Pregnant Women

Since long ago, skin care specialists have been trying to find a solution for stretch marks. Stretch marks are pretty inevitable; You can have one or two stretch marks on your body. However, pregnant women, as well as those who lost or gained weight very fast are more likely to have extensive stretch marks. The language of skin until we can understand streaks, is important to have a basic knowledge of how form and how to act. The human skin is made with 80% 4% of elastin and collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes skin supple. edge.. Collagen and elastin together form a network similar to the fishing net that allows skin to stretch and return to its normal state. Stretch marks appear when this network is damaged; the damage causes a scar called stria.

So far, stretch marks do not have cure; Once they appear, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate them, but their appearance can be reduced. Laser treatment is the more novel method for treating those stretch marks, but it is more effective to treat stretch marks of red color. The laser can significantly reduce the redness, a little stopping the inflammation that is caused by stretch marks appear. Laser treatment can slightly improve color streaks clear. Pregnancy and the ghost of stretch marks some factors can influence the appearance of stretch marks in a pregnant woman. These factors include genes, ethnicity and the quantity of water consumed. A woman whose mother or sister or whose female relatives had stretch marks are more likely to also develop stretch marks.

With respect to ethnicity, women with dark skin (with more melanin) are less likely to have stretch marks than women with fair skin (with less melanin). Women who drink excessive amounts of water during pregnancy can reduce the appearance of stretch marks since your skin is well moisturized. Stretch marks in pregnant women tend to appear in those zones that are expanded: arms, bust, stomach, hips and thighs. These areas of rapid stretch feels itching and scratching often can affect the elasticity of the skin and cause stretch marks. One solution is to rub talcum powder or lotion to the skin to relieve the itching. Pregnant women should also make physical activity since doing so they help that the skin is more flexible and does not contain toxins, making the skin maintain its elasticity. Prevention of stretch marks if you want to prevent stretch marks or at least make them less apparent, applied topical acids and Retin-A creams alpha-hydroxy. However, if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before you use these medications. You can also apply against stretch marks that have been specially formulated creams. It is creams that commonly contain cream cocoa, lanolin and wheat germ oil, ingredients that have healing stretch marks on effects, that they reconstitute the skin. Pregnant women should take into account that they must also deal with stretch marks after giving birth, once stretched skin returns to its normal size. Therefore, it is essential to comply with advice on skin care that can lessen the damage caused by Striae.