Colorectal Cancer Blood

Physician should search by colonoscopy for the causes the shock runs deep: blood in the stool. Usually the worst fear in the head shoots the affected colon cancer. But that doesn’t have to be anyway, not automatically. Because even if bleeding gums and in the stomach that can be excreted through the digestive tract. Hemorrhoids may also be the cause for the blood findings. In an interview with the online health magazine has however Dr.

med. Sigrid Kaminiorz, chief physician of the clinic for internal medicine and gastroenterology, Hematology / Oncology, the Bergmannsheil, Gelsenkirchen Buer, pointed out that the reason for the blood findings by a physician must be clarified. “You ought to do from a test that shows blood in the stool, as a patient not just by saying: Oh, already the hemorrhoids will be.” Rather one should clarify that in any case “, as the expert. The most effective way of investigation in this case is called a colonoscopy, also colonoscopy. Dr. Kaminiorz knows the fears, have the patient prior to this investigation.

The colonoscopy was however completely harmless, because the patient during sleep. Also the preparation of the bowel to the day before the examination is now considerably gentler. How she looks exactly, what matters for a colonoscopy, and that one can detect blood in the stool, from whence comes the blood, read the in-depth interview: interview/blut_stuhl_kaminiorz.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M.Raschke

Enlarged Prostrates May Not Be Cancer

The prostate gland is observed passing through two main stages of growth during the life of a man. The first manifests itself quite fast growth during the early years of puberty the prostate, more or less, doubles in size. The second stage of growth begins in the middle of a man of the 1920s and this phase is a much slower growth that continues throughout life, but reaching the 50 it is suitable that its growth is observed by the physician for the problems that this generates. When the symptoms caused by prostate enlarged now begin to appear and a visit to the doctor will reveal the presence of nothing more than a simple enlargement of the prostate. In medical terms, the doctor tells you that you are suffering from BPH which is benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The prostate is located just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder partially. As the prostate grows, the tissue that surrounds it restricts its expansion and cause prostate put pressure around the urethra, which restricts the flow through the urethra. At the same time, the thick wall of the bladder and the bladder begins shrinkage even when it contains relatively small amounts of urine. Eventually, the bladder weakens and loses its ability to contract and therefore the urine becomes trapped in the bladder. Precise symptoms experienced as result of an enlarged prostate clearly vary from person to person, but generally, the first signs will produce a change in its pattern of urination or difficulty in urinating. You can find, for example, that you begin to experience a weak stream of urine or that the flow appears hesitant, they tend to stop and start. It may also find that you can not endure and runs to the bathroom feels that it is urgent.

Trips to the bathroom also may become more frequent, especially during the night, and you can also observe a trend towards the loss of urine or drip. In some cases may be completely unaware of any problems until he suddenly discovers that he cannot urinate at all. In this case, refers to acute urinary retention, the underlying problem is often caused by common medications that contain a decongestant and used in cold and allergy treatments. Acute urinary retention can also be caused by alcohol, cold, or a long period of immobility. In the majority of cases these symptoms are the result simply of an enlarged prostate, and this will be confirmed by a visit to his doctor, who often can treat the problem quite easily. It is, however, important that you actually visit your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms since, in a small number of cases, can be indicative or underlying problem more serious, such as prostate cancer. A visit to the doctor is also essential since, although many cases of BPH can be treated fairly easily, the condition may lead an infection of the urinary tract, damage to the bladder or kidneys, stones in the bladder and incontinence.

Cure Cancer

The proven effectiveness of the Soursop to cure all types of cancer and many other diseases as diabetes, amebiasis, malaria, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, kidney and liver disorders and antitumor is among other benefits that contains this delicious fruit, should not be confused with the custard apple or other fruit that looks like her, because it might be that do not contain the same properties although they are similar and recommended by its sellers as healing, there are 60 or more species family of the genus annona that belong the soursop and not all have been studied scientifically, nor found other heal equal, the following graph is that healthy to my friend. Regardless of the soursop has been studied by the Purdue Institute, in Indiana (USA) that supports your applications already mentioned, there are quite a few testimonials that attest to his healing power and it has been discovering that it heals many diseases and is also effective for weight loss. As a result of the previous publication several emails, I have come to request information or to enrich posted before with recipes or formulas for best results. All components of the soursop are to cure various diseases or health disorders, from the roots, bark and leaves of the tree, Peel the fruit, its pulp and seeds. For that reason must not lose the opportunity to sow dozens of seeds containing each fruit soursop which has also high capacity of germination without much care, can be planted as many trees as possible to have on hand this miracle fruit, because our needs continuously require of its healing power and demand more every day more expensive this product. In several parts of the Republic, found the soursop tree, we can see them lush in damp places, especially if they are at the edge of a river, your fruits come to weigh more 5 kilos each.

It must be aware that in recent days various types of cancer have been increasing, while in Mexico the cancer has become the third leading cause of death in the United States. Registration in 2009 an estimated 1 million new cases of cancer, and what say the diabetes that has grown at the same time in all parts of the world.Besides that, sow trees of soursop in greenhouses through serious hydroponics of best investments by its wide range of curative and high demand that has. For best results, you should consume in fasting the soursop, either in Smoothie, juice or simply savour it to bites, fortunately is very delicious and juicy sweet and sour flavor, of Peel green protuberances in the form of spikes without spines resembling the Cherimoya, inside resembles the anone or Cherimoya, but his flesh is almost transparent white color and its black or dark brown seeds and other fruits that can be confused are beige or white, you have to be careful not to confuse it, because you could be losing important hours, days or months without reaching the health. The soursop, is also known in other parts of the world with the following names: Guanaba, Huanaba, Viejas Zapote, head of black, Catoche, catuche, angering Annona, Cherimoya of Buckler, Sinini, araticum, jaca do Para, sorsaka, Zunrzak, corossol epineux, great corossol, araticulam SOURSOP, aka Guyabano, Graviola, Annona Muricata Linnaeus Sirsak, masasamba, jackfruit corosol, chachiman, huana huana (v. Shipibo-Conibo). epineux, durian cachiman Holland, durian maki and Thu-rian-khack..

Chemo Helps Cancer Patients

Up to three times more than just chemotherapy will be cancer patients treated with heat therapy (hyperthermia) in combination with chemotherapy, they benefit two to three times more than when they are treated only with chemotherapy. That, as is now known, was explored and others at the University Hospital Dusseldorf. Treatment of Krebpatienten is one of the remains of the most expensive and most demanding services of the modern medicine. At the same time doctors care, be unnecessary to burden the patient with ineffective therapies. But now global first proved that it absolutely makes sense to treat patients in addition to chemotherapy with a thermal therapy (hyperthermia). Thereby, the tumor tissue in the body is heated so that it literally melts.

The clinic of Pediatric Oncology,-Hamatologie and Clinical Immunology of the University Hospital Dusseldorf had participated in the study, which could now prove this connection. How exactly the heat therapy works and how the combination at the State affects the patient, read:../krebs_hyperthermie.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising.

Vitamin D

Women who consume adequate vitamin D, have a significantly decreased risk of breast cancer. Women who consume enough vitamin D through diet and nutritional supplements, have a significantly decreased risk of breast cancer. At the 20 percent of the best powered group is the risk by 45 percent less than the lowest 20 per cent. A smaller but still significant difference in the risk of breast cancer by 19 percent was also in supplying calcium. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of science in a meta study, based on data from 11 previous studies on vitamin D and breast cancer, as well as from 15 studies on calcium and breast cancer analyzed this. For the adequate supply of vitamin D nutrition than but up to 90 percent of the Sun’s UVB rays is not responsible from the solarium, or. In the winter, more than 60 percent of German adults suffer from an undersupply of the “sunshine vitamin”. The decisive reasons for the vitamin deficiency among D among overweight but above all too little stay in the Sun.

Spa Hotel Leda SPA

Wellness of class on the Polish Baltic Sea coast enjoy Berlin, on 09.08: 2011 – Wellnessorientierte can vacationers their wellness holiday at the hotel Leda SPA in the probably one of the most beautiful Spa Hotel Poland enjoy. Because the hotel Leda SPA is competing for the title of prestige SPA Awards “in 2010 against 46 competitors pushed through and is currently considered the best SPA Poland. The hotel Leda SPA is a beautiful 4-star Spa Hotel in Kolobrzeg, and offers everything you can – expect as a guest of a spa hotel an elegant atmosphere, an on-site gourmet restaurant, a first-class care by a highly qualified staff and excellent Spa and wellness. The modern and beautiful spa area on 2 floors with an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a sauna invites you to unwind and relax. Cabins for baths and beauty treatments can indulge guests in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere exquisite.

And the selection of beauty and body treatments leave no wish unfulfilled. The Offer ranges from classical, relaxing and far eastern massages, special bathrooms to diverse and high-quality cosmetics and beauty treatments. And the traditional Thai massages are performed by a native Thai with much experience. Leda SPA provides the physical well-being of our guests in the hotel well. LA MAISON gourmet restaurant serves excellent dishes of Mediterranean, French and old Polish cuisine and the PETIT Cafe CAFE with a wide selection of delicious desserts and pastry from our own bakery to linger. Hotel Leda SPA is the Koobrzeg Spa area in the Centre only about 200 metres from the kilometre-long, fine sand beach. The location of the hotel in the middle of the Green Spa area and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, provides a relaxing wellness holiday and the beautiful surrounding area invites you to relaxing walks. The hotel Leda SPA has prepared various attractive packages for a wellness holiday. Whether a short break with Spa and wellness,. a sights, a beauty holiday, a weekend, a romantic getaway or a family holiday – everyone will find according to his taste and his needs the right offer for themselves.


In accordance with Pessini (2001), the process of abbreviation of the life can be divided in the following modalities:It occurs when it has an agreement between doctor, family and patient with the objective to finish with the life last it. Either by means of a lethal drug or of the withdrawal of device of breath, the interference of another person is active. The doctor or any occurs when person of the conviviality of the patient to all provide it the necessary material to the suicide, but does not carry through the final act actively. As much the active euthanasia how much the passive legally is forbidden in Brazil and legalized in some European countries, as Holland. It occurs when it is opted to the persistence in a treatment that will not cure or will improve the state of health of the patient. It is considered antiethical. This practical draws out a pain and can be compared with the torture. Thus, it is the therapeutical stubbornness where the medical technology is used to draw out penosa and uselessly the agony process and to die.

It occurs when, deliberately, the treatment of an incurable illness is suspended that would only draw out the suffering of the patient. It is the correct performance has freighted to the death (Pessini, 2001), the adequate boarding ahead of the patient who is dying, implies to guarantee to this patient its dignity and individuality. It occurs normally it are of the institutions hospital. One is about a needy death, before the hour. It is a category that allows in them to reflect on the phenomenon of the badness human being. It is divided in three situations: The great mass of sick people and deficient who, for reasons politicians, social and economic, do not arrive to be patient, therefore they do not obtain to enter the medical system of health effectively; Sick people who obtain to be patient for, after that, to become victims of medical error for imprudence, ineptitude or recklessness; Patient victims me – the practical one for economic, scientific and sociopolticos reasons (death in scientific, laboratoriais and pharmaceutical experiences, for the traffic of narcotics, sexual abuse, thievery, etc.).

Cough? Back Massage Will Help !

Do you experience difficulty heal after a cold? I mean, cough. It seems to go on the mend, but the exhausting cough … It seems that just about cleared his throat, but no! What is the cause, and how to get rid of gravity chest and throat? Did you know that massage can relieve chest and throat on the severity and hard breathing for just a few sessions? But first things first. The reason for the hard breathing and the severity of the throat – phlegm stagnation in the middle airways. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Neal Barnard. Scientifically sputum – it's released in tracheobronchial expectoration modified secret with a mixture of saliva and secretions of the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal (paranasal) sinuses.

In inflammatory bronchial diseases are changing the properties of tracheobronchial secretions, which in combination with increasing amounts of mucus and easing functions of ciliary epithelium leads to stagnation and infection of mucus in the bronchi. In general, pleasant enough. I want to quickly get rid of (cough) from this stagnation. In most patients, sputum, most often in a short time goes by itself. The person feels a strong urge to cough, making expectoration separated from the bronchial tubes and removed (swallow). But when it comes to a weakened organism or of an allergic reaction, then without the aid of a patient can not do. has much to offer in this field. In the course are heated ointments, inhalations, gymnastics and more. But many people forget about one very effective method.

This massage. Massage the back and chest combines several useful things. This heating of the skin and subcutaneous fat, stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. And thanks special breathing technique (in conjunction with massage techniques), the effect of the massage increases. Coughing up mucus is accelerated breathing easier, the joy of life back! Just a few sessions, and phlegm – not as gone! Also in this case could not be better applicable can massage. Massage is quite common, but often neglected. If you are interested in massage as assistance from the sputum, please contact me at advice and order the massage! This can be done on site in the Order of massage. Or by phone.

Tattoos. The Value Of Tattoos

Subcutaneous images or tatoos have been done made throughout history. Varied motifs decorating sebya drawings and inscriptions, modified method of entry of dye into the epidermis, known tattoo peaks Popularity and the times of calm … But regardless of age, social status and material circumstances of people have always shared by those who have already done a tattoo, and those who have ever thought about decorating your body tattoo, but in the routine worries postponed the event indefinitely. The vast majority of people is a positive to different methods of tattoo. And the not numerous category of people still do not address the services of tattoo artist, is in captivity myths about unsafe tattooing, or severe pain during the application of subcutaneous pattern. Local anesthesia, rigid standards of sterilization in the salon tattoo nullify the alleged risks tattoo, the meaning of which – to modify, closer to perfection the human body. The value of tattoos can be different: the method of expression, the desire to look original, trendy to promote the personal beliefs. People often adorn themselves with religious signs, club logos, patriotic symbols.

A kind of clan-based tribal tattoos are convicted and serving in the army. Of cosmetic tattooing motifs applied to location of skin blemishes, scars, age spots. Standard medical procedure for women undergoing surgery in connection with cancer of breast, nipple tattooing is implanted breast. And the tattoo done simply because she is beautiful, but human nature to desire for beauty. Special reverence worthy of a tattoo as a complement to the intimate haircut. Bikini design involves not simply the removal of excess Vegetation in the intimate zone, but also underline the contours of intimate hair tattooing, adding graceful figures. The most gentle way to decorate your body – a temporary tattoo.

The most common form obtain a temporary image on the skin is henna or mehndi biotattoo. In fact, temporary tattoos rather must be attributed to a variety of body art, as drawing is obtained without the use of needles and piercing skin. Temporary tattoo – great way to find out within 20-30 days of life, drawing on the body, whether a person is ready to become a permanent support of fine arts master of tribal or perhaps not in its constancy character, and he’s ready to come regularly to the salon to change your mood tattoo. The group of fans tattoo is very broad and yet, because even women who are not inclined to completely transform itself in an exhibition of painting, always to taste possibility of a permanent tattoo. Thanks to a tattoo makeup for a few minutes on a woman’s body appears mole transforming the face and white eyebrows and pale lips become more expressive. Tattoo makeup allows women who do not want to waste time on everyday eyeliner eyes or underscore lips look nice, just once to visit the master of a permanent tattoo. Scarification – Body modification, intended rather for the stronger sex. According to the method of scarification and scarification pattern on the body by cutting off small sections of the upper layers of the skin. After healing, the epidermis human body is decorated with fine scars. Their set forms a convex striking figure whose beauty will require the courage of its owner, the surgical skill and endurance of iron masters tattoo.

Abdominoplasty Blepharoplasty

Plastic hipurgiya initially – meditsiny industry, designed to rid the person's appearance from the obvious drawbacks, such could be the post-traumatic injury or congenital diseases. For example, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery – is the elimination of age-related changes of the upper and lower eyelids, or abdominoplasty – removal of fat from the lower abdomen. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery – a surgical correction of age-related changes or other defects of the upper and lower eyelids. With age kozha loses its elasticity and youthful look. Unfortunately, these changes are especially noticeable on the face. The bags under his eyes and hernias, fat accumulation and stretched skin, deep wrinkles – all this gives our face so tired that often our ages for many years. Such changes are in addition to the exterior can also have a negative impact on human visual acuity.

Incident or severe upper eyelid interfere with normal vision, because it strongly eyes get tired, especially clearly manifested in the evening. Eyelid surgery is used for such changes to the face, how to stretch and relaxation of the skin around the eyes, puffy bags under eyes, deep horizontal wrinkles under his eyes, hereditary and age-related changes in age. Most often, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), women have resorted to 35 years, but recently more and more often for this type of operation recorded and the young men and women. This type of operation allows for a significant rejuvenating effect, as a result of eyelid surgery, in most cases, it remains for life. As a single operation eyelid surgery rarely used, and coupled with other types of face correction, as surgery and cosmetology ways, as blepharoplasty, is unable to correct the deficiencies in all age skin. Abdominoplasty – one of the most complicated surgical procedures to rid the patient of the irregularity in the proportions of the anterior abdominal wall and trunk, resulting from hyperextension of the muscles and increasing the thickness cutaneous abdominal fat folds.

During a tummy tuck surgeon removes excess skin and subcutaneous fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tightens the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. Along with abdominoplasty necessary to remove the umbilical, inguinal hernia or post-operative, if any, and to emphasize the waist and lower ribs may be deleted. Doctors tend not to combine abdominoplasty with other abdominal operations. Abdominoplasty usually recommend that patients in relatively good physical shape. Also, you need to know that obesity is not treated abdominoplasty! Before the scheduled abdominoplasty is necessary to pass Consult a physician. If the patient eats a balanced and supports physical activity, the result of abdominoplasty is stored for a long time.

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