Stefan Schumacher

Hazardous situations are difficult for many drivers of passenger cars. What do you do? In every season has several challenges to overcome as a driver of a car. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. In the winter, it reflected through early darkness, in the summer you have bad weather as a driver and passenger with the heat to fight, and in spring and autumn, one must reckon with changing weather conditions and various dangerous situations at any time. Is this still professionally or privately away from paved roads, this fact makes the controlled driving does not necessarily make it easier. You must focus also on different surface types and driving up inclines, gradients and oblique rides.

To process all these different impressions and to deepen, through practical knowledge, some German companies offer so-called off-road driving training”on. For this reason we were guests at the company landyreisen, where we had booked a driving course with our four-wheel drive vehicle. Stefan Schumacher, the us as a driving coach and owner of landyreisen on a test site near the german Belgian border a day-long guided, can look back on a long experience. With his knowledge, as (we own a Land Rover) safe and controlled through the terrain driving with a four-wheel drive vehicle, he decided in late 2008 to teach other people this right driving. After a theoretical introduction, we met different driving on different surfaces, and in environmental terms, and as gently as possible. The catering was in a reasonable price at landyreisen inclusive, so we’re certainly still some holidays with off-road excursions after an instructive day in terrain and with this acquired knowledge, that are not possible for many others due to lack of experience. “By the way, there is the theoretical part of Stefan Schumacher in book form: off-road training with the Land Rover” the title of the book, which has been available since October 2008 in bookstores. More information about the book, the driving course and the travel on Schumacher’s homepage