“Almara released her solo album ‘Outros Amores’ Munich, October 20, 2009 after over a year of hard Studio work it is: Elisabeth Pawelke published under the name Almara” her solo album, which was produced by producer Michael Ableitner in the studios of the trilogy media on October 25, 2009, the distribution of Kom4Medien appears. “The debut album named Outros amores” and describes the different types of love angelic Sung and accompanied by harp, lute, hurdy gurdy and co. Elisabeth Pawelke, the already in 2007 by the successful medieval band Faun “separated, the last spent one and a half years more or less in the recording Studio. The songs are made mainly in the Studio”, so the aspiring solo artist. Lee marks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “I have ideas of course before very long, was for months on the hunt for old scores, practiced and finally broken me head over possible arrangements originated Outros amores” However in the Studio. Along with guest musicians We have the album last almost 18 months created, that turns around the love and pursues a very own style: a mix of authentic old music from the 13th to 16th centuries, played with old instruments and the hint of a modern interpretation of the 21st century. “In fact, Almara can include many familiar faces to their guest musicians: Sascha Gotowtschikow (percussionist of Estampie), Emanuele Forni (Jazz guitarist from Italy by the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), Michael Popp (member of the medieval avant-garde pop group Qntal) and Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack (flutist with Schandmaul and Sava) have created a work together with the singer Elisabeth Pawelke, which not only sounds good, but looks in the Digipac also still beautiful.” The long-player will be sold media under the brand of screaming Banshee by kom4. “The distribution has many well-known artists in the medieval, Gothic and classical scene under contract, so that Outros amores” wonderfully fit in the product range. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. Listen is worthwhile, especially the title track of pink of the rosas”and the “Original composition que pude ser” must be played anyway.

Gerald Butler Is The Pants Down

The singer apparently has a very good influence on young men and the next, please! So or something like it can sound. Now Butler RocknRolla announced straight at the press conference of the new Richie film, that he got a shot of Madonna in his butt. Yes, honestly. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of patrick dwyer merrill lynch on most websites. to increase your knowledge. Gerad Butler has let down the pants. For Madonna, and of course in the presence of Guy Richie. Everything happened during the shooting of the new film.

Gerad Butler was sick during the filming and Madonna has played nurse there quickly. Butler says: “guy called me and then I was standing next to Madonna. Then asked me if I was sick and I said yes. Then, she said only “pants down”. You can imagine how I looked. Well, but I finally made it and she missed me a shot in the butt.” Unfortunately, not much has brought the whole action. Butler: “Unfortunately, the action was unsuccessful, because I became more sick.

Separation For Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer

The couple has according to multiple sources separated out and over. Many heard it wedding bells and many were pleased again with Jennifer Aniston, who was yes the big loser to Brad Pitt. She wanted to marry him, that was clear. Celina Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. And she wanted kids as soon as possible. Was that maybe too much for the baby singer John Mayer? Who knows. The PEOPLE reported magazine today on its homepage the alleged separation of the two them has been confirmed by multiple sources.

“Both had a great time together, but they are both at different points in their life,” as a source. A probably unique character was John Mayer with marriage & children too quickly. A friend of John Mayer told the magazine: “John is never a clear line. He’d rather weighs what’s good for him and what not. “John never says: Goodbye forever.” The mirror newspaper has started the rumor last Wednesday. Representatives of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have the rumors yet confirmed, but also not yet denied.

Domestic Violence Of Hayden Panettiere

According to PEOPLE magazine the father should have beaten the mother when a man beats a woman should be taken as soon as possible. The same applies of course also when men are struck by their wives. “A small tap has harmed anyone” may not be used here as “an excuse” or “Excuse me”, because there is no excuse. How does this mother of Hayden Panettiere? She should be beaten allegedly by her husband. So the PEOPLE however, reported magazine on its website people.com. The father was arrested on the same day by the police called to help and provisionally put in the prison.

The police chief today turned the press: “so how I found out the situation of Mr. Panettiere has Mrs. Panettiere several times in the face hit – according to my fist.” Ms. Panettiere suffered some bruises of them.” Reason was supposedly a dispute for the attack on his wife, which both at a party previously had. “Mr. Panettiere was but as a precaution and behaved cooperatively in” Custody included”, as the next Chief of police. Draws the mother the consequence of the incident of the show stars now?


Real drummer-feeling with the DRUM ROCKER ion audio official premium drum kit for the game rock band now also available Hamburg, Germany July 2008 the DRUM ROCKER ion audio is the official premium drum kit for the popular video game rock band. In the United States is considered band players DRUM ROCKER under the skirt already absolute must. Just in time for the GC-Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, and with its own booth at the IFA in Berlin, ION presents audio of the coveted drum kit. At ION audio is sure that this product also in Germany will be to the perennial favorite. With the DRUM ROCKER can learn each playing just the swimming and becomes part of a rock band at the same time. Teenagers as well as adults, who will play the late dream of the drums want to meet are so close the ROCKER in her musician heart.

The DRUM ROCKER gives each player the only real drum feel, regardless of whether to play it on Xbox 360, Wii or PlayStation. This realistic drum feeling will convince each player. Little wonder it was ROCKER DRUM experienced engineers who developed ION ALESIS audio sister brand, the world’s leading manufacturers of professional electronic drum kits. With the DRUM if you buy a high-quality and robust, electronic drums, which meets the individual needs of each drummer with regard to structure, arrangement and real drummer feeling thus ROCKER. While other drum controller which players provide a fixed list of pads allows the Professional aluminium drum rack of the DRUM to rearrange ROCKER the snare, Tom Tom, Hi-Hat and cymbals player according to his individual needs.

The excellent craftsmanship of the drum pads is particularly appreciated by the drum rockers. The sensitive rubber pads precisely record every stroke and are ultra quiet in contrast to the plastic pads other manufacturers and impart a feeling of real drum playing. “These precision and ruggedness allow enthusiastic drummer, it also literally really RIP” to leave. For even more analysis, hear from Celina Dubin. ROCKERS are the two additional pools, another advantage of the DRUM the can be added optionally to another. The drum pedal is completely made of metal and is thus, like all other pads, very durable and sturdy. This quality and authenticity is the addiction factor of DRUM ROCKERS and promises musical enjoyment of the extra class. The passion that brought one, that you play now can be active instead of rock band in a rock band, then to extend the DRUM ROCKER only to a professional ALESIS drum computer and already is a real electronic professional drums from the games console.

Stigmatized Release Date

The five Nienburg worldwide digital release your debut EP “Stigmatized” on September 11, 2009. The taste of the debut album unplugged-B side. Announcement artist: my enemies XII mistakes homepage / MySpace: / 12mistakes user/MyEnemiesXIIMistakes release: STIGMATIZED (release date: 11.09.2009) genre: “pop ‘n’ we all carry core”, hardcore, screamo, rock, pop”Stigmata, and quite a few of us also gladly and often distribute them to other people.” They are part of our life, our culture, and we regulate our social interaction with them even partially with other people. Barbie Ferreira is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “* Long it lasted, it has cost much time and sweat, but now it has finally come. The Band My Enemies XII Mistakes published on September 11, 2009 officially your debut EP “Stigmatized” this serves as official appetite for the debut album published in the second quarter. And as it is the case with the five Nienburgern nothing is actually normal.

So this has to offer not five, but just all ten tracks EP and they show what the band for a variety… “Pop ‘n’ core ‘ the whole thing is called, but only if you necessarily want to name the whole. Celina Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “It is actually a mixture of rock, pop, hardcore and screamo what fun us,” Yes, read correctly, POP! According to the band is called “Pop” in this context with catchy catchy melodies and “soft” moments. “Core” for the tougher ride that puts the fives from Nienburg an der Weser (Lower Saxony) on the day. Two worlds that could not be more different.

And that’s not all: what do the big to make it again a few euro s or dollars that treat yourself right at the beginning of the career my enemies XII mistakes: an unplugged-B page, but why? “This happened, because that really felt for us. We are: sweet and sour, catchy and sound, aggressive and directing a, loud and quiet, colorful and dreary, hard and soft. “Pop n core.” In your texts, the band, the 2008 treated already at Rock am ring show, social problems (E.g. the Dazzler is alcohol problems), desperate romance (falling in and out) and the closeness and love to your supporters and fans (aerial view).