Priemeras I understand it’s not an article that is of interest to many people, but from here we will try to resolve one of the major doubts that people buying a shade of this type have. First thing to say that we need to know is that there are two types of blinds, plastic blinds and faux wood blinds, bascamente what we know is which of these two types which is more fits my needs assuring me that the disbursement that I realize when you buy it is worth. Each of the type of louver has a series of advantages that haran that suits my needs better than the other. Let’s start with plastic blind:-this type of shutter is virtually indestructible plastic material with which are made allows you to withstand the weather without any problem, because it can rain, snow or frosting that we will always have them as new. They are lighter than the wood and there is a wide range of colors that will make possible that aesthetically are perfectly. Wood Venetian blinds. -Faux wood blinds are most appropriate If we want to keep a rustic decor these blinds receive a treatment that allows them to withstand the weather, i.e. we can have them outdoors without any problem.

If we get tired of the color of our shutters or if we want to give a facelift always we can return them to paint. I hope that this small review of the characteristics of each is useful. A greeting. Original author and source of the article