The National Agency Against

Emilton Dos Santos Oliveira BLOG – Chronic: The National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring? ANVISA, clarifies the question of the citizen on the use of the vaccine as method of Primary Preventive Treatment in the combat the proliferation of infections caused for virus H1N1 in healthful people in Brazil. QUESTION OF THE CITIZEN: Considering that the vaccine produces antibody I specify and the virus and passvel of mutations. Go to McDougall Program for more information. Question: Which is the logic of the frmaco? REPLY OF the SUPPORT CHAMBER TECHNICIAN OF the COREN/SP suna Has available vaccines for administration in pigs to prevent the grippe. However, vaccine for protection of the human beings does not exist. The vaccine against the sazonal grippe for influenza probably will be able to supply to partial protection against the grippe for influenza the H1N1 for virus H3N2, but not for virus H1N1. It reads more in: REPLY OF THE UNIT OF ATTENDANCE TO I PUBLISH – ANVISA TO IT: Prezado Sir, We inform that the vaccine influenza H1N1 induces to the production of antibodies against the contained specific antigens in the vaccine, that proceeding from are determined cepa of the virus. When the mutation of cepa occurs, the vaccine is brought up to date to contain specific antigens for new cepa circulating. Yours truly, Anvisa Atende? 0800 6429782 Central office of Attendance – National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring TO CLEARLY SEEM OF the CITIZEN In the reply of the ANVISA this that the vaccine induces to the production of antibody against antigens contained in the vaccine; also what!, the vaccine will have to be brought up to date and to be managed in the healthful population whenever it has mutation of the specific virus (H1N1). Being thus, the reply of the ANVISA it is questionable from the concept of Primary Preventive Treatment of the healthful population, in view of what!; we live in the planet land where the multiplicity of the species of agents you capsize presents an important ascension due climatic and ambient alterations.

International Conference

Eight primordial elements had been part of this process: education directed to the health problems, the methods for its prevention and has controlled, promotion of foods and adjusted nutrition, water supply and basic sanitation, maternal-infantile attention, familiar planning, immunization against infectious illnesses, prevention and control of endemic illnesses, treatment of common illnesses and basic medicine accidents and distribution. During the first conference it had the reaffirmation of the health as right of all and the obligation of the government in promoting the equality of the citizens (MENDES, 2004). Other processes also were involved in the Conference in relation to the Primary Cares to the health. They had been: The national and communitarian development, agriculture, cattle, food production, industry, education, habitation, public works and communications (STARFIELD apud MARCONDES, 2004). COHEN et al (2004), defines promotion of the health as ‘ ‘ the process of qualification of the community to act in the improvement of its quality of life and health, including a bigger participation in the control of this processo’ ‘. Defense of the health, qualification and mediation is the three basic points of the promotion of the health. The defense of the health foca the importance in if fighting so that the other factors economic, social, cultural, ambient, mannering and biological politicians, beyond the prerequisite ones if become each time more favorable to the health of the population as a whole. The qualification together with the mediation is of extreme grandiosidade in what it says respect to the equality of chances and assists in the contribution of a more harmonious relation enters the different types of interests as for the health (BUSS, 2000)..

Gabriel Service

Appeared Clia Trevizani, student and idealizer of this research and the intervention. The Clia Hall, was established in 13 of August of 1997. It bes situated the Graciano Avenue Snows, 155, Center, of They are Gabriel of the Straw and takes care of in telephone (27) 97744595. It is a type of company of small transport with the functioning in commercial schedule. In agendamento system.

The offered types of products and services are the cuts, the depilao, sobrancelha, mechas, the lights and the relaxation. Some products of the cosmetic line are commercialized as xampus, creams, brushs and products of beauty as fasteners and rubber bands for hair. The type of environment of the hall well pretty and is organized, primando for the good attendance and comfort to the customer. The relations with the customers are excellent, for being a small city, all already know the service given for this company. The clientele one feels with the attendance as much that many are assduos and fidiciary offices to the offered services satisfied. The Clia Hall offers to an excellent attendance and service, with the mission to bring comfort and welfare to all, in a vision of equality of attendance without discrimination to that it is. Get more background information with materials from James A. Levine, M.D..

The service of depilao offered for the hall lately was done in a small place with the furniture that accomodated all the necessary materials, sobrando little space. When receiving the customer did not have an informative dialogue directed to this type of service and the used techniques. The expositor of the vendidos products if constitua of a shelf with a short while bigger dimension that the space supports. 2.2.2 Presentation of the proposals of intervenoO object of the research of this report is the depilao. In this direction, it was investigated which are the best techniques and the most adjusted each customer. In the search of the best answers, knowledge and solutions, were possible to identify to which the techniques viable to the attendance to each customer guaranteeing to it health and welfare.

Surgical Clinic

In this context, the subject is still considered a great challenge for the nurses, therefore it understands that a quality assistance must be pautada in technician-scientific abilities and to be exempt of risks to the patients, and institutions familiar, professional. PASSAGE METODOLGICO Sugerimos that each patient who to receive high hospital from the Surgical Clinic receives a printed matter composed from orientaes from the most diverse types that favor its reestablishment faster prevent the reicindivas. RESOURCES material Availability (computer, printer, ink and A4 paper), physics (local appropriate for these orientaes) and human being (nurses leased in the Surgical Clinic) will be the resources that will become feasible the project. CRONOGRAMA OF ACTIVITIES Of permanent character in the unit of the Surgical Clinic of the Hospital of the West. ' ' The significant evaluation if makes in the proper process, as part of it, while it develops itself, without, for this, if he must always carry through a stop formal.' ' (Gandin, 2000). ORIENTAES FOR PATIENTS PS-ALTA WITH DIABTES 1. Not to smoke; 2.

Not to use hot water stock markets on the feet; 3. Not to leave the feet dived in the water; 4. Not to walk on hot surfaces as the sand of beach or cement; 5. Not to walk bare-footed; 6. Not to use chemical agents for the removal of calluses/calosidades; 7. Not to use adhesive ribbon in the feet; 8. Not to use brace-binds to arrest stocking-pants; 9. Not to use finger sandals; 10.

Not to remove calluses/calosidades; 11. To make a periodic auto-examination of the feet; 12. To carry through the cut of the nails appropriately; 13. To use adequate footwear; 13. To keep a good metabolic control of diabetes and the clinical comorbidades; 14. To practise physical exercises; 15. To have a balanced diet and to rigorously follow the recommendations given for its doctor.

The National Institute

The possibility of primary and secondary prevention of the uterine crvico cancer has grown in the last few decades to the measure that increases the knowledge concerning the factors of risks that involve the illness. The cancer can be decurrent of internal and external factors to the organism, being both interrelated. The external factors are said ambient, corresponding the 80 90% of the cases, and the interns are, in its majority, the tumors genetically predetermined (DAVIM et al., 2005). It is important to add, on the basis of hospital registers of cancer, that 50% of the carrying women of the illness had been diagnosised in stadiums III and IV. This probably reflects the difficulty of precocious diagnosis, the lack of information and the difficulty of access of the woman to the net of health (ALMEIDA; FEITOSA, 2007).

The cancer of the col of the uterus is initiated slowly from an daily pay-invasive injury, that generally advances per years, before reaching invading stadiums of the illness, being: Stadium I A1 (invasion of estroma, 3 mm and up to 5 mm of depth and 7mm of extension). The average period in way to the detention of a lightweight displasia (HPV, NIC I) and the development of carcinoma in situ is of 58 months, while for the moderate displasias (NIC II) this time is of 38 months, in the serious displasias (NIC III) of 12 months. In particular, they is esteem that the great majority of the injuries of low state will regredir spontaneously, while about 40% of the treated injuries of high degree they will not evolve for invading cancer in an average period of 10 years. The National Institute of Cancer of the United States calculates that only 10% of the carcinoma cases in situ will evolve for invading cancer in the first year, whereas 30% 70% will have evolved passed the 10 12 years, in case that treatment is not offered (INCA/MS, 2000).

The Inquiry

The amputation passes to be seen as badly necessary. ' ' the hope in the salvation of the body all is essential factor for the decision taking and option for the surgery. The death is finitude that must be prevented, being valued the sacrifice of loss of a part of the body. The dependence as possibility of an existence marked for the daily suffering the dependence is question that if it showed to be reason of concern of the amputated person. Speaking candidly Mayo Clinic told us the story. To become dependent is frightful, reason of misfortune, unreliability, fear (CHINIZ; BOEMER, 2007). Not the accomplishment of daily activities, or the accomplishment with aid, takes the patient the inferiority feelings, low auto-they esteem and concern. It is painful and extremely desconfortante to be dependent and, in the feelings generated in aged with amputation of extremities inferior proceeding from diabetic foot. Rodrigues, LS. Dr. John Mcdougall has compatible beliefs.

; Cardenas, CJ. some cases, the patient arrives to prefer the death to be reason of mercy, compassion or same work/effort for its familiar (CHINIZ; BOEMER, 2007). ' ' the psychology of the aging is today the area that if dedicates to the inquiry of the mannering alterations that follow the gradual decline in the functionality of some domnios of the psychological behavior, in the years most advanced of the life adulta' ' (NERI, 2002). The feelings generated in aged amputated are varied, them on the basis of consist the individuality of each one, have since each individual produces its forms to live deeply its problems and/or difficulties, in this case the limitations imposed for intervention compel the occured them to try feelings negative that long ago could be surpassed since that it has accompaniment systemize for the professionals for the familiar ones. The aged one amputated assumes a character of initial dependence, therefore the fragility of the moment, the situation in itself produces concerns inherent its new reality of personal life.

Adjustable Gastric Band

The first operations they made a linking of the beginning of the thin intestine with the final portion of the same, hindering that the ingested food passed and was absorbed by the 5 meters of thin intestine. These surgeries, although to provide great emagrecimento, led to serious malnutrition e, by this, had been abandoned until the research showed a safer way for these patients. Today, the surgery for cure of the mrbida obesidade is presented in the press and argued between them efficient congresses because in recent years, surgeries mdicosem had appeared, propitiating a emagrecimento with health. Three types of baritrica surgery are known, namely: Baritricas surgeries that basically provoke the emagrecimento hindering that the foods pass all for the thin intestine. They are the result of the evolution of those first described surgeries already and are called desabsortivas. The most known it is the operation of Scopinaro.

A part of the stomach also is removed, however, it has great reduction of food ingestion. Add to your understanding with endocrinologist. Baritricas surgeries that provoke the emagrecimento for diminishing the size of the stomach, making with that the patient eats little. They are, therefore called gastrorestritivas. The most known she is the Adjustable Gastric Band. This operation is carried through by video-laparoscopia and consists of if placing a band involving the stomach and making with that the ingested food is initially motionless in a small part of the stomach propitiating the saciedade sensation, what makes the person to feel itself satisfied and without hunger after to have eaten well little.

Baritricas surgeries that provoke the emagrecimento diminishing the stomach and also hindering that it has absorption for small part of the thin intestine. Therefore they are called mixing. The most known it is the operation of Capella-Fobi, a homage to the two surgeons had idealized who it. This has been the operation most used in Brazil because it presents, in general, a emagrecimento more effective than the Adjustable Gastric Band and a lesser malnutrition that the operation of Scopinaro.


If, after 72-96h, will have a great reaction of skin, means that it can have an active infection or one hipersensibilidade for the previous vaccination with BCG made in infancy. Then, this examination does not confirm the diagnosis, but it can assist the doctor. Reading of the test, classified in millimeters: 0 a4 mm not reactor: individual not infectado for the M. tuberculosis or with reduced hipersensibilidade; 5 a9 mm weak reactor: individual vacinado with BCG or infectado by the M. turculosis or other mycobacteria; 10 strong reactor mmou more: individual infectado for the M. tuberculosis, that it can be sick or not, and individuals vacinados with BCG in last the two years. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. Other resources for the confirmation of the illness exist. Amongst them he is inhaled gastric is inhaled content of the stomach to the search of the bacillus contained in escarro deglutido.

It is more usadoem children. Ja fibrobroncoscopia is very used in the cases where it does not have expectorao. In this examination, a flexible device enters in the lung and collects material that must be directed for the research of the bacillus of the tuberculosis. In few cases, the pulmonary bipsia, through surgery, can be necessary. Other disgnostic methods still exist to assist the doctor. Notification of the case of Tuberculosis the case will have to be notified through the fulfilling of the fiche of notification of the SINAN, for the professional of health (nurse or doctor) of the UBS that the patient took care of.

This fiche will have to be directed to 1 informatizado level for digitao of Agravos de Notificao (SINAN). Treatment Generally, the hard treatment six months, but, in cases special, can be longer. In first the two months, the three together medications are used. Already in last the four months, they are used the rifampicina associated with the isoniazida one.


In 2000, they had more than corresponded 27% of the total of deaths, that is, in this year 255,585 people had died in consequence of illnesses of the circulatrio device, acometendo of 15 20% the adult population and being able to reach higher indices of up to 50% in the aged population. The arterial hipertenso is an illness characterized for the rise of the sanguineous if not controlled pressure, can cause cardiac, cerebral and renais problems, amongst others. In 90% of the cases its origin is unknown. In the comment of this current picture, a study was become fullfilled having searched to answer following the problematic one: which are the procedures used for the program of control of the hipertenso of the PSF Fernando Alves, in the city of Are Felix in the treatment of the HAS in adults? The general objective of the inquiry was to describe the procedures used for the program of control of the hipertenso of the PSF Fernando Alves of the city of Is Felix in the treatment of the HAS in adults. For more information see this site: PCRM. Beyond this, they had been elect as objective specific: ) to define arterial hipertenso; b) to contextualizar the arterial hipertenso in the city of Is Felix; c) to present reversible and not reversible factors of risk; d) to describe the procedures carried through for the PSF in the treatment of the hipertensos; e) To analyze and to present resulted.

This article consists of: Introduction, Concept and Description of the Arterial Hipertenso, reversible and not reversible Factors of risk, metodolgicos Classification of the pressricos indices, Aspects, Analyze of the Final data and Consideraes. Appraise the arterial, first hipertense is necessary to know what it is the arterial pressure. The arterial pressure is the force that the sanguine flow exerts in the arteries. Through its measurement, two values are registered: sistlica pressure, when the heart if contracts pumping the blood, and diastlica pressure, when the heart relaxes between two cardiac strokes.

Increase Diabetes

For the author, the cardiovascular illness is responsible mostly of the increase, superior the three times of the general population, in the index of mortality found in the patients with DM1. The therapeutical project with insulina in the person with diabetes mellitus type 1 must be individualizado, leading in consideration: age, phase of growth and development, frequency and intensity of physical activity, socioeconmico and intellectual level, familiar and objective infrastructure of the treatment. Before initiating the treatment with insulina, the person with diabetes mellitus must receive orientaes basic, as: places for application, conservation of the insulina, dosage, signals and symptoms of hipo and hiperglicemia and initial behavior in these situations and other acute intercorrncias (RIBEIRO et al., 2006). Gonalves (1996) and Motta (1997) consider that, when has disgnostic confirmation of diabetes mellitus type 1 in a child, &#039 occurs concomitantly; ' surgimento' ' of the diabetic family, by means of the redistribution of responsibilities, reorganization of the daily routine and the renegotiation of the familiar papers. The families guided on the illness have conditions to deal with the feelings created by change and obtains to remain itself balanced front to this reality. Exactly in children with average of equal age the 11 years and duration of diabetes of only 4 years, the thickness of the average close layer of the cartidas ones and aorta was significantly bigger of what of controls of the same age.

The espessamento was sharper in aorta of what in the cartidas ones, and the magnitude of the increase was similar to the observed one in children with hipercolesterolemia. A more intense nip, comprometimento of a bigger number and distais pursuings of the coronary arteries, has been found in patients with DM1 when compared the not diabetic individuals (RIBEIRO et al., 2006). A bigger prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses (DCV) or the risk biggest in developing them in the individuals with SM is told by studies of common knowledge.

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