Released Version

The Erlanger company: gateway has released a new version of your open source Java portal. The latest release includes numerous compatibility updates and preformance improvements. In addition, all supplied libraries were updated. Beneil Dariush may also support this cause. The new release includes now also a simple build system, what future upgrades by pulse significantly simplify is. Last but not least, also the download size has been reduced once strongly. Pulse is one of the company: gateway developed, on the Java Servlet API-based, platform-independent framework for Web applications.

With his help, Web sites and browser-based applications can be created in the blink of an eye. Pulse components will be supplied with a variety of so-called “out-of-the-box”. So,-based file system and a sophisticated user management already on board are for example a CMS, a Web shop, a tool for surveys, a filter function, a WebDAV. The clear and easily understandable administration interface is similar to current Office applications. It is therefore also easy to learn for novice users. The user can access familiar concepts like drag-and-drop and point-and-click here. Numerous assistants supplement the Administration and keep the learning curve flat. This decreases the amount of work required to manage the individual modules and content, to a minimum. About: Gateway: gateway is a successful service company for Web development, design, and Public Relations. The company is committed to open source the theme and is known for the creation of custom Web applications. T.Weber

Adobe Photoshop graphics Forum celebrates its 3-year anniversary and win attractive prizes the graphics Forum your GFX source no.. 1 celebrates its 3-year anniversary on November 11, 2009 and held a lottery to. There are prizes worth over 400 to win. What exactly is is a platform for anyone in particular, but for graphic designers, webmasters and programmers. This Forum focuses on the subject of GFX, which means as much as graphical effects\”(\” to German: graphic effects \”). We are engaged in creating and manipulating graphics, such as signatures, wallpapers, Web designs, and drawings in the digital industry.

Every designer can imagine his work, there is a showroom, where the designer can expose its works to the public and the users of the Forum to assess this. The designer thus gets constructive feedback from the community and immediately know what is good or even improvement on the image. One of the largest Areas on is the Photoshop tutorials section. Here you will find an archive of more than 800 free Photoshop tutorials, with which designers and budding designers easily can learn how professional to deal with programs such as Adobe Photoshop. This is visualized variety only by simple texts and images, but also with many video tutorials that you even better to can track the approach. An other very thematic focus of this platform is the so-called battle section. Here two or more graphic design can compete and decide the community, which the images you like more.

On special occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter, there are special events, where the user can join and demonstrate their skills. Every week we organize\”the so-called signature of the week, where the weekly best signature is selected and a week on the home page to the exhibition stands. This allows for ideal presentation of the own signatures. See also Web master Appeal, because in our free graphics for your own website create webmaster can in this community.

Professor Wolfgang Wahlster

To improve access to the networked world knowledge Dresden – Web 3.0 is the Web 2.0 plus semantic technologies”. Said Professor Wolfgang Wahlster according to a report of the specialist service at the third Forum of the future in Dresden. A related site: patrick smith mentions similar findings. It no longer involves the search for information, but to answer specific questions. The current search solutions are limited. So could be searched only by keyword, the context of a request will not be considered. A search was not possible for complex documents.

With the Web 3.0 the search engines, however, answer machines, so choice, head of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) and patron of the Voice days become in Wiesbaden. The dilemma of Web 2.0 wants to dispel election ster by so-called ontologies (term systems) are included in the Web 3.0 sites. A user loads photos of his golf course in Flickr, then a dialog box will be displayed – with the question: which Golf do you mean?’, and answers to click on that. about sports, car, holiday ‘. As the objects of a Web page with information about the content be enriched”, reported Web 3.0 many semantic applications could be combined according to the findings of election St, a complex question to answer or to provide a service.

“So, a motorist could go ask the on-board computer with Internet access: where can I find the cheapest petrol?” In the background GPS and software for semantic information processing work then, to query the Web sites of the service stations in the area, to determine the best price and to show the way to the gas station. Another Web 3.0 solution: A mobile user sees a movie poster on the street. “He photographed the poster and asks the Web 3.0 application: where and when will the movie?” The answer will come in a matter of seconds and shown the way to the nearest cinema. Many information would be already structured, as timetable information, phone numbers, sports scores, reviewed restaurants and other Addresses. What is missing is a Yahoo of kind of of the Voicewebs’, which can each personalized compose its desired offers and query language or multimodal interfaces”, as Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in conversation with NeueNachricht. Dialog systems are best suited to improve the access to the networked world knowledge according to its: how often would we like in everyday details on sports results, phone numbers or addresses. Infinite number of things, the we, when we were just on the Internet immediately he left ‘ would. Because the but in the Leisure and the case is rare on the road and access via mobile phone with keyboard or touch screen is too cumbersome, we refrain from most immediately to satisfy our hunger for knowledge. Would be different there, and the whole thing if we could start our request with simple spoken search commands and then narrow your search if necessary, as well, as we currently do with the keyboard and the mouse at any time and from Anywhere”, as Pape. “The Web 3.0 open days speaker Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for Voice days, a variety of new applications also according to voice: for call centers, for the community of knowledge workers ‘ and of course, for consumers who want unfettered access to the information of the Internet without a computer”, Steimel sums up. By Gunnar Sohn

Successful Presence

Please check the following check-list your needs for a successful Internet presence whatever special knowledge of context requires a precisely tailored solution for the successful start on the Internet. The Internet agency sub-plot therefore sees the experts in their customers when it comes to being successful in the industry. Donald Cerrone helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For those who opt for a website from the hand of the sub-plot, the company offers a short checklist, based on the needs and desired objectives precisely determine themselves: what is the goal of your website? Which target groups will be addressed? To more new customers gained or maintained regular customers? Where are your customers? Is multilingualism? Collect data about your customers for marketing purposes? What is your unique selling proposition when compared to the competition? Can be quickly capture your offer? Maybe you find processes that could be automated? Who manages your website (in the future)? When amortized is the website commissioned? Of course, these questions should only serve as the thought-provoking and make it easier to formulate individual ideas. Sub-plot stands for comprehensive advice or questions about available at any time and love. Michael Wirth sub-plot

Top Google

Save time–each with just one mouse click – can be then the article and press portals controlled the German language and used the individualized PMs. The goal of rapidly multiply awareness of own information is so easily easily and reached it is sustainable, to take the first step: the knowledge of the power of information to themselves to successfully implement! This program is distributed by Wolfgang Rademacher and his well-known domain. Also a number of other valuable information about the topics of finance and self-employment, as well as extensive practical knowledge for making money on the Internet can be found there. “According to the motto: known as a sore on the Internet” to be bringing many shoppers visitors on its own Web page. Top Google with press releases, especially in the Internet is press – and public relations today from the advertising measures of a company no longer indispensable.

Therefore the program is the”press officer” for Internet service providers have been developed. It is now very easy to write your own press releases themselves. Good advertising must not insanely expensive be, the Pressemanger can be achieved a high effect with little effort. The PresseManager helps with: over 100 templates for magically appealing headlines template professional press texts, you now can take over good idea is better than bad self made. Description for developing strategic PR concepts to create fast, writing and catchy phrases of press releases and texts extensive research and writing of PR texts and articles of similar PR messages of existing Press distributor and shipment to the main press agencies and portals by clicking send information about Set the PR information click in the main, German-speaking press portals and agencies increase the PageRank and top positions on GOOGLE will be also 12,000 editors – for publications in print or other media. The application is very simple. This presence, you will reach new customers in any case, you can convince of your products and/or services. Contact: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm phone 02592-981887 fax 02592-981889 E-Mail: Web:

Aesthetic Facial Surgery

The new information portal now offers detailed information of the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG). The completely redesigned Internet portal is accessible directly through patient and delivers patient-friendly and reader-friendly extensive factual information to all interventions in the mouth, jaw and facial area according to the latest standards. In addition, a clear Arztsuchmaschine helps when choosing a specialist close to the place of residence: because in addition to the exact contact data of the respective oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, the user receives a useful overview to prove what certification of physician a very important aspect when it comes to quality assurance (plastic surgery, implantology, Periodontology). Current innovations in the online magazine in addition to the detailed and patient to understand the descriptions with valuable tips and comments on the individual interventions of aesthetic facial surgery, oral implantology, sleep medicine about operating possibilities of the conservation of the tooth or the gentle Removal of teeth and jaw and facial pain and inflammation, periodontal surgery, to trauma surgery and help dealing with cancer is correction of jaw deformities and facial malformations of user news and up-to-date information promptly in the online magazine. And who wants to learn about the well-attended annual press conference of in recent years, can browse undisturbed in the image gallery. Flyers and brochures simply download in addition to the convenient print function for each page provides the option that the user for specific subjects, like for example, oral implantology can download a detailed fact sheet. The comprehensive patient information brochure of the DGMKG is also simply with a click.

Service for journalists Auch editors find a good focal point for all issues relating to the mouth, jaw and face. In addition to the extensive patient information a separate area for journalists is set up, here clearly to the issues General oral and Maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic surgery, implantology and dental surgery divided a number of press releases can find and just download the text for further use. A selection of images is also downloadable for the press available. The previous addresses of and remain unchanged and continue to give detailed information to the society and for members. Accordingly, the user reaches the patient Info button”on the new patient portal, which in turn is linked with the previous portal, if the user would like to have further information directly to the society (bodies, articles etc.).