It exepct a heavenly peace coupled with sunshine and a spectacular view. We could imagine no better way to inner relaxation. The new winter garden mountain farm Irxner was completed recently. It is something the breakfast or dinner overlooking to occupy on the Dachstein Tauern region. With regard to the breakfast, as it consists of a buffet breakfast, as it is in the Styria tradition. You can enjoy home-baked bread, or extra for breakfast, eggs from the farm’s own chickens and jams made with forest fruits by wife Hoflehner even cooked. For dinner, there are strong down-to-Earth menus with other healthy products from the own farm. Wellness is capitalized in the Irxner mountain farm.

The OASIS consists of a new small but fine”relaxation area with views over the Enns valley and Finland sauna. An absolute highlight is the hotspot (Jacuzzi) it is an experience to relax special kind is. One sparkling wine in the pool, possibly sits with a glass makes the views of the beautiful landscape stripes and goes his thoughts after or pleasantly converses with his neighbors. Now it is not for everyone of course throughout the day on the balcony, to create. What can you do probably everything in this area, summer and winter? We have gone after this question time. Numerous walks are offered in the summer. The Irxner mountain farm is an ideal starting point for example, for a Rittisbergrundwanderung, you can deal with in 3-4 hours.

On any mountain of in Styria, so many attractions are available, such as on the Rittisberg in Ramsau am Dachstein. For children and adults, there are a variety of recreational activities. Summer tobogganing, swimming, hiking, fairytale trail, Summit cross, archery, cabin experience, full of action between tops swing in the forest high rope garden, and much more is possible on this mountain. Even in winter, the Irxner mountain farm is an ideal base for winter sports enthusiasts. It is located in the middle of the sports world Ski Amade with his 860 km of slopes and 270 ski lifts. That should convince even the fastest ski fan. The skier can not complain. The Rittisloipe runs right next to the mountain farm Irxner. This trail leads around the Rittisberg and past some huts which invite you to linger. There is still cleared hiking paths always the Sun along, Moonlight tobogganing, sledding, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, swimming in the indoor pool and who is still not enough, we can recommend the nightlife at the Reiteralm. Conclusion: The mountain farm Irxner has nothing more to do with a conventional farm. “It would mean not mountain farm and he would have more room could be him peace of mind as a 4-star hotel Irxner” call. All rooms are modern furnished, the friendliness of the family Irxner, almost already incredibly beautiful area make the mountain farm Irxner to the special place of tranquility, real relaxation for body, mind and soul.


Each concrete case, individual household details of life, which in normal times, no one paid attention, with tragic circumstances, retroactively become symbols of the signs. If a person dies, remember any unusual event, a natural phenomenon, the loss (during sleep or waking), prior to death: "No wonder the flower bloomed out of season", "No wonder the chicken rooster screamed," etc. The termination of earthly existence, Nonrepresentability existence beyond the grave always scare people. In the folk customs of their ancestors reflected attempts to interpret the nature of the death of inexplicability, say, the machinations of witches. Natural sense of self led to search for means to counter death, which manifested itself with particular force at the time of its approach. Hence the custom to close immediately after the death of windows, doors, mirrors the same (as a special magical means of entry) to hex is not entered the house, had no effect on the living. The imprint of Christian ideas are ideas about "good" and "bad", "difficult" and "easy" death. Seemed desirable in the past and present death in a circle of relatives and close without a long and painful illness.

How long was considered essential presence at the death of a patient's bedside relatives. This was due, firstly, the desire to get blessing for the dying later life, and secondly, the need to take steps to ease his dying agony, and help his soul in search of the path to the afterlife. According to popular belief, the last breath of man – The emission of the spirit – the soul to part with the body and there is a struggle for the soul between the "evil" force and an angel sent by God for the soul of a dying man. Agonal suffering due not severity of illness, and that dying in Last minute hurts "evil" force (the devil, the devil), she seemed not to give his angel. Trying to ease the way for the soul to God, put his hand in the dying 'gods' a candle burned incense around the incense. A good death was considered to Easter, the day of Resurrection, when, according to popular belief, open "the doors of Paradise" by analogy with the royal doors of the temple. Light's death was regarded by the people as a reward for a pious life, the difficult – as the fate of sinners. cross coffin, funeral services

Medical Literature

In medical literature, symptom is any alteration of the normal perception that a person has of its proper body, of its metabolism, its sensations, being able or not to express an illness indication. Symptoms are, frequently, confused with signals, that are perceived or measured alterations for another person, generally, for a health professional. The difference between symptom and signal is that the signal can be perceived by another person, without the story or communication of the patient; the symptom is the complaint told for the patient, but that it only obtains to perceive. Symptoms are subjective, citizens to the interpretation of the proper patient. The description of the symptoms varies enormously in function of the culture of the patient, as well as in result of the valuation that each person of to its proper perceptions. In the vision of the autogerenciamento, three .causing factors of the depressive picture exist: Organic? Chemistry? Existential ORGANIC Disequilibrium in the production of enzymes and hormones, on the part of adoecido agency, or, then, for loss of its function, which had to the aging, produces in the organism psychic alterations such as picture of depression, phobias etc. These pictures intervene with the thought, behavior and in the learning. With treatment medicamentoso is possible to reorganize the organism and the person comes back, in turn, to its normal life.

The depressive pictures, in such situation, characterize signals and symptoms of a organic illness and not of a psychic illness. The more early the medicamentoso treatment will be initiated, more quickly the depressive symptoms will disappear. CHEMICAL chemical substance Contact or ingestion (alcohol, cocaine, remedies, etc.) also produces picture of depression and phobias. In some cases, with the suspension or elimination of the .causing substance of the evil, the organism reencontra its balance and the signals and depressive symptoms revealed disappears and the life of the person if it normalizes.