Vitamin D

Women who consume adequate vitamin D, have a significantly decreased risk of breast cancer. Women who consume enough vitamin D through diet and nutritional supplements, have a significantly decreased risk of breast cancer. At the 20 percent of the best powered group is the risk by 45 percent less than the lowest 20 per cent. A smaller but still significant difference in the risk of breast cancer by 19 percent was also in supplying calcium. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of science in a meta study, based on data from 11 previous studies on vitamin D and breast cancer, as well as from 15 studies on calcium and breast cancer analyzed this. For the adequate supply of vitamin D nutrition than but up to 90 percent of the Sun’s UVB rays is not responsible from the solarium, or. In the winter, more than 60 percent of German adults suffer from an undersupply of the “sunshine vitamin”. The decisive reasons for the vitamin deficiency among D among overweight but above all too little stay in the Sun.