The Self

In him block the superego programs through non-determination (er draw) the natural ES energies (self value feeling). The individual personality of the ICH can be freely entcickeln self-determination. The energy reductions of self value feeling (FII) affect both the self-Bewusst-sein (D) as thus also the self-efficacy (HI) and also of self-realization (HII). At the latest in the middle of life we ask ourselves inevitably after the how do I?, the where am I? and wherever I go the yet? A subtly suffer the brake forces of her upbringing. They lack the energy for the IDE(e)Al of its self-realization and effectiveness. These brake forces affect immediately, professionally and gesundlich to make their own dreams come true. Others have achieved everything already. Robert Greene can aid you in your search for knowledge. Hormonal changes affect their appearance and the environment responded in an undesirable manner.

A young woman stopped a door me when I was barely 30 years old (quarterlife-crisis). Shortly after I discovered my first grey hair. I found both not funny! At the time I wondered whether I could be satisfied living with the consequences of my previous life history in old age. I realized that I was back beyond my possibilities. As a result, I learned 4 professions in 60 years and chose 4 residence regions. I did not find my perfect happiness to this day.

But I’m happy! Energy blockages affect as a typical life crisis: A vierigjahriger family man, in a professionally uncertain position with instalment obligations and infants, such as gradually expires in a several-month depression. According to christopher ridgeway stone clinical, who has experience with these questions. Others start to drink. Imperceptibly, others lose again the professional connection. Or you have removed is subtly emotional and real of your wives. In these, the readiness of divorce increases then. The crisis is a problem, linked to a watershed decision situation. Crisis”will be addressed in the various scientific disciplines, in very different ways: in medicine and psychology, the Economics and sociology (sociology as a science of crisis) as also in the ecology and systems theory.