Shakira Denies Being Pregnant

EP rumors about that Colombian singer hoped a baby have increased in recent days. Their delays in several concerts had increased speculation. Shakira was lifted shirt during her performance and said she is not pregnant. Shakira denied Saturday that was pregnant of the footballer Gerard Pique. Their delays in several concerts and his supposed poor condition had worsened speculation, but the own Colombian has been which has denied all the rumors. Thus denied the interpreter of Waka-waka during a concert in Germany, at the same time that rose t-shirt and showed her slim figure.

I’m not pregnant, added the protagonist under the watchful eyes of the fans. Apparently, the couple, who has spent several months together, not has among its plans have a child. In addition, the girlfriend of Gerard Pique confessed that his delay during the Geneva show was because of technical problems, and not because it is not found in good health. Source of the news: Shakira denies that it is pregnant pique in the middle of a concert in Germany