Container Logistics

For today's Russia this freight transport, the annual volume of which exceeds 20 thousand teu, is to some extent innovative and pilot options for continuous transport process that requires complex providing all components of the transport chain – the speed, rhythm, cost, safety, reliability and assurance that it all works. Today the Transport Group fesco is actually the only domestic company that can provide a problem of this magnitude, entirely controlling the entire transport chain, involving the full cycle of its own transportation assets. Marine part of the chain is formed container lines fesco, working on a fixed schedule, which connect the ports of Russia (Eastern, Vladivostok and ) to the ports of Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, usa. Currently, the Pacific fesco Lines employing 14 ships total Container 9.5 thousand teu. In addition, fesco operates fleet of containers of about 40 thousand teu of various sizes and provides full cargo containers of their own. Control functions movement of containers assigned to local offices fesco, located in all ports of service lines and throughout the network of Railways.

Automotive come from factories Korea and China, and the beginning of the transport chain provides for the plant container equipment required size in accordance with the schedules shipments. To maximize the useful capacity of the container autoparts them ready and packed in such a way that each 40-foot container holds 4 car kits. Accordingly, for transportation under this contract is used precisely Park 40-foot containers. The railway part of the transport chain working in the area between the port of Trans-Siberian East and the destination station (driveways assembly plants) in Taganrog (plant TGAZ) and (plant ).

Olympic Stage

The Olympic Stage was first of its two Spanish appointments. Second it will be Friday in San Sebastin. The group reviewed the majority of its great successes. The group of American rock Bon Jovi acted tonight in the Olympic Stage of Barcelona in first of its two Spanish appointments within the tour On Air that will complete Friday in San Sebastin. The group irrunpi in the scene to the 22 hours after a visual science-fiction prologue in the screen of the bottom, and as soon as raised the singer, Jon Bon Jovi, adorned with a red military dress coat, began to sound the chords of one of its more popular subjects, Raising Your Hands. Faithful to their Barcelonan appointment of the last years, Bon Jovi or those that are the same Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Towers, returned to the same space in which already they acted in June of 2008 to present/display his tenth album, Lost Highway. With the fourth subject of the great evening he arrived first from his hits, We Weren' t Born to Follow, of its album The Circle, sung by Bon Jovi guitar in hand, silueteado on images of Picasso, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. After intoning I Believe, the group of New Jersey offered to parroquianos given his, that they did of choir, the hymn of the band, It' s My Life. And after a hymn, a calmer subject as In These Arms took passage to We Got It Going On – finalized to capella by the public, Captain Crash or Bad Medicine, another cut of one of the visited albums more in the concert, New Jersey. Without the visual shows of recent concerts like those of Roger Waters, U2 or Kylie Minogue, the group yes unfolded in one of the ends of Olympic a great scenic device, with his more than 800,000 watts of power, 300 lights of the high professional range, 150 tons of material and one screen at heart with 75,000 pixels.


The cognitivo error is tied with the formal learning, to already established, that it depends on knowledge so that does not happen. The person is evaluated for what already she learned. She has a daily pay-determination in the judgment. I take the blame myself or am guilty for not having used the knowledge of adequate form. Already the existential error is tied with a picture of choices.

The person makes the choice, however later only is that it will verify it made if it correctly or not. It does not have a daily pay-determination in the judgment. The guilt feeling, in this situation, occurs later to the choice, after its experience. It agrees to understand that, at the moment where the choice was made, it was, who knows, the best option; however, with passing of the time, it was verified that it was not well thus. Why blaming in them in such a way for something whose resulted not yet we knew? In the reality, the guilt that we feel does not come properly of the error in itself, but in the way as we react when we make inadequate choices. We must be less rigid, in our auto-evaluation. At last! The existential autogerenciamento, when displaying its vision of error, beyond having as objective teaching in them to deal with our errors of different form, each one in its context; it also teaches to us not in such a way disturbing in them with them. The form that you introjeta the guilt are determinative in the way to interact with it.

The autopunio is directly on to this agreement. According to existential autogerenciamento the systematic autopunio and the medicalizao of the suffering finish unchaining adoecimento process. Why we blame in them unnecessary? It will be that we are we forget that still we are human! If it does not forget! Yesterday already he was future, already it was present and today it is passed.

The Prognoses

The exactitude of the prognoses generated by systems automatic it can vary obviously. Aplicativos developed in leaves of calculation of Excel, rarely offer high exactitude, while yes they do the systems of prognosis specialized that use methods of proven series of time statistically, which use models like exponential smoothing, Box-Jenkins, Croston and others. Empirical studies have shown substantial differences of the exactitude between commercial tools of prognosis that use the same types of models. These differences are caused by several reasons including the design and development for the selection algorithms, also by as the parameters calculate and as the models are optimized and initialized. The best form to evaluate a system of generation of prognoses, is to model the passed scenes, to generate the results through system and of comparing them with the presented/displayed reality.

This will allow him to evaluate of better way the trustworthiness than a system of prognoses can offer its process of planning. When implementing an automated system of prognoses, the user must have present that an automatic algorithm sees its data as a series of numbers and selects a model with base to statistical parameters. It is probable that sometimes the glider has a very great experience with respect to the behavior of the demand of products and the market, which can generate applying adjustments to the prognoses presented/displayed in the system or to even reject the projections presented/displayed by the system. There are many cases in which definitively the judgment of experts is the best option, weakening the results of an automatic system. The series of time work catching landlords within the historical data and extrapolating the model in the future. The methods of series of time are appropriate when the user has a reasonable amount of data and is a continuity enters the past and the future (regularity). They are very appropriate methods when we foretold in the short term.

United States Government

Let’s look at another extract from the article: the surveyed firms noted that it is too early to comment on the levels of remuneration for 2010. Many explained that if not properly pay their employees, they risk losing the best. Many people may ask: why the Government is not acting? No matter what others do, the State’s wealth is an internal condition. The rich man is rich, because he knows that he is rich. Let’s look at another extract from the article: politicians and regulators have been successful in influencing the remuneration structure, although not their levels.

They have pressured to deliver more equity compensation benefits and other long-term instruments. Firms have found other ways to limit the risks that employees take to obtain short-term gains, something required companies that accepted funds from the United States Government during the financial crisis. As you can read, no matter what make the Government or the poor, or whoever, the rich always find the way to get what they want. Instead of complaining about the remuneration given to the rich, I recommend you follow the old advice if you can not beat them, join them. Getting rich. Becoming rich is the easiest thing in the world. You should only want it, establish an Irresistible goal or a powerful goal along the lines presented by Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals. This book will help you become rich, and then the money will flow toward you, as the mountains water flows towards the sea.

In this life every one has what he deserves, the rich have read books and have developed a consciousness of wealth. The poor don’t understand that anyone can remove their right to another. The rich are rich because they read books such as the secret of the power of goals. You read it too and get rich. Work on yourself, creating irresistible targets, and even in times of crisis for the poor and the middle class, you will earn more.


The pupil then passed for some examinations and doctors as peditrica cardiologia, infantile neurology, and others, where they had told to its problem and the cares that must have so that the same it acquired resulted in its learning. So that it was possible this study, I made you vary visits, in the schools where the pupil studies, informal colloquies with professors, coordinators, articuladores and interview written with the parents I contend 36 questions where they comment on the development of the child since the birth tie the current age. CONSIDERAES FINAL the study of the learning process human being and its difficulties are developed by the Psicopedagogia, taking themselves in consideration realities internal external, looking for to understand of global form cognitivos, emotional, organic, familiar, social and pedagogical the processes that they determine to the condition of the citizen and intervene with the learning process, being made possible situations that rescue the learning in its totality in pleasant way. The pertaining to school learning is considered a natural process, that results of a complex mental activity, in which the thought, the perception, the emotions, the memory, the previous motricidade and knowledge are involved and where the child must feel the pleasure in learning. Rare the learning difficulties have only cognitivas origins. To attribute to the proper pupil its failure, considering that it has some comprometimento in its psicomotor development, cognitivo, linguistic or emotional (colloquy very, is slow, does not make the house lesson, does not have assimilation, among others.), familiar desestruturao, without considering, the learning conditions that the school offers this pupil the other intra-pertaining to school factors that favor not the learning. The difficulties of learning in the school, can be considered one of the causes that can lead the pupil to the failure pertaining to school. We cannot disrespect that the failure of the pupil also can be understood as a failure of the school for not knowing to deal with the diversity of its pupils.

Third Molars

Oral surgery is a medical discipline that requires an advanced post-graduate training, as well as an experience prolonged exercise. An oral surgeon, can handle a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth and teeth, problems that generally range from dental implantology until the removal of wisdom teeth. Own oral surgeon’s skills include the reconstruction of the jaw bone anatomy, activity crucial to achieve an increase of bone height and width necessary to accommodate dental implants. Today this technique is very important in order to provide patients with tooth absence a stable, comfortable and sustainable treatment in time). Among the most recurrent pathologies within the oral surgery third molars that are wisdom teeth that have not gone out and are within the bone underneath the gums are we must bear in mind that an included of the wisdom teeth can cause infections, about everything when is inclusion is partial and the molar is communicated with the mouth. This situation can also damage adjacent teeth, causing cavities, periodontal pathology in the adjacent gums, swollen gums, cysts and even tumors, although the latter are not too frequent.How to treat this pathology? In principle, a panoramic x-ray and a clinical examination will help the surgeon to predict whether a wisdom or not to cause problems in the future.

If the probability of future complications is significant shall be an extraction of the same. As data, say that the approximate age of the wisdom teeth eruption is situated between 17 and 21 years of age by the extraction of these wheels in very young patients tends to be easier, because the roots of the molar are not fully developed (usually speak a much more rapid intervention and with a postoperative less complex). Usually after the intervention, the patient will have the area swollen for a few days, being the first two critics in terms of inconvenience. However after the second day the inconvenience will be referring. Today thanks to the possibilities existing in the good combination of thoroughly studied medications, can be can be very effectively counteract such postoperative discomfort.In addition there are a series of guidelines for the postoperative period that gives the surgeon and that, complementing with the prescribed medication, they will serve to expedite to the maximum to the recovery reduce significantly the effects of discomfort.