Repair Washing Machines Scum Drum

First, explain what about this problem think the producers of washing machines, we carry out, so to speak, the official part: As a rule, the cause scale formation on the heating element is a washing machine excessive amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium (the higher of these salts, the more 'rigid' is water) and water, which contains the smallest dirt (rust particles, etc.). Scale is significantly worse thermal conductivity of metal. Consequently, the time for hot water increases, and with it increased energy consumption. When heating water, salts contained in it, are decomposed into carbon dioxide and an insoluble precipitate which is the very scum. These salts are deposited on the walls of the tank tene and washing machine, and wear on moving parts of the mud inlet valve, causing it to become unusable. A large number of such debris falls into the washing machine after prophylactic water outages or repairs plumbing. Check the heater washing machine for the presence of scale can be yourself. Tan is located at the bottom of the tank washing machine (a drum) – in the center or slightly offset to one side.

In order to examine it well, you need to shine a flashlight on tan through the holes in the drum, and the drum shake. The disadvantage of this fashion that is quite problematic byvet jiggle pick up speed drum to achieve uniform illumination of petn. How to deal with scale. * The chemical method in a washing machine filled acidic descaling (antiscaling composition).