Container Logistics

For today's Russia this freight transport, the annual volume of which exceeds 20 thousand teu, is to some extent innovative and pilot options for continuous transport process that requires complex providing all components of the transport chain – the speed, rhythm, cost, safety, reliability and assurance that it all works. Today the Transport Group fesco is actually the only domestic company that can provide a problem of this magnitude, entirely controlling the entire transport chain, involving the full cycle of its own transportation assets. Marine part of the chain is formed container lines fesco, working on a fixed schedule, which connect the ports of Russia (Eastern, Vladivostok and ) to the ports of Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, usa. Currently, the Pacific fesco Lines employing 14 ships total Container 9.5 thousand teu. In addition, fesco operates fleet of containers of about 40 thousand teu of various sizes and provides full cargo containers of their own. Control functions movement of containers assigned to local offices fesco, located in all ports of service lines and throughout the network of Railways.

Automotive come from factories Korea and China, and the beginning of the transport chain provides for the plant container equipment required size in accordance with the schedules shipments. To maximize the useful capacity of the container autoparts them ready and packed in such a way that each 40-foot container holds 4 car kits. Accordingly, for transportation under this contract is used precisely Park 40-foot containers. The railway part of the transport chain working in the area between the port of Trans-Siberian East and the destination station (driveways assembly plants) in Taganrog (plant TGAZ) and (plant ).