Stalin Something

But Russia is another. For 20 years we have neutral ideology, all of our neutral position. And today, the west has already burned and Africa, where there is a mutual destruction of African tribes, and nothing good: they are one tribe would support – tomorrow the enemy of the tribe eats all the people whom they supported, and all of them money wasted. Not just no result, but do not have those people on whom they relied. The Islamic world – they too were convinced that only by bombing it difficult to achieve some positive result. And China has become a threat to them. They see that Russia is not threatened.

But China – 10 times larger in population, and a rigid ideology, really a totalitarian structure. There's no Stalin, but there is guidance rather closer to Pinochet than or Gorbachev. To know more about this subject visit Unum. There's a Alternatively, it may be a threat. China's leadership may go to the most stringent measures. Therefore, we, the humanities, have something to negotiate, to influence the economics and law enforcers. Tomorrow in London they have something agreement.

And France, the most free country, because Germany is occupied, Britain is still associated with America, like the Anglo-Saxon a union. Sarkozy has already warned that he was ready to leave in protest, If there is no real agreement. But still, I'm sure that will process in terms of that restructuring, which was in Russia, will begin a global one. We always start first. We have not always good ends, but it is a signal to Earth, it is necessary to readjust.