Another year ago, among other conversations in the smoking room, stories about "crazy" fines for lack of child seats can be heard everywhere. However, it gave a positive result. And the number of deaths among children decreased, and the work inspection of their titles and requires the provision of road safety. Still, not all drivers understand the need for such seats. And to be sure, one need only spend an hour near the shop and children's family of products, and you will see that every second car with a child seat is not equipped for children. And to convince the driver that if he considers himself an ace and a driver with experience, no one will insure against a mad racer who may, God forbid, to meet on its path, you can not. To broaden your perception, visit CPIC. Let's drop the personal responsibility for themselves and their families, and see what's happening in the travel industry.

The situation here is not the best. Some contend that christopher ridgeway shows great expertise in this. In Rostov-na-Donu operation is conducted on a monthly basis to stop the carriage of standing passengers in public transport, intended for the carriage of seated passengers. The fruits of this event brings only a day when the operation goes. And the drivers of the so-called "minibuses" with great pleasure that fall on a cell phone with his colleagues, the location of the inspector for that or any other cross. By the way, during these telephone conversations, rarely used device drivers are "free hand". And it turns out, a few days the surgery was, standing passengers there, and a day later, again full of taxis, and they are used to speak in people, "people in a minibus crowded like sardines." What happened was a small accident, and a "herring" is transformed into a series of deaths. Still, the inspector, to prevent such situations in the eyes of Driver responsible for dozens of human lives, remains a bone popered throat.

Warming Machine

With the onset of cold weather is one of the main and frequently asked questions among motorists issue associated with the warming machine before you travel. We have tried to find out the answer to this simple but very important question. But when dealing with experienced people a clear yes or no, got a lot of listening to the opinions of people with many years of service and not-so we made some conclusions. Maybe they'll be useful. Undeniably, the majority of motorists believe that the warming has a positive effect on work, run time engine to overhaul. But due to the fact that the engine start is not a problem with a good battery (batteries) in order to save fuel, most respondents did not warm up the engine. Having established this, we approached the producers with resolve, at last this problem related to the problem of heating and received from them such advice: yes no motor allowed warm, with a start must be sustained at engine speeds, since the beginning of movement is not dramatically accelerates a minimum speed, let the oil in the engine, box, rear axle warms up, wait until the engine will be released on the operating mode.

Here is a simple example, can you answer it will be a cold frosty morning, take motor oil, pour into a glass jar and set in the cold. Get up in the morning and before going to think warming or not, look at the result in the 'bank' well, what? Costs, warm up the engine or not? Over time, the oil – an incomprehensible 'mass' will fall on the camshaft, valves and other parts are at the top, will work effectively. Results of surveys on the site My favorite car! And now the favorite by many machines. If you have a car with automatic transmission, you may have noticed – automatic transmission is adjusted so that after a cold start, it shifts gears with a delay that is twisted at each transfer more speed. This makes it easier to heat the catalyst and to enter the working temperature and the engine box.

Audi Q7 – The Combination Of Grandeur And Of Everyday Life

Audi Q7 – a modern SUV. The car belongs to a class SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles). The manufacturer said that the car will be produced with a new engine – V12 TDi. This engine will have a capacity of 500 horsepower. 6-liter engine similar to that installed on a racing car R10 Le Mans. Torque in a powertrain 1000nm at 1750 rev / min. This impressive engine allows the car to reach speeds of 100km / h in 5.5 seconds.

An impressive result, is not it? Maximum speed Audi Q7 engineers limited to 300 km / h, however, for such an engine is not the limit. The developers have applied a special design car engine. The engine on the Audi Q7 is distinguished from other similar engines cylinders. They are tilted at 60 degrees. Such a tilt cylinder leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. It is approximately 11l/100km. 500 – hp engine works in conjunction with 6-speed automatic shifting. The car is built on an aluminum chassis, thus reducing its weight.

Air shocks will choose the style of riding that is most like the driver, from comfortable to sporty and extreme. In addition, it is possible to choose the height of the vehicle. This is convenient for loading things in the trunk. Appearance SUV draws. Especially highlighted the 21-inch carbon – terracotta wheels. Numerous aluminum insert is very impressive and stylish look in interior design Audi Q7. Luxurious leather seats give the cabin Verano particular style. Panoramic tinted hatch, the latest navigation system, parking assist with rearview camera, a modern sound system – all part of standard vehicle. Great combination of colors, comfort, functionality and sportiness – all perfectly combined in the new Audi Q7. Audi Q7 – a perfect combination of grandeur and of everyday life. We can confidently say that the Audi Q7 – a new work of art from the engineers. Car Audi Q7, undoubtedly, will attract a huge number of buyers of their design, quality, price, new technologies, which were used in the manufacture of the vehicle, as well as his name, which stands for reliability and quality.