In recent years, peptic ulcer rejuvenated twice – now people are suffering from the appearance of an open wound in the abdomen, can hardly reach the age of twenty. The main 'culprit' is the occurrence of gastric ulcers bacterium Helicobacter, which is located in the gastric mucosa in most parts of the world's population. Increased life activity of this bacteria leads to increased gastric acidity, which, by virtue of its concentration, corrodes the stomach wall, which is responsible for the formation of an open wound. However, the main cause of this serious disease in people – not in the presence of bacteria in the stomach and create an environment conducive for its active development. These conditions include such actions as a person smoking, a common medication, alcohol, salty, fried, spicy food, food additives, frequent stress, irregular meals. Regular exposure to stomach adverse factors lead to a decrease in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the occurrence of chronic diseases – gastritis, constipation, duodenitis, and as a consequence of this – a stomach ulcer. Peptic ulcer disease – is not just alarming bell for your body to malfunction stomach it – a consequence of prolonged exposure to adverse factors duodenum and stomach. And if you suspect a disease such as stomach ulcers, symptoms of which are felt immediately, you should not console ourselves with the thought that 'everything goes', and consult a doctor immediately – gastroenterologist.

For gastric ulcer is characterized by vomiting, pain, heartburn, and so-called 'hungry pain', which at some time cease after a person eats. So, if you feel symptoms such ulcers as vomit, urine, dark, almost black, vomiting blood, diminished or, conversely, increased appetite, nausea, aches and pains in the stomach (cutting, pulling, 'hungry'), heartburn, belching, thirst, the more likely you are logged in number 'Lucky' – owners of the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Delay to treatment in this case is not worth it, as a stomach ulcer in a state of neglect often leads to rupture, internal bleeding, with the soldering other internal organs, or even stomach cancer. What is contraindicated in people suffering from a stomach ulcer? Wrong and irregular eating. Ulcer contraindicated: strong tea, smoking, chocolate, hot spices, flour, salt, coffee, fatty and spicy food. Useful variety of cereals (especially oats), honey, white rice, dairy products. Promote healing of wounds on the walls of the stomach cranberry, carrot, cabbage juice, sea buckthorn oil. Nutrition ulcer should be balanced and carried out at the same time, four or five times a day, small portions.

People suffering from diseases of the stomach, especially ulcers, are absolutely contraindicated stress and nervous tension. Once a person is under stress, the stomach begins to work in a more intensive mode and produce more enzymes. Each time the concentration of gastric juice increases until it becomes very aggressive and starts, with a meal, eat the stomach wall. Therefore ulcer should carefully monitor their mental state, to practice meditation, yoga, relaxation and as little as possible to respond to external stimuli, taking care of their own health.