Mr Hulsken

So I thought about something I and thought to myself, now you’ve finally time for the topic of mediation. Editorial: Mr Hulsken, about which way they came to the mediation? Hulsken: My path led me through my studies of the social pedagogy and later the study of Gerontology to coaching. As coach interssiert you are also always this, how to help more people. And since I was working in the vocational education and training, I had supported their way to find people. Also, I want to learn from the ground up what conflicts are and how you can resolve them. I wanted to implement this in my freelance work, so to speak as a complement to the coaching.

Editorial: As business partners, they offer a dual mediation, as male and female mediator, especially for couples. What is the special thing about it? Hulsken: I am very glad to have met Mrs Baker Abdullah with her extraordinary life biography a few years ago. We have kept the contact, also our offices a few minutes apart. Bern contactor: Some time ago, after I had dedicated the mediation me more me Mr Hulsken addressed. He was now very fond of the idea to offer a joint mediation. Hulsken: Of course, because that is all a win if our professional backgrounds from the legal and social sides included in the mediation. One very important advantage is that the parties to the conflict, mostly male and female, feel more comfortable with a mediator of their own sex. Men and women feel equally represented.

Editors: In what area of life is mediation useful? Bern contactor: Meditation is detached to consider basically. You is always, if a permanent relationship is aimed at, for example in employment, if there are discrepancies. But even with divorce when children are affected. Long-term effect a separation or divorce, actually the whole life.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

It is clearly that it interests, to psychiatry and the medicine to improve the quality of the death (as always it tried to make in relation to the quality of the life), that the patient reach this period of training of acceptance in peace, with dignity and welfare emotional. Thus occurring, the process until the death could be tried in climate of serenity on the part of the patient and, for the side of that they are, of comfort, understanding and contribution it stops with the patient. When trying to banish the death of the scene of the life, it operates a process of fear and anguish. Elisabeth Kubler Ross (1977), a psychiatrist Swiss-American, approaches in its studies on the death in the hospitals, the five periods of training that the people cross with regard to the death, and that they occur in the following order: negation? it has the negation of the death; anger – when one perceives that it does not have more as to deny the condition; bargain – revolt and other feelings in the expectation of that if it can revert; depression – when it starts to really see the condition and that it does not have more what to make, presenting, many times, remorse of what it left to make, feeling itself defeated impotent; acceptance – physically it is felt weakker, it wants to be alone and to sleep. In this last period of training it is when the professional absorbs the idea of the death. The profile and the affective sensitivity of each one, as well as the set of the lived experiences, have important paper in the chore with the death. Fentipo, that it is the somatria of the genes of the personality with the influence of the destination on them, can in such a way potencializar the fear of the death how much to help to coexist the conscience of the finitude better.

Steve Alpizar Begin

Analyze the world in general and you’ll notice as there are events, people and fabulous conditions, perhaps some areas of your life are well, however in others need to work them, the way of doing this is to begin to see the world differently, never allow other people to convince it of negative ideas that they themselves experience, if you will allow it then gradually the ideas begin to take power. It is common to find us with people who we say: there is no employment, it is difficult in this country that you have few opportunities, what happens if we begin to pay attention to this information? Little by little we can go to believe them and finally become a reality for us, beware!, is why many people do not leave pit, are simply focused on a world of pain, and isn’t so for those who choose a different life. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar a lot of tips are given to begin to overcome all the negative beliefs that we fold down, by reading this book you will know with precision all the steps you must take to achieve happiness, peace, love, wealth, health and fullness. His challenge in this life is to overcome the negative beliefs that separate power and spiritual enlightenment, we need to focus with all his being in its objectives, find what gives you satisfaction, once he achieved then enters the current creator of the universe and the power will act in his favor. original author and source of the article.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel

The battleship was given the name 'Bismarck', in honor of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the unifier German 'blood and iron'. August 24, 1940 was held on the adoption of a ready command of Kriegsmarine ships, and over the 'Bismarck' was raised a flag with a – the battleship was commissioned the German navy. Commander of the ship was appointed Ernst Lindemann. The very next day, standing on a dock ship was raised by the first air-raid alarm. There has been a shooting of anti-aircraft guns, but it ended without any consequences. Before Surgery 'Reynbung' (see below) on the 'Bismarck' was raised another four air alarm. 'Bismarck' first went to sea 15 September 1940.

Upon reaching the destination, give the anchor a battleship at anchor Brunsbettel. September 16 the ship was towed through the Kiel Canal in Kiel, and the arrival of the battleship moorings in the harbor gave Sheerhafn. This was followed by sea trials in the Baltic Sea in October-November 1940. December 9, 1940 'Bismarck' was in Hamburg, where he was prepared to swimming, followed by a return to Kiel, where the ship moored at the dock number 9 shipyards 'Deutsche Veerke'. At the battleship was made loading ammunition, water, food.

Also on board adopted two ejection seaplanes 'Arado-196'. From March 18 to April 1, 1941 in the Baltic Sea were routine tests battleship before the first war patrol. The next day, 'Bismarck' took two more 'Arado-196'. May 5, 1941, two weeks before the start of the operation 'Reynbung', 'Bismarck' visited the Third Reich Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, accompanied by Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and Admiral Gunther Lyutens.


In addition, the bleached hair may become visible on tanned skin. Before you lighten the hair on your face, you need to do a preliminary test on sensitivity. To do this, put a little money on the area of skin on the inside of the arm and check the reaction. Another way to cope with hair with cream – is the application of creams, depilatories. However, despite a soft effect, the use of such means for removing facial hair pose a risk to get irritation, chemical burns or other unpleasant consequences.

So, before you remove the hair by means of depilatory creams, it is necessary to test for sensitivity. More radical is plucking the hair using special tweezers or wax. This option is suitable for single or few hairs. But procedure will also have to repeat as the restoration of hair growth, also at plucking the skin is injured, so it should be done cautiously and after treat skin with special means to antiseptic properties. Home remedies are easy to use and inexpensive, but require constant repetition, and can severely damage skin and lead to unpleasant consequences, the removal of which would require much larger effort.

Much better to visit the beauty clinic, where the problem of unwanted hair you can solve quickly and painlessly. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to remove hair It is suitable for the elimination of individual hairs and for the treatment of large areas. Laser hair removal technique, the proposed clinic LINLINE, has several important advantages over other methods and techniques epilation. First of all, this procedure completely painless and safe. Unlike hair removal or laser hair removal in other salons, unique equipment used by professionals LINLINE, does not cause heating of the skin, not require refrigeration and use of anesthetic cream. Accordingly, you are insured by the appearance of dark spots, scars and other negative consequences. For the complete removal of hair will need 3-5 sessions, then you are forever get rid of unwanted facial hair. Special attention is given the application of facial hair removal for men. First of all, I must say that the growth of facial hair is related to male sex hormones, so stop their growth forever is impossible. In addition, the structure of the skin in men differ from women in relation to what is necessary to choose a method of hair removal with caution and always consult with a specialist. After course of laser hair removal the hair becomes thinner and lighter, solves the problem of irritation and ingrown hairs.

The Schumann Resonance

Waha Dizigov. For the first time the effect of standing waves was discovered by Nikola Tesla, and only after more than five decades, this effect was more thoroughly investigated, and became known as the "Schumann Resonance." The assumption of the existence of the resonance of electromagnetic waves in the Earth-ionosphere expressed in years, 50s, Professor, University of Munich, Otto Schumann. For 60 years, after numerous studies and rechecking was accurately determined standard frequency 7.83 Hz of the Earth. Since then, in science, this frequency is called the Schumann resonance frequency of a wave or Schumann. Some scientists and researchers all frequency radiation of the Earth is often called waves Shumana.V now frequency of 7.8 Hz is the main instrument for magnetic therapy. Earth and the surrounding air layer is formed giant spherical cavity. In terms of radio engineering are two huge areas that are placed in a druguyu.Mezhdu they are cavity bounded by conducting surfaces.

In this cavity, according to experts, a well-defined waves propagate dliny.Krome chastototy Schumann also identified other frequencies – 8, 14, 20, 26, 32 Hz. It is believed that at higher frequencies, the resonances are almost invisible. These frequencies are practically identical with the frequencies of alpha and beta rhythms of the human brain. Experts divided brainwaves into four categories, each corresponding to a particular level of consciousness. The unit of measurement of brain waves – as is the case with sound waves – is hertz (Hz). 1. Beta waves, from 14 to 20 Hz.