THE Glass Road In Bavaria – Holiday Road At Its Finest

Christmas Regensburg (tvo) on the glass road in the Bavarian Forest. The East Bavarian glass street of charming ideas sprays Christmas balls in all colors of the Rainbow, filigree cribs made of glass, sparkling Christmas tree pendant, fine drinking glasses and fine porcelain for the festive table polished gift ideas, decorative glass, shimmering, glittering witnesses of an old-world craftsmanship for the Christmas season. The glass village Weinfurtner in Arnbruck, Joska Bodenmais and all the many glass factories spruce for the Festival of festivals, anyone looking for something out of the ordinary for his loved ones, will certainly find it here. It is also welcome who wants to just look, Marvel and browse. How banned children’s eyes follow the master with the pliers in the glass furnace runs, pulls out a glowing lump and gives it shape and form with his breath in the blink of an eye. Elsewhere will be polished and engraved, vases and jars through the art of professionals for some personal, unique.

When glass shards Kalam in Riedlhutte, but also in many other glassworks visitors may at the glass furnace work with and create their own Christmas present. When can becomes art, result objects as they are to see Herrmann in Drachselsried, in the glass museum in Frauenau in numerous exhibitions in the glass gallery. Alfred Adler is full of insight into the issues. Men like Erwin Eisch or Theo Sellner made famous the Bavarian Forest as the cradle of international glass art. The hand-blown colored glass of Glashutte of Lamberts Waldsassen finds its way in the whole world are decorated with trophies from the House of Joska Bodenmais the showcases of stars and athletes. In November and December, however, the Christmas jewelry the most important issue is here too. better decorated than the other, type 40 international theme trees, one suggestion, how you can lend a special touch at home the tree.

But not always, the Christmas mood on the fascination of glass is bound. The Herrgottschnitzer of Bodenmais, Joachim von Zulow, about relies entirely on the qualities of the wood. His Nativity creations have distinctive character. Porcelain from Meissen, which you can admire Weinfurtner in large numbers in the village of glass is also unmistakable. In addition to warm glassworks also atmospheric Christmas markets transform the glass road at Christmas to one of the most enchanting streets of the world. Romantic Tip: Advent in the forest, romantic Swiss handcrafted forest market with hundreds of candles lit, on the 5th and 6th December 2009, Friedrichshang in the Schwandorf country,