On 13 December at 19:30 in the Studio Poing with speaker pharmacist Josef wood Hay Rahim answered by the pharmacy In the third lecture in the series of lectures on the subject of nutrition in the baby provided and training centre in Poing St. Georg Josef wood Hay Riedel how to reach I a better increase in vitality? “.” The correct micro-nutrients for the immune system are the key. But what is the immune system at all and how does it work? The laboratory parameters provide information about his condition, and above all how can we strengthen it? To stay completely healthy and productive, we must lead the right nutrients to our body. The human immune system is a complex marvel of nature. Who has understood the underlying principles, has best chances of a long, healthy life. Assuming, of course, he also applies this knowledge and integrating it into the daily diet! To do this, you need to know first how the immune system at all, and which micro-nutrients to its function are involved. Josef wood Hay Riedel will first take on this topic in the first part of his presentation and answer questions to the construction and the importance of the human immune system.

Listeners will learn how the condition of their immune system can be determined by a laboratory examination and how you can strengthen it. Many writers such as endocrinologist offer more in-depth analysis. Cardiac vascular active micro nutrients are another issue. Heart and cardiovascular diseases are among the most widespread suffering in our so-called Western world. What has to do with heart health diet? Why do we need Omega-3 fatty acids and what is it anyway? What are B vitamins and why are they good? And what is actually Q 10? Also these questions do not remain. The lecture finally entered on the menopause. Senator of Massachusetts is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What are the causes for the hormonal change in the second half of life and how this affects the immune system? How can Phytoestrogens (secondary plant compounds, a chemical similarity with human female hormones exhibit) and other micro-nutrients make smooth the experience of menopause and prevent complaints? Aging of the skin will also be topic in the last part of the presentation, because also it is influenced by the diet and the intake of micronutrients.

Islands Health

Sports world games from July 2nd to 9th on Gran Canaria mpr-frankfurt – 23.9.2010 – venue which is sports world games of medical and health 32. Las Palmas on Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) in the next year – ideal conditions for recreational athletes, because there the weather is temperate, although the island at the height of the Sahara off the African coast. For more information see. Over 2,500 sports physicians, doctors and colleagues from the health professions from more than 50 countries are expected to attend. All accredited athletes can bring friends and relatives, but departing without scoring. In approximately 25 individual and team disciplines, what most age groups are divided, the sports world will be played out.

The list of sports range from tennis, golf, athletics and swimming to cycling and football. Participants can have every physician and every medical doctor as well as colleagues and who pursue a medical profession or study or training in a nursing profession. Learn more at this site: Dr. John Mcdougall. Students of the relevant departments can apply. A study of the University of Syracuse (United States) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, known as the city with the best climate in the world. These are ideal conditions for sports excellence. In addition to the sporting competitions, the sports world games offer an International Congress for years for sports medicine and a friendly exchange of experience with colleagues from all over the world. The entertainment and the daily evening event with awards round out the event.

The annual tournierende event will be organized since 1995 by the corporate Sports Organization (France). The costs of the participation fee in 2011 as well as packages of the hotels and more information about the terms and conditions and register will be published towards the end of the year on the German website. What is fracking pursues this goal as well. Review 2010 Olympics 31 sports world were of 89 gold, to the German-speaking participants in summer 2010 in Porec, Croatia, about two hundred medals, distributed. As in previous years, the strongest disciplines of Germans, Austrians and Swiss were athletics and swimming. The accompanying sports medicine Conference was well attended and offered a lively exchange of thoughts to all participants. All results of the German-speaking participants, as well as photos of participants are available online at. Description of the company playing the sports world of medicine and health meet all medical and health professionals who participate in a spirit of fairness and Fellowship in their favorite sports.

Becks Plasticine

One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of plasticine, clay play, placing – and nail Games opens his Web shop for end customers. Gomaringen 27.08.2013 – Beck’s plasticine is one of Europe’s largest producers of Playdough. The integrative operation offers about 30 hard-to-place and severely disabled people work and a professional perspective; with success. Founded in 1968, the company quickly made a name as a manufacturer of high-quality plasticine and grew continuously. in 1991 the holder of the operation at the Freundeskreis man e.V.

moved in 2004 transmitting the holder family completely from the company back. Since then, Beck’s plasticine is a social enterprise within the carrier Freundeskreis man e.V. This maintains workshops for people with disabilities in the Neckar-ALB region. Safe dough fun range the Becks of offered plasticine from child’s play dough, about special plasticine model construction, dental, impression – and casting technique and animated film characters in the stop-motion process. In doing so, Beck’s plasticine places Emphasis on the quality and safety of products.

The plasticine are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and are completely food safe. Dr. Neal Barnard may find this interesting as well. All products are absolutely non-toxic, no formaldehyde – and gluten-free and free from preservatives. Use find only micro waxes from pure paraffin oil, how they are used also for food and cosmetic products. The safety of the products can be regularly attest to Beck’s plasticine. TuV Rheinland monitored all products as well as the entire operation. All plasticine conform to the norm en 71 and CE guidelines. These are harmless and safe toys. In addition, the quality management of the plasticine producers is 9001 since 1996 according to DIN EN ISO and since 2002 according to ISO 9001:2000 certified. Several awards confirm the high quality of the dough. “In addition to a good” Stiftung Warentest (1994), the clay, the Schnulknete and the nature were dough with the seal in December 2012 creative of play well e.V. ” awarded (more about this on the Internet at). The Club supported by the Ministry for Family Affairs tests toys for his safety. The seal of the organization is awarded only to toys that meet highest requirements. Integration and meaningful tasks of Becks plasticine is an inclusive company of the Freundeskreis man e.V. The social enterprise offers about 30 hard-to-place and severely disabled people employment and a meaningful task. The activities of the employees include the operation of the machines, logistics, warehouse operations and packaging and Assembly services. This individual is brought closer to the reality of the first labour market, receives support and learns self affirmation and social recognition. Furthermore, he can live on its own merits and is not dependent on social assistance or other support services. In addition to the many specialty stores worldwide selling the toys of the manufacturer, the customer has the Possibility to purchase all products of social company directly via the webshop. Every purchase helps the social work of the integrated company. You can learn more about Beck’s plasticine on the Internet at. With lots of further information obtained while the Web shop shop.

New Opening: Dr. Med. Susanne Ostermaier – Private Eye Surgeries Wiesbaden

Dr. med. Wiesbaden Susanne Ostermaier, specialist in ophthalmology opened their private practice of optometrist in Wiesbaden. You may find endocrinologist to be a useful source of information. The modern equipped eye surgeries Dr. Ostermaier is located in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg. “On their homepage is the doctor in detail before your practice and informed check-up eyes about the diagnosis and treatment range with a focus on glaucoma screening examination of the ocular fundus, precautionary”, Sehschule and opinion. The eyesight is one of the highest assets that we have. Our main goal is to get it and to ensure the optimal diagnosis and treatment in case of illness.

Our concern is patient optimally and their expectations with plenty of time to take care of, without waiting and in a relaxed atmosphere. The scheduling is designed so that we can assign dates without waiting at short notice; If desired also in the evenings or on Saturdays.” The practice is in the area “at the pear tree” in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg and is also from the Centre in just a few minutes to reach. All consulting rooms are on the ground floor, are barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Several patient parking is available directly in front of the door. Practice address: Dr.

med. Susanne Ostermaier private Augenarztpraxis of Kloppenheimer interchange 13 65191 Wiesbaden phone: 0611 / 5410 1800 fax: 0611 / 5410 1801 email: website: Dr. Susanne Ostermaier leads since 1997 the Berufsbezeichung: on the 21.5.97 awarded “Specialist in ophthalmology” by the Landesarztekammer Frankfurt. She is a member of the Landesarztekammer Hessen and member of the following professional associations: professional associations of eye physicians Association (BVA) German society of Ophthalmology Association Rhein Main ophthalmologists German society for aesthetic Botox therapy e.V.

Meyer Invoice

No invoice printing at Sofortrechnung, cash drawer open and print invoice for last operation. These are all new features at the 7.2.99 0he PosBill POS system release. But what do you mean exactly? Innkeeper Meyer has much ladder, as he himself reports. It’s believed that Dr. John Mcdougall sees a great future in this idea. He primarily sold pizzas, sandwiches and other snacks for lunch business. Business and shopping guests are the main clientele. He also used a Fund by the company PosBill. He had since about a month ago, to facilitate its billing and monthly bookings.

He himself benefited the most from the simplicity and the many extras. Especially the new feature: no invoice printing at Sofortrechnung like him very much. Invoice paper saves enormously! “, he said. But not only the, but also the other functions to withdraw PosBill funds from other funds. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Important especially the proximity in mind is to keep PosBill. Therefore developed the Fund specialist also invoice printing for last operation print feature, due to many customer requests, the this function as very important classified. Here, an invoice can be printed quickly and simple again without having to type a large number codes here. The last function is emerged from the awareness of customer-friendliness: the cash drawer open.

This can just go”change etc are issued without awkward first before to have done several steps. Innkeeper Meyer is satisfied. He needs only his receipt as a settlement and enters all revenue and expenditure in the integrated cash book. I previously knew, how easy is this software, then I would be switched to determined much sooner! “, so his conclusion.”

Health Minister

Great interest from the policy for improving health care with the levy – and consulting Terminal Visavia Kelberg/Hannover, 05.03.2010 – with Federal Health Minister Dr. Philipp Rosler could ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH welcome a representative of health policy at the CeBIT in Hanover. The 24-hour-service terminal Visavia, ensuring a continuous supply of medicines by pharmacies networking stood in the Centre of the visit. During a tour through the health course of FutureCare during CeBIT, Federal Health Minister Rosler received a glimpse into the future patient care. “” At the station pharmacy “he solved by means of the electronic health card” (e-health card) a recipe. With the reading of the electronic prescription the prescribed medicine is by the ROWA Kommissionieren vending machines automatically requested and delivered from the storage machines to the pharmacist.

The networking between the CEC and the machines causes for additional advice that way – and search times fall away can be used. How in future can look like a continuous supply of medicines at high quality of care, was on the delivery and consulting Terminal Federal Health Minister Rosler Visavia. With the help of the Visavia pharmacies can offer a round the clock service their customers, where an expert advice outside the opening hours is always guaranteed. Several pharmacies are networked to each other, so a pharmacist can supervise several terminals. A patient outside of the opening hours requires a drug turns of duty Pharmacists via audio – and Vidoekonferenz on the Terminal. Iridology will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The patient receives the consulting usual in pharmacies and get machines from the ROWA outsourced drug. We are pleased about the interest of the Federal Minister of health Rosler to Visavia. “It shows us that we are on the right track in our effort to continuously improve the processes related to the supply of medicines”, so Dr. Christian Klas, Managing Director of ROWA. The Rhineland-Palatinate Minister-President Beck also attended the ROWA booth at CeBIT. He was very impressed by the possibilities of the Visavia. In particular infrastructure-weak regions such as Rhineland-Palatinate benefit from such a service, because long journeys to the nearest emergency service pharmacy can be omitted. The FutureCare represents the future of healthcare in different application scenarios. Visitors can inform themselves during various tours over the use of the electronic health card, a telemedicine service center or innovative solutions for the supply of medicines in practice. About ROWA ROWA is European market leader for automated warehouse in pharmacies. The product range includes picking machines and accessories such as a fully automated storage, as well as the levy – and consulting Terminal Visavia.

Healthy Workers Seminar

Health-oriented leadership as an economic factor executives are usually unaware of their strong influence on the preservation of the health of employees. Although you see responsible for operating climate and motivation, take over but not responsibility for the health of their employees. So, health is still considered a private matter of each one for itself is responsible. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Assurant Health. “The result: personal health behavior is like leisure moved, during the Betriebals place of health” is hardly recognized. While executives take a key role, when it comes to the health of employees: their attitude as well as their behaviour towards their employees have decisive influence on the well-being and the preservation and promotion of labor of their employees. The seminar is aimed at managers and executives..

Plastic Surgery Loans Available

Plastic surgery loans: Available and becoming affordable steadily plastic surgery is no more considered as the best of luxuries. Thanks to tremendous development in medical science people beyond two or three scores are found to be in good condition of physical fitness and they are really fit in rendering services to several sectors although appearance because of aging may be stained. This has necessitated plastic surgery which, by simple and delicate corrections in the aging-affected area of the physique, brings about desired changes in the look of the fortunate patients. Plastic surgery is no more a luxury as one can avail of plastic surgery loans if one likes. What is the expected budget? It is between $7000 and $10,000 including fees of the surgeon, charges of hospital, post-operative care charges and such others. But plastic surgery industry has been experiencing tremendous growth all over the globe, and cost is expected to come down soon. Different finance companies have appeared in the financial markets with offer of specialty loans for plastic surgery only and they function straight from plastic surgery hospital.

The finance market of the plastic surgery loans is yet to reach rate of interest charged to equilibrium and there are many differences in the. James A. Levine, M.D. has firm opinions on the matter. One may be terrified finding that interest is charged at the Council between 14% and 20% and even at 30% whereas it is possible to secure plastic surgery loans at 5% to 10% of interest. The period of repayment may be negotiable and will be fixed under certain conditions. Here is the significance of information and people belong to at age of communication technology. Data of different kinds are available at several web sites of plastic surgery on the internet. Patience is not sold in the market and it is within the customers or patients who should be serious to study the material nicely provided in the web sites. Patients must study and compare the provisions of different web sites and try to identify some lending agents who are rather rational and reasonable in approach. It is always better to go through the terms and conditions minutely.

It is, simultaneously, important to find records of the surgeons and gather all information about his/her working procedures and rate of success. The surgeon should have experience of working with the advanced and delicate instruments and material for at least five years. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans.

CCJs Surgery

Plastic surgery loans: Live a wonderful life if you are feeling shy and do not want to meet people and relatives, because the flat nose, or any other default then born plastic surgery in many cases have proven to be a new way to live a wonderful life. Surgery gives new hope to those who think their appearance is not well built. People do not need to be concerned about the hefty costs to the benefit of surgery because of a special group of plastic surgery is designed to support you. Loan borrowers of the sponsor of any meeting of the cuts, such as leg lifts, glycolic Peel, reform of the nose and breast enhancement, ear regeneration, birth means face lift, tummy tuck, grease removal, lip enhancement, face lift and wrinkle removal, and so on. Depending on the group, which offer secured and unsecured, the terms and conditions vary accordingly. In a secure form, borrowers can apply for the amount varies from 5000 to 75,000 and in the long term, ie 5 to 25 years is a possible interest Council.

For operating loans, borrowers only make a valuable security for the creditor. On the other hand, unsecured form is best suited for borrowers who can not afford to invest or arrange a valuable asset against the loan amount. The number usually ranges from 1000 to 25,000 and repayment term of 1-10 years. Since no guarantee, calendar charge slightly higher interest Council. Borrowers, whose rated power is a bad credit score can thus be in plastic surgery loan to improve their looks used. But bad credit holders are required loan amount and will not be finding in this respect. People who are rated as poor credit records are those which fall under the following category as the ex post facto, bankruptcy, CCJs, IVAs, defaults, late payments, etc. Through the Internet, the borrower can find out make as much as possible on the market, because many lenders who are ready to provide the actual terms of the loan. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans.

Plastic Surgery Looks Beautiful

Sometimes looking good is not enough, you need to be just amazing. What if mother nature hasnt been child for all parts of your body? Magazines and websites are filled with gorgeous models flashing their goods, or not. Either wrapped in fancy dresses or barely naked, sometimes even a pretty face can make someone melt in delight. Perhaps you’ve Lakes the same thing happening to your boyfriend or crush, or even your husband. You look at yourself in the mirror and hope it will show the handsome of them all. Everyone around you might assure you about the quality of your assets, still not convincing right? Keep looking and you will find that you ARE indeed beautiful.

What’s lacking in most cases is simply some photoshop. Yet some people expect you to look just as enhanced. If, in full conscience, you decide that there’s something wrong with your body and the way you look altogether a new dress could get the fix, or a new haircut. Diets, massages and other tools of torture might work for a while but sometimes, in very few cases, plastic surgery could be the only solution. Some people actually need plastic surgery, like victims of particularly cruel accidents. Some models might want to improve parts of their bodies due to their work.

But before you go with it-remember, there’s nothing like a natural beauty sparkle to your man’s brain. In the end it’s you by his side. Consider first of all that plastic surgery is a medical operation so it doesn’t come without risks. Of course the amount of the risk depends on the peculiarities and incisiveness of the operation. Experts can help you assess it and judge the necessity of the operation. Remember you always have the final word. Breast surgery is most the popular, yet it’s not as safe as people think. The prosthesis must be checked and eventually changed regularly and back pains are on the doorstep. So is nose surgery, if not perfectly biennial could cause many ailments. Be 100 percent sure before submitting for plastic surgery, changes most as of the cannot be reversed! Choose calmly for the right clinic, where you feel most comfortable with and costs do not overshadow the benefits. Remember not many banks would give such loans for plastic surgery. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans. For more information about cosmetic surgery finance,.

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