Prosthetic Mammary

BREAST PROSTHESES THE BIG QUESTION: IS BETTER TO FRONT OR BEHIND THE MUSCLE? It is very common to find plastic surgery consultation disoriented patients and requiring the surgeon behind the muscle prosthesis placement. And refer to friends saying that stay such a person better bust that the surgeon put you the dentures behind the muscle, or otherwise that I look better because the prosthetic inclusion was placed him in front of the muscle. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. I would like this article make several dimensions, and thus try to clarify many doubts prevalent in almost all patients about this. You can say that no person is equal to another and therefore when they come to the clinic of plastic surgery must be treated as an individuality. The placement of dentures behind the muscle is actually indicated in very thin patients, who have little glandular tissue. And this is known with the pulp of fingers pinching the breast.

If the tissue that remains between the two egg yolks is greater than 2 cms in that case there is enough coverage for the prosthesis and could thus be placed in front of the muscle without any problem. And that is the only reason placed behind the muscle in order to avoid the rippling is when certain produced ripples are by the implant in the skin of the breast. So as we can see in this case. Therefore in this type of patient is imperative to place behind the muscle. But with the advent of new techniques and different types of prosthesis, this defect can be corrected without doing a muscle retro approach, because the pectoralis major muscle is cut to perform this technique and loses its functionality by 50%, being reflected in the decrease in the strength of the patient. So by correcting an aesthetic defect we are giving to our patient a functional defect. With this you could conclude that the best is to do a technique that does not make a functional defect in our patient and keep the canons of aesthetics and in this case would be the glandular retro, which makes muscle cuts and in expert hands offers a better appearance to the implanted breast. DR DAVID MAJANA N PLASTIC SURGEON. cra 49 c N 125 80 NOCs 501 continental medical cednter barranquilla colombia.