One of the most cultivated flowers around the world, is known scientifically sunflower in the genus Helianthus, since it is a flower that not only offers excellent conditions in terms of its beauty, but also gives some very specific products useful for food, which undoubtedly makes the Sunflower a full-page and can benefit greatly. The name sunflower is the common name of a plant of annual and perennial duration, which belongs to the family Compositae. Within the genus of the sunflower, there is the presence of about 67 different species of flowers. The sunflower is considered a plant of the American continent itself, but despite being native to this part of the world, has been introduced in a wide number of countries, which has allowed the sunflower has a vast worldwide distribution. The image of the sunflower plant offers a good size, as its total extent can reach 3 m in height in the larger varieties, thanks to the length and thickness of its stem. Regarding sunflower leaves, the leaves are alternate, heart-shaped image and have a sort of fluff, which can refer to them as hairy leaves, so the touch can give a rough feel.

We highlight the presence of a great chapter, which almost manages to reach 1 M in diameter components are added as a yellow florets surrounding a central circle of yellow single flowers. As for the color of the flowers, as mentioned earlier, given the traditional yellow, however, depending on species and variety may occur colors such as red or purple. This beautiful flower is well known, the orientation is toward the sun and this characteristic derives its common name, as a distinctive appearance. This characteristic is due to differential growth that presents the stem so when the lighting is uneven, in the shaded part of the plant will be the accumulation of auxin, a plant growth regulator. The accumulation that is generated due to the shade, allowing the part shade may have a growth higher than the sunny side, so the stalk is tilted toward the sun and the chapter is oriented toward the sun. Although long, the sunflower was implemented as an ornamental plant, which resulted in the formation of large yellow robes, from the nineteenth century, they began to use the sunflower in a commercial manner, with the idea to get the seeds. This is because the sunflower, there is an oil extraction, and refining of sunflower oil is a broad human consumption, with both its value, its quality is comparable to olive oil. The unrefined sunflower oil can be used for the performance of soaps and candles. Sunflower seeds can be used both for feeding and rodeadores certain birds, and humans.