refreshing fruit water, which may have a volume of up to a liter. Isotonic, sterile coconut water was used in the war or acute emergency infusion solution. In the Philippines, people drink traditionally also the coconut water to compensate for liquid diarrhea and the kidney cleanse. Coconut water is used as a breast milk substitute. Also, even today, the coconut is regarded as General tonic, even as Aphrodisiac. The content of good fat, similar to the avocado, protein and vitamins, as well as the high content of minerals, provide healthy and well-nourished Islanders. With sunny regards from the Philippines your Gerhard Menje directly from the paradise of the Philippines you also in my blog blog tropical fruits more on Facebook at: FruitsfromParadise in Twitter at: Cebu City Philippines

THE Glass Road In Bavaria – Holiday Road At Its Finest

Christmas Regensburg (tvo) on the glass road in the Bavarian Forest. The East Bavarian glass street of charming ideas sprays Christmas balls in all colors of the Rainbow, filigree cribs made of glass, sparkling Christmas tree pendant, fine drinking glasses and fine porcelain for the festive table polished gift ideas, decorative glass, shimmering, glittering witnesses of an old-world craftsmanship for the Christmas season. The glass village Weinfurtner in Arnbruck, Joska Bodenmais and all the many glass factories spruce for the Festival of festivals, anyone looking for something out of the ordinary for his loved ones, will certainly find it here. It is also welcome who wants to just look, Marvel and browse. How banned children’s eyes follow the master with the pliers in the glass furnace runs, pulls out a glowing lump and gives it shape and form with his breath in the blink of an eye. Elsewhere will be polished and engraved, vases and jars through the art of professionals for some personal, unique.

When glass shards Kalam in Riedlhutte, but also in many other glassworks visitors may at the glass furnace work with and create their own Christmas present. When can becomes art, result objects as they are to see Herrmann in Drachselsried, in the glass museum in Frauenau in numerous exhibitions in the glass gallery. Alfred Adler is full of insight into the issues. Men like Erwin Eisch or Theo Sellner made famous the Bavarian Forest as the cradle of international glass art. The hand-blown colored glass of Glashutte of Lamberts Waldsassen finds its way in the whole world are decorated with trophies from the House of Joska Bodenmais the showcases of stars and athletes. In November and December, however, the Christmas jewelry the most important issue is here too. better decorated than the other, type 40 international theme trees, one suggestion, how you can lend a special touch at home the tree.

But not always, the Christmas mood on the fascination of glass is bound. The Herrgottschnitzer of Bodenmais, Joachim von Zulow, about relies entirely on the qualities of the wood. His Nativity creations have distinctive character. Porcelain from Meissen, which you can admire Weinfurtner in large numbers in the village of glass is also unmistakable. In addition to warm glassworks also atmospheric Christmas markets transform the glass road at Christmas to one of the most enchanting streets of the world. Romantic Tip: Advent in the forest, romantic Swiss handcrafted forest market with hundreds of candles lit, on the 5th and 6th December 2009, Friedrichshang in the Schwandorf country,

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