Athletic Trainer

A functional training to enhance performance in sport, a functional training to enhance performance in sport is called athletic training. Athletic training enjoys a long tradition in organized competitive sports. A cross-sports athletic training is becoming increasingly popular among the grassroots. Athletic training includes a functional training of the endurance skills strength, speed and endurance, as well as the basic movement coordination and sensory. It aims not to aesthetic motives or build as much muscle mass. The core objectives of the athletic training consist in improving the performance of the athletes, as well as a prophylaxis before injuries in training or competition by a better power handling. Not only professional athletes benefit from athletic training.

Also in jobs with high physical loads, the athletic skills play an important role. Peak loads in the workplace and in everyday life often are triggered typically by the lifting, carrying, pulling, or pushing heavy loads and in many Cases muscular not properly compensated. Here, too, an athletic training can contribute to the targeted performance enhancement and injury prevention of workers. “BSA-Akademie offers Athletic Trainer qualification” of course Government tested and approved BSA course Athletic Trainer “enables the participants to leisure as well as athletes with regard to a specific performance improvement (in sports or work) but also with regard to training measures for the injury prevention at high loads (E.g., training, competition, and professional). Thus for example, fitness and health facilities can opens a new customer group.

The part-time qualification will take place in the special BSA course system of distance learning and compact presence phases with practice-oriented units. Among these issues are part of the qualification: functional warm-up, speed – and agility training, training with the own body weight, slings training and free weight training workout with kettlebells. The next dates held in Saarbrucken by the Sept. 30 02.10.13 in Munich by the 15.11 17.11.13 and in Cologne by the 11.10.


In recent years, peptic ulcer rejuvenated twice – now people are suffering from the appearance of an open wound in the abdomen, can hardly reach the age of twenty. The main 'culprit' is the occurrence of gastric ulcers bacterium Helicobacter, which is located in the gastric mucosa in most parts of the world's population. Increased life activity of this bacteria leads to increased gastric acidity, which, by virtue of its concentration, corrodes the stomach wall, which is responsible for the formation of an open wound. However, the main cause of this serious disease in people – not in the presence of bacteria in the stomach and create an environment conducive for its active development. These conditions include such actions as a person smoking, a common medication, alcohol, salty, fried, spicy food, food additives, frequent stress, irregular meals. Regular exposure to stomach adverse factors lead to a decrease in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the occurrence of chronic diseases – gastritis, constipation, duodenitis, and as a consequence of this – a stomach ulcer. Peptic ulcer disease – is not just alarming bell for your body to malfunction stomach it – a consequence of prolonged exposure to adverse factors duodenum and stomach. And if you suspect a disease such as stomach ulcers, symptoms of which are felt immediately, you should not console ourselves with the thought that 'everything goes', and consult a doctor immediately – gastroenterologist.

For gastric ulcer is characterized by vomiting, pain, heartburn, and so-called 'hungry pain', which at some time cease after a person eats. So, if you feel symptoms such ulcers as vomit, urine, dark, almost black, vomiting blood, diminished or, conversely, increased appetite, nausea, aches and pains in the stomach (cutting, pulling, 'hungry'), heartburn, belching, thirst, the more likely you are logged in number 'Lucky' – owners of the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Delay to treatment in this case is not worth it, as a stomach ulcer in a state of neglect often leads to rupture, internal bleeding, with the soldering other internal organs, or even stomach cancer. What is contraindicated in people suffering from a stomach ulcer? Wrong and irregular eating. Ulcer contraindicated: strong tea, smoking, chocolate, hot spices, flour, salt, coffee, fatty and spicy food. Useful variety of cereals (especially oats), honey, white rice, dairy products. Promote healing of wounds on the walls of the stomach cranberry, carrot, cabbage juice, sea buckthorn oil. Nutrition ulcer should be balanced and carried out at the same time, four or five times a day, small portions.

People suffering from diseases of the stomach, especially ulcers, are absolutely contraindicated stress and nervous tension. Once a person is under stress, the stomach begins to work in a more intensive mode and produce more enzymes. Each time the concentration of gastric juice increases until it becomes very aggressive and starts, with a meal, eat the stomach wall. Therefore ulcer should carefully monitor their mental state, to practice meditation, yoga, relaxation and as little as possible to respond to external stimuli, taking care of their own health.

The Target

In this respect, and like illustrative example, we could verify as you drink and some young children, are sensible to these manifestations, loaded of colorful luminosity and, of the people who are his around, as well as of the rest of the alive beings, and who are not another thing that what he occurs in denominating the dawn. In the dawn we will be able to observe an ample range of colors, these go from the target, to the violet, to image and similarity of which we can see in the rainbow. This range of colors, will depend like or we have commented previously, of the electromagnetic frequency or wavelength, of type, that controls and processes chakras, which in addition, have the faculty to affect secretions of the hormonal glands. When chakras works correctly, a homogenous luminosity is emitted and of smooth tones, in the ultraviolet phantom, which indicates a correct harmony of the body and the mind. On the contrary, you disorder psychic physicists and, are the people in charge of the change of color of the dawn, happening to visualize dark colors or with spots, infectious aspect that to us a deficiency at physical level will indicate, like degenerativas diseases of type, cancer, processes, hormonal and psychic etc., as well as disorders. At spiritual level, it is interpreted like indication of the elevation degree that owns the individual. Of there the great importance that the visualization of the dawn has always had for the students and understood of the subject, where until recently time it was only possible to accede through the intuition faculties. Scientific studies Are as of the century XVI that Paracelso defines, it of scientific form, and describing to the dawn like that it is resembled a fire sphere. Later, every time they are but the scientific personalities that study the phenomenon, thus two centuries later is Franz A.

Largo International Airport

Cayo Largo International Airport provides links the island with the world, and developed infrastructure of hotels provides travelers the highest level of a beach holiday. Cayo Coco Experts say that the Caribbean is only a few places that are comparable in beauty and abundance of fish in Cayo Coco, sometimes called 'Giant natural aquarium. " Coral reef, where it is a dive, there stretches over 30 km. Cayo Coco is connected to the main part of Cuba's unmade road. The same road connects it with the other islands – Cayo Guillermo. Upscale hotels and four diving center ('Coco Diving Center', 'Blue Diving', 'Cayo Guillermo', 'Jardines del Rey') offer tourists enjoy the natural surroundings of the reserve and use a wide range of water sports, including dive. The amazing features of this resort on a scuba diving vacation turn into an adventure in the company with a variety of fish and other sea creatures. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are located in the north of the province of Ciego de Avila, 500 km from Havana and 600 km from Santiago de Cuba, and part of the archipelago of Jardines del Rey.

On Cayo Coco is a small airport to receive commuter aircraft. Santiago de Cuba area dives that "the most Caribbean 'Cuban province is divided into four major territories: Sigua, Daiquiri, Bucanero and Sierra Mar. It stretches for 150 km near the coast and includes many different points for diving. The coral reef here is acquiring unusual shapes, including barriers, mounds, scattered on the sandy bottom, ridges, shoals and Depression and the massive walls.

Federal Working Group

The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) released its first mobile app to the prevention and first aid for poisoning in Germany the number of accidents and poisoning due to the ingestion of foreign bodies in children is currently estimated annually at more than 100,000. This type of accident is the largest health risk for children here on land from the first year of life. The most common childhood poisoning accidents happen due to the ingestion of household products. Here are detergent for the cleaning and products for body care in the first place. This was followed by poisoning with medicines and plants.

“” Help app extends the consumer brochure content risk – poisoning accidents in children the app is based on the brochure “the BfR, in collaboration with the poison information centre Berlin and the Federal Working Group more safety for children” (BAG) was created and is edited by the BfR. Some contend that Dr. Neal Barnard shows great expertise in this. In the app are detailed notes on ingredients of chemical products, drugs, plants and Mushrooms, pictured poisoning and first aid measures. However, she cannot replace medical consultation in the event of an emergency. Due to the possibility of using the app at any time to select the appropriate poison, but promptly medical advice can be obtained. The BfR app Vergiftung accidents in children “is now available free of charge. She has been running the Android operating system for smartphones and iOS developed. Intuitive usability allows you to quickly help the app combined the amount of information from the Advisor brochure with the possibilities of interactive media.

The navigation is focused on the three most common areas of poisoning and an A-Z-index, which clearly contains all the contents of the app in a search mask. Is prominently placed among them the poison. On the one hand, so quick and acute help is enabled and provided andererseitswerden background information about the various products.

Great Benefits

Argan oil is a product that is giving a lot of what talk shaped very positive among people who have used it and recommend it widely, this 100% natural origin oil, does not contain harmful or synthetic products that harm your health in the long run, this is one of the products that easily pass the standards of biological cosmetics which are guaranteed by ECOCERT and COSMEBIO. It is a product which by its versatility of uses has generated huge demand among the public in general. Its uses range from argan oil for hair, face, muscles, nails and joints, also is used to combat certain skin problems like infections and to help heal wounds and burns minor Sun, as well as protect it from ultraviolet rays. To mention just a few of the uses of cosmetic argan oil, another variety of argan oil is the food type, which is used in gastronomy Moroccan, although if you want to take advantage of all its benefits which are many, and ranging from cure gastritis, improve circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent hypertension and even prevent some types of cancers it’s best to consume this crude oil. Click Dr. John Mcdougall for additional related pages. The demand for argan oil has favored the reproduction tree whose seeds removed and that only barely 20 years was endangered since he was felled indiscriminately to give rise to spaces of grazing and place for making houses, now to be so lucrative, is reforesting the places where this tree had been lost and reap its fruits to remove so precious seed. The oil of argan in the face has the property of return its elasticity to tissues and regenerate waning considerably the wrinkles and scars, is therefore that the cosmetic industry has added so many of their products. However increased demand for this oil is 100% pure State because this way people can mix to your liking with your favorite products or apply it pure to maximize its effectiveness. The only drawback is its cost initial, because not for nothing they call it the most expensive oil in the world, cost that ultimately is considerably reduced by the duration and effectiveness of the product, I have read that a 100 ml bottle with dispenser applied once a day on the face can last even years. The advantage of argan oil is that the high content of vitamin E, prevents oil is arrancie and doing that you kept in optimal conditions and if in addition you canned in the refrigerator can last you indefinitely. Applying argan oil for hair, it repairs it and protects it from dehydration caused by air, the Sun and the damage caused by pollution and UV rays. For more tips and information about oil of argan please visit: argan hair oil