It is the eternal ambush of hypocritical cunning, faced with candido and unconscious idealism. Apparently, these tricks may seem us as crude as unlikely that can give results, as think it is not is as unreal as see what there is. However, we must not lose sight that as tosca based on, can be constructed however true works of art that make us see the day, night, and white, black. Men wily Odysseus are deceivers, not by simplicity or folly at first glance, could candidly believe, but on the basis of their malignant intelligence. At this point, we must not fit the slightest doubt that they know perfectly well what they do, and why they build inconspicuously in point to veracity. It is common to hear how these people who deny the palpable reality and of overt and shameless way replaced it with the more grotesque and unbelievable lies, qualify in thoughtless way of crazy, ignorant, incapable or inept. I think that is an instinctive and hasty way of appreciation.

On this point, wouldn’t others remember the dialogue between Socrates and Hippias, when the latter, before the Socratic statement that the liar is an intelligent and superior, man rebels, indignant and asked: how is it possible that those who voluntarily commit injustice, which milled snares and do wrong intentionally, are better that those who do not have that intention? It would be horrible, Socrates, that those who work evil voluntarily, were best which build badly against Socrates willingness to confess his indecision on the issue, not only does not solve the dilemma, but that it deepens it. The most disturbing aspect of this impasse is its logical conclusion: admit the superiority of who lies with hidden and devious intentions, about whom he simply is wrong. The apparent contradiction in terms of the conclusion which arrive Hippias and Socrates, lies in that both the one and the other, to accept the concept of superiority, not distinguished between the intellectual supremacy and moral excellence, made decisive results in the case that concerns us. To act as did it the serpent of paradise, reveals the immoral superiority of who acts badly to consciousness, unlike those who act badly by ignorance. This is an accurate, though in unacceptable ethical and moral implications conclusion. This differentiation, we have to take it very present in the moment to analyze the words and deeds of those who so build, either to seduce the men who do not have the sufficient ability of appreciating the intellect, own or third-party, is a common practice when the ignorance gets his exaltation thanks to the support of those who govern a country. There is a sentence which says that rose not blooms in the swamp, which comes to us to indicate that misery, is the fertile ground in which nests the evil.

Evil, powerful son of the grudge, is the worst consequence of the incompetence and the knowledge of our own insolvency, born fear. That is why those who cause evil consciously, don’t do it because they are strong, but quite the opposite. It is then that to achieve the bastards interests pursued, we substitute our failure for hypocrisy and falsehood, hiding behind the mask of naivete, which is the largest of the evils. PD.-any similarity or parallelism that can be established with well-known people, or situations of the ideas expressed in this article will obey the exclusive interpretation that the reader makes of them. Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos original author and source of the article