It may be an opportunity to give to see Yes it is listening and respects their needs. Allow to go, just be (a) a time can change the way they view the current situation. Do not promise you things that knows that it will not comply, can be that you’ve already heard their false promises and is not provisions (a) to continue to trust in you. Let him know that although you don’t want to leave, you agree your decision. If you are a woman remember that the majority of men respect a woman who gives to see who is emotionally strong. Do not choose to be begging him not to leave her.

Locate the root of the problem when your spouse leaving, focus on you and your children. Care for your health and if possible, see a professional in marital relations that it (a) can give advice on next steps. Their situation will not change miraculously; It will require an effort on the part of both. The only way that your relationship will improve is if really there is a change between the two. Then that has passed some time, a couple of weeks, talk to your spouse about what they can do as a couple to rebuild his marriage. Take time to truly listen. Talk to your spouse about his faults (all have) and let him know that you’re working on solving these and that, as a couple, you can find solution to your relationship. If your spouse still not willing to find a reason to return, may be late to save the marriage. If you interested this article invite you you to learn more about the process of divorce in our DivorciadosOnline.com website or purchasing the eBook 500 points on divorce. Original author and source of the article