ATM Baby

A way to suckle twin at the same time is to place the children with the body and legs under the arms of the mother. Signals of Good Positioning during Breast-feeding All the body of the baby is of meeting to the one of the mother. The mouth and the jaw are close to the chest of the mother. The mouth of the baby well is opened. It is not obtained to see almost nothing of arola. PCRM may not feel the same. The baby of the great and spaced absorbed ones. At Dr. Josyann Abisaab you will find additional information. The baby is relaxed and calm.

The baby suck without making racket. The mother does not feel pain in the mamilos (only small discomforts at the beginning). Table 2 – Signals of Good Positioning during Breast-feeding source: Group Origin, 2006. Each baby suck of a form particular, however all just-been born normal it develops the call ' ' suction eficiente' '. The efficient suction is developed in varies stages, what it can if observed for the displacement of the jaw or apalpando it ATM (tmporo-mandibular joint), where if observes that if it observes that the heads of the cndilos of the jaw cover anteroposterior passages.

Here it is the stages of the efficient suction: ) with the lips the child abocanha mamilo promoting a vedamento peripheral; b) to keep mamilo abocanhado, it compresses the lips and sucks mamilo producing negative a pressure intrabucal; c) as this it is not enough to extract milk, the child lowers the jaw and takes it for a previous position compressing the breast in the region to areolar (on the galactforos seios); d) keeping the region to mamilo-areolar compressed, it she returns the jaw to the original position, milks making it; e) collected milk slides of the hard palato for the soft palato, provoking the consequence of deglutition. From then on the mechanism is restarted. A precocious reduction in the milk production if must the factors as: inefficient suction, emotional problems as medical aversion to breast-feeding or, still, complications.

Lose Weight

In general, we determine whether we should or not caring for our diet and increase the actividasd physics in relation to our body mass index. However, these indicators are very nonspecific. On occasions, we may need some care, despite the fact that the ideal weight chart indicates that we are in a consistent value for our age and height, then the question suggests that, if you really need to lose weight.?. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. We then show you how to know if we really need to lose weight using other indicators that can determine a risky excess fat for health.Waist circumference. It may indicate an excess of fat located in the abdomen, in the visceral zone, which indicates health risks, regardless of the index of body mass within appropriate values. So any woman who presents a waist exceeding is. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. and every man whose waist circumference greater than 94cms., should start for your health care, whether eating more healthy, moving more or lose some kilos which allow the reduction of body fat and, with this, decrease the fat in this area.Body fat.

If a person It has a normal weight, but a body fat percentage high, should assess the location of such a fat by measuring waist circumference. Even so, that person of normal weight but with excess fat need activity physics and some care in their diet, most beyond whether it has increased waist circumference or if accumulated fat in the hips. Josyann Abisaabs opinions are not widely known. Measure the percentage of fat and muscle in the body is of great importance.With these two measurements can supplement as indicated by the index of body mass and weight, and find out if we really need to lose weight. There are other indicators that may be useful and are not always taken into account, as they are the cintura-altura or the BMI index according to size.Ultimately, we may need a weight loss without taking into account the normal weight or the appropriate body mass index as well as also we can present an excessive weight but do not need to lose weight, because our health is not at risk.

Taking Water

Furthermore, scientific tests have proven these values. * Most forward we disclose a description of the use of water for our readers. ** For seniors and with serious illnesses as well as modern diseases treatment of the water has been very successful for the medical society Japanese with a cure up to 100% for the following diseases: * headache, sore body, system of heart, tachycardia, epilepsy, arthritis, excess fatness, bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, urinary diseases and kidney, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, diabetes, hemorrhoids, all diseases of the eye, constipation, uterus, cancer and disorders menstrual, diseases of the ear, nose and throat… THE TREATMENT METHOD 1.

When you wake up in the tomorrow and before brushing your teeth, drink 4 x 160 ml (5.5 ounce) glasses of water. 2. Wash and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. 3 After the 45 minutes you can eat and drink normally. 4. After about 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner must not eat or drink anything for 2 hours. 5.

Persons aged or infirm who can not drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning can start by taking a glass of water and gradually increase the amount up to 4 cups per day. 6. The method of the treatment cured the diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a life more healthy. The following list gives the number of days that the treatment required to cure/control/reduce main diseases: 1. high pressure 30 days 2. Gastritis 10 days 3. Diabetes 30 days 4. 10 Days 5 constipation. Cancer 180 days 6. TB 90 days 7. Patients with arthritis should follow the treatment only for 3 days in the first week, and a starting from the second week daily.

Rich Diets

To follow too low diets in calories and fastings accustoms to the body the shortage, reason why it gets used to saving and working with less calories, therefore the metabolic cost falls. To take meals smaller and refreshments every 3 or 4 hours maintains the cost power more stop. But it is important to choose with intelligence the foods that will be to eat in each refreshment so that they are low in fat, sugar and calories. The fruits, vegetables and yogurt low in fat are good examples. To take green tea. After taking this drink, the metabolic cost is increased slightly during some hours. It is important not to add sugar or honey not to take additional calories. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a great source of information. To eat sufficient protein.

The body spends more calories to digest proteins that stop to digest carbohydrates or fats. If you are not convinced, visit Josyann Abisaab. So it includes some protein source in each one of the main meals of the day. But it must be low a fat protein source, for example chicken, fish, kidney beans or lentils, thin meat, low milk or yogurt in fat. So that the diet is balanced, these foods must accompany with fruits and/or vegetables and cereals. On the other hand, some special characteristics of some diets exist, that can help to diminish the probability that fat in the abdomen is accumulated. The rich integral cereal diets, if they accompany by at least five portions the day of fruits and vegetables, along with amounts of milky and foods of low smaller origin fat animal can prevent the accumulation with abdominal fat more than the diets with the same amount of calories but with cereals refinings. The rich whole grain diets and low in sugar they can favor changes in the glucose in blood and the insulin that facilitate the mobilization of the fat reserves.

On the contrary, the rich carbohydrate diets refinings increase the glucose levels and insulin in blood and consequently favors the fat deposits. Finally, it is important to remember that magical or miraculous formulas do not exist. The discipline and the certainty are the main ingredient for the success.

MONEY WORKS – Art With Money

Curated by Nicole Loeser and Tina Sauerlander, presented by the main and WHITECONCEPTS collection with works by: Nikolaus Eberstaller, EMESS, Thorsten Goldberg, Dominique Andre Boitard grass, Manuel, grass, Julia Herfurth, Elmar Hess, Wulf Ried Hengstenberg, Norbert Hinterberger, Timo Clapper, Christin Lahr, Armin Lindauer, Chen Linggang, Marok, Philip Metz, Wolfgang Nieblich, Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov, PSJM, Stefan Rinck, Markus Schaller, Sebastian Siechold, Klaus Staeck, Philip Topolovac, Jakob Zoche money is an always prasenteres topic in the art after the numerous financial crises of recent years. Already resolved around 1970, as the Bretton-Woods system and money felt to an abstract size, artists began to deal with the importance of money, the functioning of the financial system, its winners and losers, or also with its history. In the exhibition”MONEY WORKS. ART money now current artistic positions on the topic will be presented: for example, which refers to. Artist Julia Herfurth in its work Fatma Alye on the history of the role of women in Turkey, the Viennese artist Dominique grass forms of serial numbers of banknotes weapons on his canvas, the Spanish activists and artists duo PSJM criticized the capitalist financial aspects in Europe and the United States or Nikolaus Eberstaller, created his own artist money – the honey – to represent his point of view the bipolar side of money. Curated by Nicole Loeser and Tina Sauerlander presented by the collection of main and WHITECONCEPTS courtesy of aquabit place: Gallery WHITECONCEPTS, August Street 35, 10115 Berlin exhibition opening: November 22, 2013, 19-21 run time: 23 November-1 December 2013, Monday Friday 10 am 5 pm u.n.V.

admission free presentation of the catalogue of the collection of main thirty pieces of silver – art and money on 27 November 2013 at 19:30 In the context of the exhibition MONEY WORKS. Recently Josyann Abisaab sought to clarify these questions. ART with money “which is recently published edition Braus published catalog collection. Home thirty pieces of silver – art and money presented. Location: King Size bar, Friedrich str. 112 b, d-10117 Berlin contact: Nicole of Lai 0177 7878578 Tina Sauerlander 0163 5104766

Opinion Cosmetologists

Aida A. Mikaelian physiotherapist beautician beauty salon "Eder Style" – Aida Aleksandrovna, please tell us what features you value in cosmetics? – The most important feature in cosmetics, I think it is hypoallergenic. Once I focus on the spectrum of problems to be solved: the wider it is, the better. In the salon, "Eder Style" I work for a long time, and I unfortunately had to meet cosmetics fairly well-known brands, such as that great saving your skin from all sorts of inflammation, in the end forced to restore it again, but from the excessive flaking and drying. Dr. Josyann Abisaab is a great source of information. Therefore, the following property, which I emphasize in cosmetic products – it's moisturizing. And fourth, what should never be forgotten – is the preservation of the epidermal barrier. Barrier to viral and bacterial particles can not break.

– What do you think, what parameters are important in assessing the professional makeup? – The brand professional cosmetics in the cosmetic market today are produced many lines. In fact, these funds are not so much. First of all, it's cosmetics must be the author. In this case, we know the person who creates the line. Second, "professionalka" operates on a deeper level than the cream in retail sales. Therefore, it is tracked from the time of production, that is, from raw materials to the moment of its use. This is very jealous of the man who makes it. He cherishes his name, so perfected all stages. Manufacturer of professional cosmetics fully responsible their products and vouches for its quality.