In the first part of this series, I told you about what is to be feared at the work itself with the phone, now it's time to talk directly about what must be careful when working with the devices themselves. Now the price of Phones seem ridiculous, but still not everything is as it seems. A couple of years ago, when the price of the phones were quite high, the major secondary market for stolen handsets held devices without documents. Time passed, changing prices on phones, a telephony finally changed by people themselves. In particular, they realized that when you are kidnapped about this in the first place need not report all his friends and the police, as their experience and quality of equipment have stepped away in front began to appear all hope that impunity stealing phones comes to an end. And indeed, at the same time there was a well-known parody of advertisements – suddenly you have phone was the Samsung. Without documents.

That is what gave impetus to a radical change in the secondary market phones. Buying stolen phones was only dangerous, but excuses no longer work, because it appeared jaded to impossibility. It is therefore passed off relatively legalization – all phones were sold and taken only with the documents. After that, people immediately mindlessly buying phones, anywhere, because their hand give more, and documents. But there is little nuance – every phone has its own unique number (IMEI – available on any phone command * # 06 #) that change is impossible, more possible, but only at the factory and the cost is will be almost like a new phone.