Surgery Bypass

You’ve probably heard a lot about obesity surgeries and you most certainly know someone or you know of someone that this surgery has been practiced, but do you know how to perform? Here I bring you a little information so that the next time someone talk about this topic your are more than informed. The first thing you should know is that obesity not only s ele surgery makes people with overweight problems, but there are also many people who simply want to lose a few kilos and has failed it with diets or simply find very difficult to follow them, so they undergo this procedure. There are two different surgeries for obesity who are practicing in Monterrey: gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. You now speak of gastric bypass so that you know about him and then you can search for more information about the gastric sleeve in others of my articles. What is gastric bypass is making a small cut in the stomach to create a new space, which will be around 10 and 30 centimeters; after surgery, the patient will be receiving foods that ingest in this new space. Whether gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, what they do is that the patient will have less space to fill with food, with what will feel satisfied more quickly to stop before, as it was customary to eat and therefore lose weight.