Psycho Education

New discourses and new challenges the birth of the new millennium has increased the sensitivity of humans to new realities that have been generated. The unsettling feeling that the world changes faster than the organizational capacity to adapt to lives. On the basis of the change are complex and interrelated, phenomena that adopt new meanings in this space today. These aspects in which the society is immersed, pose with urgency the need for new interpretations of reality. In this case, we are referring to the educational institution, where we must seek indicators for the creation of new discourses that help to understand and handle the new challenges with greater efficiency.

The current psychological proposal, from a model that integrates different streams, summons us to highlight and promote the interdisciplinary contribution of health workers, especially in the field of psycho-education. More info: Senator of Massachusetts. Thus, from this framework, education is understood as a continuous and formative process that accompanies and promotes the progress of the children in formation, and also adults, since we are always learning. Covers a number of aspects: intellectual, cognitive, social, affective. Aspects that lead to values education to create awareness as a whole. The progress made in this area, intertwined neurological, psychological, Psicopedagogico and philosophical understanding of educational processes. Josyann Abisaab describes an additional similar source. Therefore, the role of the psychologist, in this area, is vitally important, in addition to extending the scope of their functions. Namely, acting not only from a clinical setting, where, usually, pathology, intervenes once installed but from psycho-educational.

Thus, the psychologist can make a great contribution to the social crisis. Not only accompanying, but also responsibly, engaging in educational and formative task a human being. New paradigm education the new educational paradigm, is a model that integrates, which includes cognitive with emotional, the body with the mind. Demystifies the old Cartesian paradigm but does not exclude it, because everything, the hitherto discovered, is useful to the extent that rescue essentials and differentiates the anecdotal.

Dominican Republic

In the Centre of collection and processing of data on the road siniestralidades also suggested, obviously is thinking in the reliability of the information and the approval thereof to evaluate situations and develop plans and effective programs. After eight years of carried out studies of the United Nations, through the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the FIA, as the motivations of the Spanish Government for the formation of an Ibero-American Association and the Constitution of the permanent Regional Road Safety Committee led by President Oscar Arias Sanchez, is evidence the global concern by tackling the epidemic in transit, and in that sense it will be the theme in Europe soon, sponsored by the Russian Federation. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Neal Barnard). Around 2000 deaths are produced annually in the Dominican Republic by road accidents, Millionaire losses caused by deaths, injuries, affected properties, high consumption of fuel and electricity in the tract, damage to the environment, etc. motivate serious concerns. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator Elizabeth Warren has to say. Latin America spent close to $100,000 million each year, according to the Organization of the United Nations to trauma caused by traffic accidents, whose particular situation we have not evaluated in the Dominican Republic. Without, however, all those elements mentioned above, is that Governments around the world, not just of our nation pay attention to road safety.. For even more details, read what Josyann Abisaab says on the issue.


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THAT made ESQUDe, cellulite is a somewhat extravagant word used to refer to the accumulation of fat that push against the connective tissue that are under the skin. What determines that small and/or dimples that are reminiscent of orange peel are seen on the surface of the skin. Cellulite, undoubtedly, is one of the main problems that affect women and their self-esteem throughout his life. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PCRM. Being more common in some ethnic groups than in others. There are studies indicating that there is a hormonal component in its development. Endocrinologist may help you with your research. Before you understand what cellulite is technically, it is very important to mention that he stipulates that 90% of them suffer it, from the post-adolescencia and onwards. Even so, isn’t a problem exclusive to only women, since there have been cases, but few have been regisrado at the end of men who suffer from cellulite.

Although it is not malignant nor symptom that precedes any disease, for aesthetic reasons is something that concerns many women. “Edematose-fibrosclerotica panniculopatia” or rather cellulite, be shows such as subcutaneous fat deposits, forming dimples in the skin on the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen. In addition to the accumulated fat, is also produced by fluid retention and ageing of connective tissues. It is normal to believe that only obese people suffer from cellulite, but there is no idea more erroneous. If it is true that obese people are more prone to suffering from it, the thin also have a significant degree of possibilities of having the “orange peel”. During the formation of cellulite, excess cells Act by compressing the blood vessels, this causes a decrease in blood which then will favour accumulation of other cells that suffocate the tissues. This clearly causes accumulation of “dead” tissues. Cellulite has tendencies to develop in certain moments in life that make more vulnerable women, such as puberty, pregnancy or the menopause.

There are various types of cellulite, and each acts in a different way. According to the experts cellulite is classified into:-widespread cellulite. -Localized cellulite. -Hard cellulite. -Flabby cellulite. -Oedematous cellulite. In some beauty salons are announced promising treatments to get rid of cellulite. But the only thing that make those treatments is reaffirm the skin by deep massages, temporarily reducing the visibility of cellulite. Cellulite tends to notice less in the brown skin. You can check if you have cellulite gently pinching you the skin of the upper part of the thigh. If doing so you see that form you dimples that are reminiscent of orange peel, probably have cellulite. Surely you’re wondering if there is a solution to get rid of cellulite rejoice because there is a solution!

The Glycans

The company, with headquarters in Lod, specializes in glicomecanica which is the behavior of the Glycans, the sugars present in the surface of the cell membrane. Genes give instructions to proteins, but are the Glycans which guide to proteins to their objectives and make sure to do what they have to do. We have identified a specific antibody, which passed to the action when a foreign organism enters the body, and show up at levels higher in persons with multiple sclerosis explains Dukler. Tests showed that it is not a common denominator to all who suffer neural disorders, but it is specific of multiple sclerosis. The more active forms of multiple sclerosis have much higher concentrations of this antibody than in other less active forms of the disease. This is known as a biomarker of a specific disease.

A simple blood test using the MS GlycoChip’s Glycominds, a microscope the size of a biochip to test the reactions of the Glycans with other molecules, measured the level of this antibody and can help doctors prescribe the treatment, if this is necessary. The doctor takes a blood sample using the Glycominds kit, and then sends it to a laboratory for further analysis. Glycominds complete protocols of blood clinical trials of 80 centers in multiple sclerosis of United States, Canada and Israel. Trials that are about to begin the first days of 2005, 385 patients include, and it will be the greatest test never conducted with patients of CIS. In recent months, McDougall Program has been very successful. After spending the first year recruiting participants, the test will consist of multiple Windows of six months each. We predeciremos, taking blood tests in the first presentation of symptoms explained Dukler. This should reduce the anxiety of patients and allow doctors to take decisions concerning the most appropriate treatment. If blood tests predict that there will be no symptoms in the next six months, the doctor can alert the patient do not start taking the medication still.

After six months, the doctor performs another test. The trial is scheduled to continue until 2008. If, however, all goes according to plan and the results after the first period of six months, in 2006, they demonstrate that the blood test is in fact accurate, Glycominds will launch to market the product. The multiple sclerosis market is estimated at about $ 4 billion, highlights Dukler. Glycominds does not limit its efforts to multiple sclerosis and is also trying to develop biomarkers that allow a more accurate diagnosis of lumbar inflammatory disease, which affects about a million people in United States only. Within this category of Gycominds projects are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, of very similar symptoms, but which require completely different treatments: surgery can be used to treat ulcerative colitis, but poses many risks to a patient of Crohn’s disease. Glycominds also tries to expand the field. The Glycochip platform is the ability to identify many other biomarkers, observes Dukler. Inflammatory diseases and auto-immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis are the first step of the company, but it is not limited to this.

Clothes For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women want to feel comfortable with your body to cope with all the changes of this stage. The maternity clothes gives them the ability to feel comfortable without fail to see attractive. The time of year, comfort and fashion can coexist also during pregnancy. The maternity clothes is a possibility which gives us the world today have garments that are specifically adapted to the needs of women during your pregnancy. However, you don’t buy clothes for pregnant until they begin to notice discomforts, approximately a four months if it is the first pregnancy or a little earlier in case of a second pregnancy, i.e. when the belly growth is evident. As a minimum, pregnant women will have to show off your belly during two different seasons, so it will be more practical to buy clothes that we can use in any season. Dresses are great allies of the pregnant woman because they are very comfortable and practical.

Strapless dresses and Nightgowns sleeveless not they squeeze and avoids the friction that can cause injury. If the baby is born in the winter we have to equip us well to cold. With adjustable waist pants or long skirts made from warm materials such as wool, can be a good option. If we begin in autumn or winter maternity clothes shopping we must take into account that in the final stretch of the pregnancy we will have to think about clothes less sheltered to adapt to warmer weather. Wide jeans, trousers of sailcloth, adjustable skirts in the waist and the thin shirts combined with fine wool clothing will form a wardrobe very comfortable and appropriate to the time of the year. Thanks to the wide range of comfortable and fun clothes for pregnant women is no longer necessary to relinquish well dressed.

Ideally, you should have a basic wardrobe with five or six items that combine. It is not necessary to run to buy maternity clothes before time. First we can combine the special garments for pregnant women with pants and skirts that are widened with elastic bands, eyelets, laces or buttons. Fashion clothes premama also includes evening clothes. Empire dresses with cut are very favorable in pregnant women. The leggings can also be an option in garments for pregnant women because they allow you to adapt to changes in the female body without pinching or hurting the skin. The variety of designs allows that we can have a wardrobe with clothes for all occasions. The jersey with gathers under the neckline tend to be very elected among pregnant women because they allow to highlight the bust without losing comfort. With comfortable bras and attractive designs that include embroidery, prints and transparencies it is possible to be fashionable with the latest trends and feel comfortable. For the summer there are ideal clothes for the beach.

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity surgery or surgery ByPass, surgical treatment of obesity. This type of obesity surgery is an anatomical modification of the digestive system for successful and permanently treat obesity. Information reduction in stomach of 15 to 30 ml. Connects directly to the small intestine. Safe and effective procedure. It does not require a strict follow-up. DIET Bypass will give you a dietary program to meet your needs for nutrition and vitamins. The person will have to make good eating habits.

The technique is to reduce the size of the stomach. Initially very little amount of food you can eat, minimum distension of the small stomach does is inhibit the center of hunger at the level of the brain, and with that amount of food produces the same sensation as if he had eaten a large amount without feeling weakness and producing a sensation of fullness and satisfaction for several hours. People such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would likely agree. In addition, the bypass has certain consequences – such as anemia and loss of hair due to the poor absorption of nutrients. How does it work? Laparoscopic gastric bypass is a technique in which a small stomach for 15 to 30 ml, which connects directly to the small intestine is left. In this way the food jump a large segment of small intestine and caloric and nutrient absorption is decreased thereby. In addition, due to the small size of the portion of stomach that is left, the amount of food that you can eat is reduced.

Your stomach is smaller and makes you feel satiety very quick. Also reduces your appetite and so will begin to lose weight. Who can benefit? Obesity or Bariatric Surgery is performed because it is currently the best treatment to achieve lasting weight loss in obese patients who have failed nonsurgical weight reduction methods. In power for Bariatric Surgery candidates include: persons with a BMI (Body Mass Index, BMI) greater than 40 the hom bres weighing 45 kilos (100 pounds) more than your ideal weight or women who weigh 36 kg (80libras) more than its ideal weight people with a BMI between 35 and 40 who suffer from other diseases related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or heart disease.