Ideal Surgical Intervention Gastric Sleeve

Ending your problems of obesity in once for all? Here I have the solution! Changes the direction of your life and decide to enjoy the benefits of being thin with the gastric sleeve. Quiet estate, because the gastric sleeve is a fairly simple procedure that is also safe and very efficient. Recovery time is extremely quick because enough 7 days rest and hospitalization 2 so that you continue without any problem your daily routine. Best thing about this surgery is that once you make it, you can keep eating all kinds of food, only you will automatically do it in much smaller proportions, since what happens in the operation, is that the size of your stomach, reduces so you saciaras you most prompt way.The gastric sleeve is in the division of your stomach into two parts, and one of them is which performs the normal functions of your stomach with a capacity of size much better. Another one of the great wonders of the gastric sleeve, is that reducing by 40% the mortality of those who suffer from obesity. Take the next step and decide to improve your health and look radiant! A. Verastegui hold.