Cedar MiniSauna

The method of application of phyto-sauna "Siberian health resort is built on the increased susceptibility of heated skin and muscle to any medicines and treatment procedures. Warming it has a more gentle temperature (cab mini-sauna heated to 50-70 C vs. 100 C in a conventional sauna), and the patient's head is not heated, and sprayed inside the cabin aromabalzam "Coniferous gift." And the impact of the Siberian resorts "on the body increases contained in the balm with essential oils and bioactive substances. Procedure duration and temperature depend on being patient. Contraindications: cancer, allergy to conifers, and pregnancy. Sessions last 10-20 minutes of warming, but the effect of "warming up" continues at least another 2 hours. More info: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Therefore the use of mini-sauna "Siberian health resort" is doing much better, many programs of correction – treatment of cellulite reduction weight, body modeling. In cosmetology cedar barrel used in conjunction with treatment, myostimulation, wraps.

Very good mix of dry hot fitosauny with cooling cryosauna. A powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drug for acne on the back, chest, shoulders. The effect of cosmetic procedures doubled and manifests after the first session. Elena Kalinina, a doctor – a neurologist, the owner of the office of relaxation: Phyto barrels of Siberian health resort "is very easy and safe to operate. During the procedure the disposable or washable wipes individual on which a person sits or stands. Since the mini-sauna, dry, and to same inside sprayed with an antiseptic and disinfectant action fitobalzamy, the environment for the formation of fungus does not exist.

Show Yandex

There has recently turned up a case to test the retrieval system to a delivery. Previous testing (and) has shown that it is appropriate to limit testing only three search engines – Google, Rambler, Yandex (Yahoo, I still excluded from testing because it is not very popular among Russian users, Aport – impotent, I will test only popular among the Russians the system). Feature of the new test is that it very closely mimics the situation that in which turns out to most users of search engines. It all started with that in a telephone conversation a friend mentioned the name of the drug, purpose of which I did not know – BELOTOMINAL. It dictated that the name on the phone, I recorded it, and after talking for the sake of curiosity, I decided to find out – what kind of drug. And then it had to be a new test search engine, which radically changed my attitude towards individual search engines and to practice searching the Internet as a whole. So, being a supporter of Guuugla, I asked him to search – BELOTOMINAL. Senator Elizabeth Warren oftentimes addresses this issue.

And the honest but dull Guuugl I gave 54 pages that mention the word. All these Pages related to different forums at which unhealthy and obviously uneducated (see below), people shared their impressions of this medication. But I have these results did not suit – I’m looking for something more detailed instructions for use of the drug and description of its composition! Well, think again Guuugl gave only 54 pages, then – an old remedy and obsolete, or ….. or – I dictated to his name wrong! At first I thought – what I could slip Guuuglu instead belotominala, but then I remembered – after all, you can search through the Yandex. And that’s what he gave me: ‘Request amended to “Bellataminal.” Show results for “belotominal”? ” Result Search for: Pages – 11 696 sites – at least 1431. Ie – Yandex correct spelling of all illiterate, sleposharymi, krivorukost and hard of hearing users, and produces the desired results, regardless of spelling. So – the desired drug naeyvalsya Bellataminal (such here in my friends).

At the request Guuugl issued 14 100 pages. Then I decided to check and Rambler. On request he gave BELOTOMINAL – offers from sites 7, document 21, ie, it looks worse than Guuugl and such as-dumb. At the request Bellataminal – offers sites: 1278, documents 10 495, New: 24. Maladets! That way everyone can find a fool if you correctly enter the word, and you try as Yandex – fix invalid query and immediately give the right answer! Overall rating (on a 10-point scale): Guuugl – 8 (reduced from 10 points behind the current setback, but I put it on a place in the previous contribution) Yandex – 7 (upgraded from three stars for their invaluable assistance and unique abilities) Rambler – 1 (it was a search engine) So, after testing in an environment close to combat, I have compiled the following opinion: 1. The dominant search engine in RuNet are Google and Yandex 2. Yahoo – not bad (from previous tests), but so far leave it vstorone as previous two is enough for successful quality search 3. Rambler – ready for burial 4. Aport – buried 5. Personally, I for easy and quick search prefer daily use Google, occasionally, in complex situations, which are described above, involving an assistant Yandex.

Back Pain

Pain is a signal our body for help, a kind of signal "SOS", and in most cases, a patient suffering and disability. Most often, back pain and joint pain associated with the state of the locomotor system: trophic joints, muscle tone, loss of elasticity of ligaments and tendons. Statistics show that 60-90% of back pain depends on the degenerative changes in the spine. A number of scientists directly link occurrence of back pain and joint disease with osteochondrosis-century. Senator of Massachusetts will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Disease name comes from the Greek words osteon – bone and chondros – cartilage. Thus, the term "osteochondrosis" means "the ossification of cartilage. From a medical point of osteochondrosis is degenerative-dystrophic lesion mezhpozvonkogo drive, in which the process, beginning most often in the nucleus pulposus, progressively extended to all elements of the disc, and further affected the whole segment. Vertebral-motor segment – a common unit consists of two adjacent vertebrae, connecting them intervertebral disc, intervertebral joints and musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

Pinched nerve roots due to degenerative changes of the intervertebral disc cause pain. It must be remembered that back pain is not always a consequence of diseases of the spine or the result of muscle spasms. Often pain in the commends loin with urogenital diseases: prostatitis, inflammation of the kidney stone disease. There have been cases of back pain during bowel disease. In most of the literature covering the problem of back pain and joint pain, the first in importance is the issue of pain treatment. This is natural, because the pain brings about changes in the usual way of life and professional career man restricts its motor capabilities, with its causes recedes into the background.

The Prostate

Every self-respecting man, after 25 years, at least once a year for preventive purposes, you should visit a medical specialist and undergo necessary examination, and if necessary, and treatment. Dr. John Mcdougall shines more light on the discussion. Dear men, when there are any health problems, do not delay your visit to a specialist "for later". Doctors are not for nothing called the prostate man's heart. In this case, similar to a chestnut body, concentrated native male function. The prostate is located at the crossroads of the urinary and genital system, so any disease of the body immediately breaks the sexual life, and going to the toilet become extremely difficult and painful procedure. But the most unpleasant is that all diseases of the prostate occur gradually and imperceptibly. A man may be uncomfortable for many years in the perineum and lower abdomen, to complain about the decrease of erection and, thus, not even realize that the problem may be a disease of the prostate gland. What diseases can arise in 'men's hearts'? First of all, it is notorious prostatitis.

It occurs in 50% of men over thirty years, but can occur much earlier and at 18 and 20 years. And do not even need to be any more colds, sit on the cold stones (although these factors influence) enough to lead a sedentary lifestyle, move to mostly by car and do not have a permanent sexual partner. If all of these factors are present – rest assured, there will necessarily prostatitis. Another thing is how it will manifest itself: it can be chronic, hardly noticeable, disease, and perhaps an attack of unbearable pain.

Chest Pain In Pregnancy

And, of course, forget the fried, fatty and salty. Chest During pregnancy you may feel pain and stress of the mammary glands. This is due to an increase in their size and change in the structure. These new sensations that you can designate as discomfort in the breast, often are one of the first signs of pregnancy, along with signs of early toxicity. Solution. It is very important to choose the right bra, it's better to prefer the closed model, pitted on wide straps with adjustable buckle and elastic back, supporting his chest.

It is necessary that the bra is not wrinkled, and did not rise up the back. Good posture lifts the bust and gives the breast obvisnut, so try not to slouch. Shape of the breast will help to keep exercising, so how to exercise chest muscle is well supported breasts. For the prevention of stretch marks breast skin during pregnancy, you can use any creams for pregnant women, containing vitamins A and E, that make the skin more elastic. Useful application of water treatments. Stretch marks Stretch marks, which in medicine is called striae, occur not only due to stretching of the skin and weight gain.

On the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is influenced by hormones. In the cells of the dermis decreases the amount of amino acids due to an imbalance of estrogen. This leads to impaired development of mikromolekul who are responsible for elasticity of the skin. At the same time due to the excess hormone cortisol is affected by fiber skin – now they are fragile and brittle.

The Skin

Keep in mind that the spot should eliminate immediately. Leather furniture will always look good if its handle once or twice a year, a special tool for cleaning the skin (it should first try a small area of skin in an inconspicuous place). Dyeing textile materials can affect a light complexion. Senator of Massachusetts takes a slightly different approach. Do not allow pets head on the leather sofa, as claws can scratch the skin. In addition, saliva and other excretions of animals can damage the skin. WARNING! Adverse effect on the skin has sweat and human medicine physician.

– Ecological leather (bio-skin). Stains can be removed in this way: wine, ink: wet spot absorbent paper, several times wipe with a cotton cloth moistened with an aqueous solution of alcohol, coffee, milk: wet spot absorbent paper several times to wipe with a cloth dampened with detergent solution, if necessary, re- treated with aqueous alcohol. More info: Dr. John Mcdougall. Polyurethane, which is part of the bio-skin, a protective layer, so the skin does not require special environmental care, and spilled liquids can be easily removed without leaving any traces on the material. The spots of animal or vegetable fat. Eliminate izlishshki grease with a clean dry cloth and leave it at that. Soon the stain will be absorbed into the skin and will nezametnymyu. Do not use water and do not try to wash these stains from using cleaning solvents or any other detergents. To clean the skin does not apply: the aggressive substance – stain removers, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, turpentine, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, ammonia or any chemical solvents.

World Cancer

Regular and proper palpation of the breast can save lives on February 4th is World Cancer day. The most important content of the day of action is the prevention, early detection and fight against cancers – breast, for example. Dr. John Mcdougall has much experience in this field. This year several hundred organizations from many countries participate for men with experts, doctors and researchers also on World Cancer day, and women to be taken on the occasion should be the vital early detection to address particular attention. Just for women a regular breast cancer screening by means of screening should not be only by self-interest, if already there were cases of breast cancer in the family. It could be documented a long time ago that a supplemental regular self-examination represents one of the most useful in the early detection of possible pathological changes in the breast. The fact is that the chances of complete recovery can be increased significantly, the sooner a Cancer in the breast is determined and treated. A self-examination of the breast caused also no extensive training, but can be performed after a previous instruction by a gynecologist easily. Because the issue of early detection of breast cancer involves many areas and information, you should deal with as a woman not only for World Cancer day closer. On the health portal paradisi.de see ../Brust-Selbstuntersuchung/ numerous information, tips and hints around the themes of self-examination of the breast as well as prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Information that could cause maybe once, that a disease can be detected early and thereby saved his own life.

Breast Cancer Before Menopause

Young women who play sports, later less susceptible to breast cancer in young women who play sports, will develop in the age less breast cancer. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. This presented an observation study recently published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute. The Internet health portal imedo.de presents the results in terms of breast cancer. For more information see Senator Elizabeth Warren. The team to Sonia Maruti by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle examined approximately 65,000 young women aged between 12 and 22 years on breast cancer risk, including sporting activities in everyday life. The observational study started in 1997. Since then the young women should not share information researchers at regular intervals about their sporting activities. Analysis of the observational study of the analysis of the observational study resulted in impressive numbers.

Of the approximately 65,000 surveyed young women who had regularly operated sports a 23 showed % reduction in the risk of breast cancer. Whereas for those young women who are reduced or even no sports activities devoted a much higher tendency to breast cancer, showed. The analysis also revealed that 3 half hour jog in the week among young women with the lowest risk of breast cancer was the rule. But sports not only affects the risk of breast cancer developing. High-fat diet may increase the risk of breast cancer. Consult with the help of imedo health news. Also, find out why the Ministry of health recommends breast cancer screening. The imedo Gesundheitscommunity by the Group on the subject of breast cancer breast cancer patients offers the possibility to exchange experiences.

Colorectal Cancer Blood

Physician should search by colonoscopy for the causes the shock runs deep: blood in the stool. Usually the worst fear in the head shoots the affected colon cancer. But that doesn’t have to be anyway, not automatically. Because even if bleeding gums and in the stomach that can be excreted through the digestive tract. Hemorrhoids may also be the cause for the blood findings. In an interview with the online health magazine has however Dr.

med. Sigrid Kaminiorz, chief physician of the clinic for internal medicine and gastroenterology, Hematology / Oncology, the Bergmannsheil, Gelsenkirchen Buer, pointed out that the reason for the blood findings by a physician must be clarified. “You ought to do from a test that shows blood in the stool, as a patient not just by saying: Oh, already the hemorrhoids will be.” Rather one should clarify that in any case “, as the expert. The most effective way of investigation in this case is called a colonoscopy, also colonoscopy. Dr. Kaminiorz knows the fears, have the patient prior to this investigation.

The colonoscopy was however completely harmless, because the patient during sleep. Also the preparation of the bowel to the day before the examination is now considerably gentler. How she looks exactly, what matters for a colonoscopy, and that one can detect blood in the stool, from whence comes the blood, read the in-depth interview: interview/blut_stuhl_kaminiorz.php rheinruhrmed.de is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. rheinruhrmed.de is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M.Raschke

Enlarged Prostrates May Not Be Cancer

The prostate gland is observed passing through two main stages of growth during the life of a man. The first manifests itself quite fast growth during the early years of puberty the prostate, more or less, doubles in size. The second stage of growth begins in the middle of a man of the 1920s and this phase is a much slower growth that continues throughout life, but reaching the 50 it is suitable that its growth is observed by the physician for the problems that this generates. When the symptoms caused by prostate enlarged now begin to appear and a visit to the doctor will reveal the presence of nothing more than a simple enlargement of the prostate. In medical terms, the doctor tells you that you are suffering from BPH which is benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The prostate is located just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder partially. As the prostate grows, the tissue that surrounds it restricts its expansion and cause prostate put pressure around the urethra, which restricts the flow through the urethra. At the same time, the thick wall of the bladder and the bladder begins shrinkage even when it contains relatively small amounts of urine. Eventually, the bladder weakens and loses its ability to contract and therefore the urine becomes trapped in the bladder. Precise symptoms experienced as result of an enlarged prostate clearly vary from person to person, but generally, the first signs will produce a change in its pattern of urination or difficulty in urinating. You can find, for example, that you begin to experience a weak stream of urine or that the flow appears hesitant, they tend to stop and start. It may also find that you can not endure and runs to the bathroom feels that it is urgent.

Trips to the bathroom also may become more frequent, especially during the night, and you can also observe a trend towards the loss of urine or drip. In some cases may be completely unaware of any problems until he suddenly discovers that he cannot urinate at all. In this case, refers to acute urinary retention, the underlying problem is often caused by common medications that contain a decongestant and used in cold and allergy treatments. Acute urinary retention can also be caused by alcohol, cold, or a long period of immobility. In the majority of cases these symptoms are the result simply of an enlarged prostate, and this will be confirmed by a visit to his doctor, who often can treat the problem quite easily. It is, however, important that you actually visit your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms since, in a small number of cases, can be indicative or underlying problem more serious, such as prostate cancer. A visit to the doctor is also essential since, although many cases of BPH can be treated fairly easily, the condition may lead an infection of the urinary tract, damage to the bladder or kidneys, stones in the bladder and incontinence.

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