Maxillofacial Surgery

Aesthetic surgery of high quality now at your fingertips the clinic of maxillofacial surgery of Dr. Senator of Massachusetts has compatible beliefs. Burgess, continues with its philosophy of updated and adapted to the needs of their patients. In this case, with special prices for cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) during the last quarter of the year 2011. Blepharoplasty is a surgical technique used to reshape eyelids laxity that appears with the passage of time, causing a tired appearance and a sad look. The excess skin on the upper eyelid may interfere with peripheral vision. The outer and upper parts of the visual field are most commonly affected, and this condition can cause difficulty in activities such as driving or reading. People such as christopher ridgeway stone clinical would likely agree. In these circumstances, the upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a simple and problem-solving technique.

Other patients can perform a similar procedure for purely cosmetic reasons. Commonly called eyelid bags may appear to age very early since there is a hereditary component flattering. They produce an aspect of tiredness and loss of vitality that dislike the patient enormously. With the modern blepharoplasty is the skin, muscle, fat and even the slope of eyelids getting an eye-look much more attractive. Techniques more advanced blepharoplasty, as that we carry out, not only treat eyelid but also through the same incision we can eliminate wrinkles of entrecejo (so frequent and so annoying) definitive manner and laterally raise the eyebrow. Correction of disturbances of the eyelids is the surgical procedure most frequently carried out in the field of facial plastic surgery.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and on an outpatient. In the postoperative period there are usually no pain, but appear bruises that will last between 5-7 days. Current trends in combined treatment of eyebrows and cheeks through the same incision facelift blepharoplasty. Other specialties in cosmetic surgery in the clinic of maxillofacial surgery of Dr. Burgess are: Otoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift and facial wrinkles. Currently, the attention of the clinic of maxillofacial surgery of the Dr.burgueno is intended for Oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, Facial Aesthetics and dermatology. More information Calle Pedro Rico, 43 28029 Madrid Tel.913449328 author: Pilar Esteban, Communications Manager, about clinic maxillofacial Burgueno Clinic Dr. Burgueno and partners was founded in 1989. Initially staffed exclusively by Dr. Burgueno, with over 20 years of experience in medicine and maxillofacial surgery, he has been incorporating new specialties. Since 1995, due to the constant development and evolution of medical techniques, and desire to offer an integral service to our patients, new specialists have gone extending our medical team. Currently, our attention is directed to Oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry and Facial Aesthetics Dermatology. The philosophy of our clinic is the always provide assistance at the highest level. Therefore, we offer the latest technology backed by scientific evidence.


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Sensible Graces

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Clothes For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women want to feel comfortable with your body to cope with all the changes of this stage. The maternity clothes gives them the ability to feel comfortable without fail to see attractive. The time of year, comfort and fashion can coexist also during pregnancy. The maternity clothes is a possibility which gives us the world today have garments that are specifically adapted to the needs of women during your pregnancy. However, you don’t buy clothes for pregnant until they begin to notice discomforts, approximately a four months if it is the first pregnancy or a little earlier in case of a second pregnancy, i.e. when the belly growth is evident. As a minimum, pregnant women will have to show off your belly during two different seasons, so it will be more practical to buy clothes that we can use in any season. Dresses are great allies of the pregnant woman because they are very comfortable and practical.

Strapless dresses and Nightgowns sleeveless not they squeeze and avoids the friction that can cause injury. If the baby is born in the winter we have to equip us well to cold. With adjustable waist pants or long skirts made from warm materials such as wool, can be a good option. If we begin in autumn or winter maternity clothes shopping we must take into account that in the final stretch of the pregnancy we will have to think about clothes less sheltered to adapt to warmer weather. Wide jeans, trousers of sailcloth, adjustable skirts in the waist and the thin shirts combined with fine wool clothing will form a wardrobe very comfortable and appropriate to the time of the year. Thanks to the wide range of comfortable and fun clothes for pregnant women is no longer necessary to relinquish well dressed.

Ideally, you should have a basic wardrobe with five or six items that combine. It is not necessary to run to buy maternity clothes before time. First we can combine the special garments for pregnant women with pants and skirts that are widened with elastic bands, eyelets, laces or buttons. Fashion clothes premama also includes evening clothes. Empire dresses with cut are very favorable in pregnant women. The leggings can also be an option in garments for pregnant women because they allow you to adapt to changes in the female body without pinching or hurting the skin. The variety of designs allows that we can have a wardrobe with clothes for all occasions. The jersey with gathers under the neckline tend to be very elected among pregnant women because they allow to highlight the bust without losing comfort. With comfortable bras and attractive designs that include embroidery, prints and transparencies it is possible to be fashionable with the latest trends and feel comfortable. For the summer there are ideal clothes for the beach.

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity surgery or surgery ByPass, surgical treatment of obesity. This type of obesity surgery is an anatomical modification of the digestive system for successful and permanently treat obesity. Information reduction in stomach of 15 to 30 ml. Connects directly to the small intestine. Safe and effective procedure. It does not require a strict follow-up. DIET Bypass will give you a dietary program to meet your needs for nutrition and vitamins. The person will have to make good eating habits.

The technique is to reduce the size of the stomach. Initially very little amount of food you can eat, minimum distension of the small stomach does is inhibit the center of hunger at the level of the brain, and with that amount of food produces the same sensation as if he had eaten a large amount without feeling weakness and producing a sensation of fullness and satisfaction for several hours. People such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would likely agree. In addition, the bypass has certain consequences – such as anemia and loss of hair due to the poor absorption of nutrients. How does it work? Laparoscopic gastric bypass is a technique in which a small stomach for 15 to 30 ml, which connects directly to the small intestine is left. In this way the food jump a large segment of small intestine and caloric and nutrient absorption is decreased thereby. In addition, due to the small size of the portion of stomach that is left, the amount of food that you can eat is reduced.

Your stomach is smaller and makes you feel satiety very quick. Also reduces your appetite and so will begin to lose weight. Who can benefit? Obesity or Bariatric Surgery is performed because it is currently the best treatment to achieve lasting weight loss in obese patients who have failed nonsurgical weight reduction methods. In power for Bariatric Surgery candidates include: persons with a BMI (Body Mass Index, BMI) greater than 40 the hom bres weighing 45 kilos (100 pounds) more than your ideal weight or women who weigh 36 kg (80libras) more than its ideal weight people with a BMI between 35 and 40 who suffer from other diseases related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or heart disease.