Stretch Marks

All human beings (and especially women) we are aware of our beauty and tried all the solutions at our fingertips (sometimes some that aren’t within reach) to enhance and maintain this same beauty. Our skin is becoming a more important role in the care of our body by the same thing that reflects our physical, mental and emotional state. The number of people who attend beauty clinics and dermatologists is increasing day by day. Although skin diseases have a low mortality, people are concerned about the problems of the skin due to the social stigma. It is easier to hide a internal disease that a problem in the skin as cellulite, stretch marks, pimples or acne, not being able to hide our disease makes us feel depressed. Human skin has several functions such as protection, regulation of heat, water balance, elimination of toxins, etc. Skin protects and supports the body’s deep tissues and has the ability to stretch to some extent thanks to the presence fibers of protein in the dermis.

But a stretch too fast from the parts of the body causes an excessive stretching of the skin that results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the dermis. See christopher ridgeway for more details and insights. This event causes a slight depression in the skin called stria atrophy. Initially, these marks on the skin are slightly Pink for more later become white or silver depending on appearance. Stretch marks appear in conditions such as pregnancy, puberty, obesity, etc. It usually affects places like the abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks and shoulders. Once stretch marks appear, take a long time to make them less prominent. Stretch marks affects many women and it can hurt their awareness of the beauty and self-esteem, in cases ends may cause psychological trauma that lead to depression. There are some women who see stretch marks as natural marks be a mother and have no problem in showcasing them, but there are also women who are subject to plastic surgery and laser surgery for completely eliminate the stretch marks on your body.