Sigmund Freud

I thank the God, for the wonderful support that always gave to me mainly at the moments most difficult of my existence. Prezada sister, comovido I meet in bringing my memories, the Divine step thus determined. At this moment of light, I hug you as old, in a well distant past, to bring my inspired words of truth in the love. Passing for the terrestrial sphere, I had a special mission, to unmask the mysteries of the soul.

I understood the fact partially, as doctor, considered it to work with the souls human beings, however the existence of the worlds was unaware of spirituals. It felt really something inexplicable, above of my control. But the Master, so caritativo and benevolent, understood my deceit, in the simple flesh-color condition, I could not catch the messages of skies, and Jesus sent its friends to touch my heart and to show to me responsibility to it. Of far he felt some thing to speak to me, and how many times I had fear of being victim of the proper illness that he looked to cure. My friends, did not understand my not so perfect, but worthy fight, how many in my name they deturparam my theory, of an initiation. It opens the door for the understanding of the study of the soul in three-dimensional extension of the man, inside and outside of the substance, even so I has analyzed the existencial moment, while substance. How many days of agony, she felt to disfigure me and he remained been silent, using the times, drugs to alliviate pain. Oh! Celestial father! As I attacked the nature, in the pure flesh-color condition, ‘ ‘ The Father of the Psicanlise’ ‘ , it was an annihilator of the proper perisprito. Then he recognized that it was the pain of the birth, I felt that it was not the end, but the ressurgimento of a new stage of my evolution.