Each concrete case, individual household details of life, which in normal times, no one paid attention, with tragic circumstances, retroactively become symbols of the signs. If a person dies, remember any unusual event, a natural phenomenon, the loss (during sleep or waking), prior to death: "No wonder the flower bloomed out of season", "No wonder the chicken rooster screamed," etc. The termination of earthly existence, Nonrepresentability existence beyond the grave always scare people. In the folk customs of their ancestors reflected attempts to interpret the nature of the death of inexplicability, say, the machinations of witches. Natural sense of self led to search for means to counter death, which manifested itself with particular force at the time of its approach. Hence the custom to close immediately after the death of windows, doors, mirrors the same (as a special magical means of entry) to hex is not entered the house, had no effect on the living. The imprint of Christian ideas are ideas about "good" and "bad", "difficult" and "easy" death. Seemed desirable in the past and present death in a circle of relatives and close without a long and painful illness.

How long was considered essential presence at the death of a patient's bedside relatives. This was due, firstly, the desire to get blessing for the dying later life, and secondly, the need to take steps to ease his dying agony, and help his soul in search of the path to the afterlife. According to popular belief, the last breath of man – The emission of the spirit – the soul to part with the body and there is a struggle for the soul between the "evil" force and an angel sent by God for the soul of a dying man. Agonal suffering due not severity of illness, and that dying in Last minute hurts "evil" force (the devil, the devil), she seemed not to give his angel. Trying to ease the way for the soul to God, put his hand in the dying 'gods' a candle burned incense around the incense. A good death was considered to Easter, the day of Resurrection, when, according to popular belief, open "the doors of Paradise" by analogy with the royal doors of the temple. Light's death was regarded by the people as a reward for a pious life, the difficult – as the fate of sinners. cross coffin, funeral services