Later that we complete one year and eleven months of namoro, in route to the two years, appears the words where no girl wanted to hear and that they had made right my chest without mercy: – Sophie, I do not want more to namorar with you. I paralyzed, my eyes if they had fixed here it is in the ones of it and that the first tear appeared, but I started to cry in such a way to the point of my chest to ache, of the breath to be more difficult and painful. Then I was without reaction, the only words that came in my mind, were ' it cannot be truth, not pode'. I was looking at, trying to find one I take refuge, trying to know because, but kadu at least said something or tried to justify itself, only caught mine two hands kissed, them slowly, he bit the lips and its look if he directed until mine and finally it said few words: He forgives – Me, but not of more, you do not imagine the fear that I am feeling, sophie – it said, freeing my hands and giving a kiss to me in my face and he gave the coasts to me. But before it leaving, I cried out: – but fear of that? it says me – One day I will count to you – answered it, giving to the coasts one more time Then kadu if it was, I I was in the way it there field, without at least making something, then I thought after all that one I would be my end, what I will go to make of my life without it? with who I will go to relieve in the bad days? the laugh, histories, with who I will go to share? It is, I not wise person what I would go to make daqui pra front, it was my oxygen. The first week was most painful of my life, I did not make nothing, did not feel will nor to breathe, was seated there very sings in it of my room and crying, remembering the good moments that we pass together and that I will never forget myself, never! My parents already were being worried about me, to the point of to take wanting me medicate to it more and all, I would not go, because after all, were sentimental and not physical pain..

The Immortal One

Tranquilo in way to avenged sheets of that bed rested, that total revirada, disclosed without words what it will have occurred there in the previous night, between Joana and the knight of Metatron, the warrior Landmarks. While it was dressed, Joana looked at intently for the loving armor of its. In it, it had the symbols of the warriors, which the promise always to fight against the malignant forces, leaving of side all the remaining portion. They had slept together, as well as it she made several and some times during the centuries, and probably during the remaining portion of the eternity, but that for that man she was special, as much how much its first time with the Amadeu angel, but that as well as in that one in case that she had its stolen, bewitched for Lucifer and gained son immortality, the consequncias of this in case that they would be tragic. The warrior corresponded to the feeling of Joana, but as well as it still bigger wise person who in the way of a so fierce war, loves alone would bring risks and losses of the ones that the one that all faced the days for the simple choice to follow the way of the light. They were confused, therefore they were loved, however, a wild love, enters the witch of luxury and the knight of Metatron, two warriors of the good, but that they had distinct methods.

It, always following the correct and virtuous form to make the things, without never disobeying the orders of its superiors, and it, the disillusioned warrior, who loses everything. Joana did not have ideal more nor faith, only had same it, but it fought for people who suffered, passing over everything and of all to fulfill this paper. It was the day of so waited mission of rescue of the boy illuminated for the fire of knowing, capable to know of the past, to feel facts gifts and to foresee the future.


In the quarter of the Acclimatization, good next to the center to the city, liveed a young called youngster Rodrigo, who although to little age, with its nineteen years already had passed for bad pieces in elapsing of its life. Rodrigo lived alone, a time that had lost its mother has little time with a problem in the heart and in a certain occasion, it finished knowing Helena, also alone young. Little time later, together, had decided to mark marriage. Perhaps for the two it was the only way to decide the solitude where if they found. However, in the day of the marriage, Helena it had a collapse and she was loaded to pressas for a hospital. The marriage had that to be postponed and as cause of the collapse was diagnosised a problem in the heart. From this day its lives if had transformed and started to live more inside of the hospitals of what in its house. Helena finished being treated for the Dr.

Alfredo Noronha, who, when diagnosising its problem, disclosed not to have more nothing to be fact, seno a heart transplant, that stops the time, perhaps was impossible. Something was very bold and alone it could be made by means of the authorization of some of the familiar ones. As Rodrigo she was the only person who it had and this would be the only way to try to save its life, signed the authorization. Rodrigo it suffered with everything what it was happening and it seemed that to that it pursued it illness, but still had hopes to save the life of its future wife. Time lived during much in solitude and when it believed that it could be happy, came the illness and there a tremendous fight in favor of the life and of the love was initiated.